Constitution Portfolio ProjectAmendment IV An American that was accused of fighting with Isis in Syria was captured and has been in possession of government employees and has had no contact with the outside world for the last three months. Judge Chutkan of the US district court for the District of Columbia ordered the department to give the ACLU access to the American that supposedly fought for Isis, to ask the detainee who he would like to be his attorney. The ACLU sued Trump and his administration because the right to a fair trial is a constitutional right. Judge Chutkan and the ACLU were victorious in their sue, and the unknown American that was accused of fighting with Isis was granted an attorney.   This article relates to the sixth amendment because the sixth amendment states “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial” which means that every person accused of committing a crime will get to have a trial that is quick and fair. The American who is suspected to have fought for Isis gets a fair trial no matter what crime they committed according to the sixth amendment. Judge Chutkan knew the sixth amendment and she mandated that the accused have a trial.

Every American citizen has constitutional rights that can’t be ignored which include the right to a speedy and public trial. Article II President Trump is like no other president before him. He strategizes about how to be the best president he can but almost never asks how the past presidents did something. This article describes President Trump as a brash, aggressive president because of his willingness to nuke opposing countries and to wage war against a foreign country. Trump has fired many top officials in both the C.

I.A, F.B.I, and many other institutions. The article goes on to explain how many leaders of previously allied countries are worried about Trump because of what Trump has said.

President Trump ran to destroy the “norms and conventions” because President Trump believes that’s how America got in the “fix” were in. The article explains why Trump is not fit to be a President. This article mentions how President Trump has tried to expand his boundaries in the Executive Branch and how Trump has made some poor decisions by intertwining  his social and political life. President Trump ran having no political experience and won. Trump is certainly a unique president and is unlike any other president to ever serve before him for the better and for the worst.

This article relates to the executive branch because the President is the head of the Executive Branch and how the President has attempted to expand his power in the Executive Branch and suppress the power the other two branches of government. Trump firing C.I.A and F.B.I members is a right that the president has. The Executive Branch enforces the laws and Trump has the ability to appoint whoever he wants or fire whoever he wants from political agencies.

Trump exercised this right that the Executive Branch has by selecting a judge to replace Justice Scalia who died recently. The Executive Branch has the right to send troops to battle without officially declaring war, so if Trump wanted, then he could send as many troops as he wants to any foreign country. Article IRecently, the FCC has voted to undo net neutrality protection.

Net Neutrality allows you to use the internet without paying money, making the internet neutral. This recent vote has revoked net neutrality and many people are outraged. A senate bill was created recently to address these concerns.

This senate bill gained its 30th sponsor, which ensures that this net neutrality issue will come to a senate vote. The proposed bill will repeal the repeal on net neutrality. The American People certainly support net neutrality. There are rich people that are lobbying against net neutrality that have not yet opened up about why they don’t support net neutrality. This article relates to the Legislative because the proposed law needs to be voted on by the senate. The senate is a member of the Legislative Branch and in order for the net neutrality bill to become an official amendment, the majority of the senate has to vote in favor of the amendment.

The senators will have a reason to support net neutrality which is that a large majority of americans want net neutrality. Assuming the senate votes in favor of the net neutrality bill, another part of the Legislative Branch the House of Representatives will vote on net neutrality. The House of Representatives consists of 435 members and the majority, 218 house members or more have to vote in favor of the net neutrality bill.

The likelihood of this net neutrality bill being approved by both parts of the senate is not likely, but time will tell whether the senate will support the technologically advanced future or whether there votes will essentially be paid off by rich lobbyists.Article VI Eight states have legalized pot and all eight states are very liberal. Vermont is the first state to have their legislature vote on legalizing pot. Vermont’s legislature voted and approved legalizing pot. An october poll concluded sixty-four percent of american? support legalizing pot.

It is fair to say that the millennials account for a large chunk of that sixty-four percent. The legislature allows an ounce of marijuana and to grow two plants at a time. States are not waiting for the Federal Government to legalize pot but are legalizing pot in their own states. All other states have legalized recreational pot through ballots.

The Vermont legislature members are taking risks because when voting there is not a ¨maybe¨ option, you have to vote ¨yes¨ or ¨no¨ and that entails the risk of being disliked by a group of people. This article relates to article VI and relations among states because Vermont was able to pass a bill without needing approval from the government. State’s representatives are different from the nation’s representatives. A state can create a law either by majority vote of state residents or by ? of state representatives voting in favor of a bill. State representatives voting in favor of a bill is rare because many representatives don’t have a strong opinions about bills and wait for the Federal Government to pass the bill. The power for a state to pass its own bill without needing consent from the government is a right listed in article four. Article four was made to give states more power and many states are now using this power to pass bills that might not matter to the country but matter to the state.

This bill limits how much pot you can grow and does not allow people to abuse the bill which is why the representatives passed the bill. Vermont has the right to pass its own bill and many states have been passing bills on their own recently. Amendment I Los Angeles Pierce College is a public college in California that stretches 426 acres, yet only .003 percent of the college is categorized as a free speech zone. Kevin Shaw, a student at Los Angeles Pierce College was giving people a copy of the US constitution and was alerted by a college administrator that he is allowed only to distribute literature in the free speech zone.

Shaw sued Los Angeles Community College District for violating Shaw’s freedom of speech. LA Pierce College asked the court to dismiss the case but were denied as the court said a public college must allow free speech throughout campus. Shaw argued college is supposed to encourage free speech and open thinking, not deny and restrict free speech and open thinking. The court is currently ruling in favor of Shaw and the case is moving on to a higher court soon. This article relates to the first amendment because free speech is a right not a privilege that every citizen in the United States gets. Free speech is one of five rights that the first amendment protects. Because LA Pierce College is a public college, free speech is a right and the entire campus is a free speech zone. Kevin Shaw was merely handing out a US constitution, not shouting offensive comments at innocent civilians.

After Shaw filed a lawsuit against LA Community College District, there is not a labeled free speech zone as the first amendment implies that every public property has to allow free speech. Handing out copies of the constitution is free speech because literature falls under the category of free speech. A LA Pierce College official said that their college promotes the exchange of ideas that they do or don’t agree with and encourage intellectual debates about politics and other topics, that have the potential to be controversial. In the end, the courts ruled against the college and in favor of Shaw as LA Pierce College violated Shaw’s right to free speech and expression. Amendment II John Teixeira, a man who was prevented from opening a gun store in California claims this is a violation of his second amendment right. Alameda County’s reasoning behind why they refused to let Teixeira open a gun store is because it violates an ordinance.

The ordinance states firearms dealerships must be “500 feet away from residential areas, schools, daycares, liquor stores and establishments, and other gun shops.” Teixeira’s shop would have been 486 feet from two residential areas. Teixeira went to court over this issue and the courts said the second amendment does not protect the right to sell firearms. Teixeira believes that his shop being a mere 14 feet under the requirement will not endanger the residents or affect anyone. This article relates to the second amendment because the second amendment allows people the right to firearms. The second amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

” This essentially means that people have the right to protection and the right to own a gun. A gun shop could be protection for people as it provides people with the ability to bear arms. On the other hand, people can access a firearm elsewhere and not having that particular gun shop will not infringe on people’s right to protection. An argument could be made that this infringes on Teixeira’s second amendment right, but I believe it does not because Teixeira not having a gun shop does not violate anybody’s second amendment right.

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