Examples a. Moral – protect the weak. stand up for the downtrodden. love everyone every bit much as you can and more every twenty-four hours. leap on any and all chances to salvage an guiltless life. make your best to populate up to your possible for the improvement of the universe. Making what is right because it is right. feeding a starvation kid. giving your coat to a stateless individual. taking surrogate kids and caring for them good. standing for what you know is right. 2. Amoral does non concern with any moral criterion. Examples a.

Amoral – chaw gum. play baseball. speak Gallic. swim in the ocean. leap in a puddle. non caring if something is right or incorrect. Driving. hiting a gun. cyberspace. reading. watching Television 3. Immoral does non move in conformance with recognized rules. Examples a. Immoral – slaying for net income. treat people as tools for your promotion in concern. bewray your word. do determinations based on retribution. originate non-consensual sex. rip offing on the stock market. lying maliciously. stealing. retarding force rushing in the community at 11pm or early forenoon. slaying. incest. making another’s prep

Different definitions of Morality a. Morality is a response to God’s unbelievable. freely given love and His gift of redemption offered to us through our Lord Jesus. B. Morality is a scientific discipline. concerned about what ought to be. judging right from incorrect in the visible radiation of disclosure. one’s act of duty. and reacting to all personal invitation of Jesus. c. Morality is seeking for the norms ( criterions ) of free human behavior in the visible radiation of disclosure. d. Morality is how humans relate to or handle one another to advance common public assistance. growing and significance in endeavoring for good over bad and right over incorrect.

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e. Morality is a system or rules by which we can find if our behavior is right or incorrect. these moral ways of moving are found through our good sense. B. DIFFERENT CONCEPTS OF MAN Who is adult male? Karl Marx: Man is controlled by the economic organisation of society. Charles Darwin: Life evolves from simple to complex signifier through an evolutionary procedure. Man struggled for being. B. F. Skinner: All human actions are really the consequence of stimulation from our environment and no individual can move out of his ain will.

Freedom may merely look to be so because the external forces which control our action are non noticeable. Signum Freud: Man is controlled by inherent aptitude. We are non animal of ground but of replete. peculiarly sexual inherent aptitude and the inherent aptitude of self-preservation. Martin Heidegger: adult male is the past. the present and the hereafter. Time is an of import component in the life of adult male. Christians: Christians are those who decide their ain class of life because they know that “not to make up one’s mind is to make up one’s mind.

” The Christians relate positively towards others because they have accepted in religion the Word of God. Passages: The self-respect of the human individual is rooted in his creative activity in the image and similitude of God ; it is fulfilled in his career to divine blessedness. By his ground. adult male recognizes the voice of God which urges him to make what is good and avoid what is evil. Everyone is obliged to follow the jurisprudence. which makes itself heard in scruples and is fulfilled in the love of God and neighbour.

Populating a moral life bears witness to the self-respect of the individual. -from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Man though made of organic structure and psyche. is a integrity. Through his bodily status. he sums up in himself the elements of the material universe. Through Jesus. adult male is brought to the highest flawlessness and can raise his voice in congratulations freely given to the Creator. Man is obliged to see his organic structure as good and to keep it in award since God has created it and will raise it up on the last twenty-four hours. -from the Vatican II. Church in the Modern World.

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