In Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. the chief character. Raskolnikov.

develops throughout the novel and finally becomes a dynamic character. Raskolnikov foremost seems as an person who struggles with conforming to society and believes in his high quality. As he comes back to world and recognize his human individuality. Raskolnikov’s thought procedure becomes complex. His personality and thoughts alter from get downing to stop due to influences such as Svidrigailov. Sonya.

and his basically good scruples. Raskolnikov experiences a disclosure with his values and believing altering wholly. In the beginning of Crime and Punishment. Raskolnikov is portrayed bluffly as one who feels superior to society and shows pride. but as he comes to footings with world throughout the book.

he develops as a dynamic character. altering from egoistic values to ordinary values such as household and faith.When Dostoevsky foremost introduces the reader to Raskolnikov. Raskolnikov believes he displays no defects particularly in his ability to rationally believe. He perceives himself as superior to the human race and holds an interesting disgust for them which is conveyed through his antipathy for human interaction. Raskolnikov obsesses his head with the thought of acquiring rid of the pawnbroker for the improvement of the poverty-rich society.

which he believes depends on him. His head is wholly consumed with the secret plan for the offense. He talks himself into continuing with the misbehavior by converting himself that society would decrease without it. After the slayings. he still merely thinks about himself. The chief quandary compiles of his demand to stay guiltless and to do himself bask the slayings. While non so concerned about the penalty that comes with being caught. Raskolnikov does non desire to confront the opportunity that he belongs at the low degree of a human felon.

As he begins to recognize he killed non an thought but instead a individual. Raskolnikov begins his transmutation after speaking negotiations with characters like Svidrigailov and Sonya.With his deficiency of human interaction. one could deduce that portion of his moral realisations flicker because he talks with Svidrigailov and Sonya.

Raskolnikov ne’er found himself caring about his sister and saw her lone as a beginning of money and person who praised him until the possible matrimony with Luhzin and the progresss made by Svidrigailov. Readers see sarcasm in the fact that Raskolnikov sees Luhzin as merely desiring Dounia for his ain benefit. while Raskolnikov used her in the same manner. Luhzin poses a menace to Raskolnikov in a sense.

which is why Raskolnikov wants to acquire rid of him. Svidrigailov. on the other manus. impacts the emotional nature in Raskolnikov.

The first clip Raskolnikov shows a intimation of emotion and attention for his sister is when Svidrigailov comes to Raskolnikov and tells him about his life and involvement in Dounia.Raskolnikov hesitates in respects to allowing Dounia interact with Svidrigailov due to his past including colza. slaying. and sadist inclinations. Something Raskolnikov did non possess in the beginning of the novel presents itself after conversations with Svidrigailov: a scruples.

Raskolnikov’s ability to acknowledge Svidrigailov’s corruptness shows betterment in his rational thought refering morality. It besides suggests his protective and caring nature over Dounia. emotions non present in the beginning of the novel. Sonya signifies the spiritual alteration in Raskolnikov. Raskolnikov about holds Sonya on a higher degree since he goes to her for counsel. Sonya finally convinces Raskolnikov to squeal. and she is the first true relationship and interaction Raskolnikov pursues with another homo.

Through her influence and power over him. Raskolnikov becomes more spiritual and less egoistic. As he weeps in Sonya’s weaponries and bows down to her. Raskolnikov allows another to hold power over him. something unheard of in the beginning of the novel. By the terminal of the book. he allows himself to open up to Sonya in the signifier of a natural.

human relationship and looks for counsel in the Bible. both of which ne’er make an visual aspect in the beginning for obvious grounds such as his egoistic nature.The fresh develops Raskolnikov as a dynamic character by altering him from a egoistic lone wolf to a family-oriented. spiritual character. While he struggles with the possibility that he is every bit human as the remainder of humanity. he finally benefits from having up to his imperfectnesss. By the terminal of the novel.

Raskolnikov’s chief value is his household. particularly Sonya. and his spiritual relationship with God. Dostoevsky downplays elements he dislikes by holding Raskolnikov’s original features fail and so holding him happen a new. assuring get downing with things Dostoevsky believes people value in their ain life. Having relationships.

faith. and morality in life represents a more fruitful and less conflicted life. something Dostoevsky believes all worlds strive to possess.

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