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forbearance and good wellness. my sincere grasp and thanks to my supervisor. Mr. Nelson Masese for his counsel. support throughout this research proposal. May the Lord bless him so much.

Chapter ONE 1. 0INTRODUCTION PROJECT TITLE: CONFERENCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMA conference direction system is web-based package that supports the organisation of conferences particularly scientific conferences. It helps the plan chair ( s ) .

the conference organisers. the writers and the referees in their several activities. A conference direction system can be regarded as a domain-specific content direction system. Similar systems are used today by editors of diaries. The system should besides be able to print proceedings.

registry attendants and make conference web site. Undertaking MODULES:

This faculty should be able to bespeak the figure of suites together with their capacities. The users should be able to book the suites harmonizing to the figure of users. 2. Refreshment.This faculty provides the users with assorted types of refreshments such as drinks and bites. the users should be able to take the type of refreshment during the conference.


This faculty should be able to be accessed by the director who will oversee the conference and do certain that the attenders get whatever they ordered during the conference. The director should besides do certain the orders made from outside the conference room get to the attenders.

4. Clerk. This faculty enables the clerk to do proper supervising to the conference attenders and to guarantee that the attenders get satisfied. He ensures that every order made by the attenders is to the full distributed. THE Existing System:
The bing system provides its users with the ability to pay. regenerate.

communicate and acquire on-line instruction merely within the local country web. However there are some jobs with the current system for illustration: 1. Not user-friendly. 4. Requires literate individuals 2. Security is limited.

5. Slow. 3.

Less accurate.Proposedit is a web based application that aims at bettering the province of the bing system. Although there will be restrictions this plan will pull off paper entry.

event planning. enrollment for conferences. It includes characteristics for paper enrollment.

an on-line meeting for plan commission members. enrollment of conference participant and some disposal tools for the conference organisation commission. It will besides hive away all information from these pages into a SQL database.

The system will enable the users to utilize it comfortably. It will be more accurate compared to the 1 in topographic point at the minute and will be faster compared to the current 1. Feasibility survey
Here four types of feasibleness survey are considered they are proficient feasibleness. operational feasibleness.

economical feasibleness and agenda feasibleness to which are: -a ) Economic feasiblenessThis establishes whether developing the proposed system is cost effectual by analysing all the costs and benefits of the proposed system. B ) Technical feasibleness
This establishes whether the engineering available is sufficient for the proposed system. it besides seeks to happen out whether the staff have relevant proficient accomplishments to develop and utilize the proposed system. degree Celsius ) Operationalfeasibleness
This establishes extend to which the users are comfy or happy with the proposed system.

vitamin D ) Schedule feasiblenessThis establishes whether the development of the proposed system will be accomplished within the available clip.
ADVANTAGES OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM.SpeedThe proposed system should be faster compared to the current system in topographic point. This will enable proper direction and besides support of big sum of information. It will besides salvage on clip hence public presentation of multiple undertakings. User-Friendly Interface

The user should be able to execute all the undertakings without any job. The nomenclatures used should be simple to understand. The user should besides be trained on how to utilize the package and is expected to hold changeless pattern.

Improved Security.Authenticity method should be applied. The usage of watchwords should be strengthened by guaranting that the user creates really strong watchwords following all the demands of a watchword. Accuracy.

The proposed system should be more accurate compared to the 1 in topographic point at the minute. It should be able to hive away information up-to-date. Literacy
The users should be provided with adequate preparation so as to be familiar with the system.

costant pattern is besides expected from the user so as to be compatible with any alterations in the system. SYSTEM Requirement:Hardware Requirements:* RAM: Recommended 256MB* Hard Disk: Minimal 20GBSoftware Requirements:* Operating System-Windows Certified* PHP.* Front terminal: HTML ( front terminal )* Backend: SQL ( Database package )PROBLEM STATEMENTThe chief job needed to be solved is:I ) Record maintaining.The system should be able to maintain records of all the conferences done together with the figure of it attendants. The records should be up to day of the month. two ) Remote entree.

The system should be accessed remotely by the director and even its clients.

The clients should be able to book the suites from wherever they are without any trouble. three ) efficiency. The system should be efficient in that there should be no instance of system flow and that several users can entree it at the same clip. It should be simple for its clients. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM.MAIN Aim:The chief aim of the proposed system is efficiency. A system which will be suited for everyone to work with.

a system with simple linguistic communication and easy to entree. OTHER OBJECTIVES:There are other aims besides to be met in this undertaking which include: I ) securitySecurity has been a major undertaking in most systems. This system aims at maintaining of information secure. The user will be required to supply the username and the watchword in order to log in.

two ) User friendliness

The system should be attractive and of simple linguistic communication for the user to interact with. It will besides be easy to keep and supervise the system. three ) Record maintaining.

The other aim is to supply a record of all the conferences done. JUSTIFICATION OF THE OBJECTIVES.Efficiency.

The system will be simple. fast and easy to utilize. it will besides back up the distant entree in that the user can entree it at any point. Two or more clients will be able to log in and look into several advancements without any job. Security.

The system will guarantee hallmark by usage of watchwords and usernames. The watchwords will be restricted to at least 8 characters for proper security steps. UserfriendlinessThe linguistic communication used will be simple and easy understood by the users.

Training will besides be conducted to new users. The system should besides be attractive in order to capture the users attending. Record maintaining.The system will be able to maintain records of all the conferences done and any client will be able to entree it.

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