Congenital or acquired  melanocytic nevi are well circumscribed, round or ovoid shape lesions with light or dark colours that results from benign proliferation of nevus cells. Acquired common melanocytic nevi can be divided three clinical types: junctional, compound, and dermal nevus. Dermatological examination reveals that a compound nevus with light brown colour shows some degrees of elevation. On the contrary, dermal nevus with light brown colour and even skin-colored  is usually more elevated.

1 Dermatoscopic features of a compound nevus consist of globular network with round to ovoid globules while dermal nevus characterized by a focal globule or globular-like structures.2,3 Other prominent dermoscopic features are linear or comma like vessels for dermal nevus.4 Surgical excision is the first choice of treatment for the medium or large size compound and dermal nevus on the face. But the occurrence of the scarring and scar contracture may restrict surgical procedures.1 Different types of lasers such as pigmented and ablative laser have been used for congenital and acquired melanocytic nevus with variable results for a long time.

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5-9 Deeper situated nevus cell can not be destroyed completely by pigment specific lasers.10-12 On the other side, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser has been used for skin rejuvenation in dermatology.13 Melanocytic nevus has been treated using the CO2 laser from the cosmetic point of view.14-16 We considered to two different issues in this study.

First, using the CO2 laser with profit doses for complete removal of the nevus cells with considering the scar occurrence. The second, dermoscopy could be helpful to find the remnant of the nevus cells after treatment in one-year follow-up period. Therefore, in this study, we aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of the CO2 fractional laser for removing compound and dermal nevus and also to detect the usefulness of the dermoscopy for the presence of the nevus cells.

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