In the modern universe, international directors face many challenges in concern communicating and in the workplace. Directors want to make concern with their spouses. Where sometimes it merely does non work and leads to multiple deductions for concern operation.

National civilization undeniably has a great influence on concern civilization. In order to hold a successful concern relationship with the members of other civilizations, one should hold cultural sensitiveness and pay attending to cultural dimensions. Knowledge of features that are typical to each cultural group can assist international directors in cooperation with co-workers from other cultural backgrounds. I have focused on few classs of factors hampering-cross cultural dimensions on planetary concern operations in general and particularly in my concern context.

Hofstede ‘s cultural dimensions theoretical account

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Hall & A ; Hall ‘s cultural value orientations

The cultural dimensions that affect our values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours are what finally set civilizations apart. Peoples need to develop a deep apprehension of these civilization dimensions to be able to develop cultural sensitiveness and a relationship to cover efficaciously in cross-cultural scene. ( Tuleja, 2005 )

Harischandra Going Global

While bulk of concerns stay local, many have expanded their concern operations beyond the national boundary lines and many are on a brink of traveling international. As such, Harischandra Mills PLC, excessively has decided to travel planetary. With popularity of environmentally friendly, quality yet convenient merchandises at a sensible rate and due to turning demand for the wellness and quality slow cooked nutrient, Harischandra has to spread out its concatenation of providers and makers beyond Lankan boundary lines. As a consequence, trade with international retail merchants and distributers additions and under those fortunes Harischandra is one of the many companies that has to see cross-cultural barriers when covering with concern spouses and clients abroad. Through many assorted battles and larning experiences, these yearss Harischandra successfully collaborates with an international distributers European nutrients whole Sellerss Pvt Ltd for sale and distribution of company ‘s nutrient points in Australian Market. Currently, Harischandra has nine permanent, full-time employees in caput office in Australia although most of house ‘s production is located in the place state – Sri Lanka. See Appendix 01 – Company Portfolio

Culture of Harischandra Mills

The civilization of Harischandra reflects slightly typical Sri Lankan societal forms and direction patterns. The determination devising is centralized, where many determinations in the company were made over formal meeting throughout the twenty-four hours nevertheless although determinations are made largely hand in glove, the concluding determination is ever with the president. The civilization of the company hence reflects the societal civilization of the place state. Appendix 03: Austrian Business Etiquette and Culture will demo the cultural difference in Australia while the [ Table 01: Socio cultural differences for Australia Vs. Sri Lanka high spots and contrast some of such socio cultural differences between the place and host state.

Hofstede ‘s Cultural Dimensions Model

Power distance.

In given deductions of cross-cultural dimension in concern, sing the freshness into the international concern spouses the house could be many barriers in civilization, working forms every bit good as in communicating. Keeping in head the fact that one ‘s civilization has an consequence on person ‘s behaviour, there could be misinterpretations between Harischandra and its international spouses from a high power distance. Refer Appendix 04: Extremes of Hofstede ‘s ‘Power distance ‘ Dimension. Sri Lanka is known to be a high power distance civilization which was reflected in the manner we run our concern up until today. Therefore, interaction between directors from states with different power distance may do some dissatisfaction with either party. For case, Local director from place distance state might propose that earlier doing any concluding determinations, he/she would wish to take the topic affair back to the squad and have a treatment about it. In contrast, a Overseas director would non waver to do a determination entirely. For this ground, in order to hold a successful concern relationship with spouses from high power distance states, it is necessary for Harischandra to hold a alone communicating scheme in topographic point.

In regard to the theory of Hofstede about cultural differences, discoursing communicating with spouses from high power distance states, there are some differences in determination devising procedure. Harischandra has to confer with and acquire thoughts and values from the abroad spouse as they are diffident of the merchandise ‘s acceptableness by the market. The market specific cognition can merely be obtained from the foreign spouse ; therefore its Autocratic determination doing would non work in this instance.

In European civilization, hiting low in power distance, directors try to minimise inequalities like open position and subsidiaries expect to be portion of a treatment where their sentiments are valued and are taken into consideration. In Harischandra, every employee is non portion of developing procedure.

The company has now acknowledged that in Australian determinations are to be made otherwise compared to Sri Lanka: Pull offing manager normally negotiations and employees should sit and listen and merely listen to him. The degree of power and influence of the top leading are normally clearly oriented to hierarchy. The waies of the foreman are purely implemented and the chief determinations are taken by the director without confer withing employees. In contrast, the degree of privileges and freedom to move among employees is higher in companies oriented towards equality. Subordinates have a right to show dissension with foreman, supply their ain sentiment and the director acts more like a adviser which is apparent in the European spouse. Therefore it is ever preferred to hold a balanced power distance in doing effectual concern determinations.

Individualism vs. Collectivism

Conformity to the consequences of Hofstede, Sri Lanka shows high Bolshevism. Refer Appendix 05 Extremes of Hofstede ‘s Collectivist/Individualist Dimension. Hofstede references that in individualistic states like US, Australia, people focus on undertakings and they are non concentrated on personal relationships whereas in collectivized civilizations employees, oriented towards their occupation believe more about wellbeing of an full company. In contrast to Sri Lankan concern civilization, though the societal forms are extremely collectivized in nature, the traditional companies with household owned history still patterns individuality when it comes to determination devising. Whereas European civilization show features of individuality in societal behaviour, it shows marks of Bolshevism when it comes to determination devising as the determination are made jointly while individual autarchy is extremely disliked. European societies reflect equality and therefore does non accept favoritism over a certain group. As such they would non desire to make concern with such houses who discriminate their lower degrees of employees.

On the contrary, in Sri Lanka, there are so many employees that direction does non necessitate to cognize their names or see their sentiments. Furthermore, it scores high in power distance hence, with this hierarchy ; communicating between direction and workers down the line is negligible. Therefore, it is more preferable to hold Bolshevism inside a concern than what the societal behaviour provinces. For illustration, no affair an individualistic or leftist in the socio-cultural behaviour is, it ‘s ever beneficiary to be a leftist when making concern as it motivates everybody in the company and may take to new thought and best concern determinations being taken.

Uncertainty turning away

Sri Lanka is a civilization with reasonably low uncertainness turning away and low emphasis degrees. Harmonizing to Hofstede ( 1980 ) people from high uncertainness turning away civilizations try to inquire many inquiries because they are non certain what will go on the following twenty-four hours which, in bend, frequently leads to emphasize and jitteriness. Harischandra will confront this when traveling to US after Australian Business as it has a UAI of 46 % which is non rather low.

Hofstede ‘s theory suggest that ‘s Sri Lanka is among the low uncertainness turning away states with lower degrees of emphasis.

However when it comes to Australian concern, Harischandra finds that uncertainness turning away index ( UAI ) is besides rather low in Australia ( Geert Hofstede Analysis, n.d ) . Lankans and Aussies are more tolerant to uncertainness and ambiguity. Therefore it is improbable that there will be a batch of inquiries being asked to guarantee all the inside informations as agencies of seeking to minimise hazards or uncertainness. Furthermore the anticipation of really tight contracts is low due to take down UAI.

Scollon and Scollon ( 2001 ) argue that it should be clear that “ communicating works better the more the participants portion premises and cognition about the universe. Where two people have really similar histories, backgrounds, and experiences, their communicating works reasonably easilyaˆ¦ ” ( p. 21 ) . However it could be argued that personality has lot to make with, non merely the civilization.

Masculinity vs. Femininity

This dimension indicates which values are common in societies – male or female. Masculine civilizations such as place state be given to be ambitious, self-asserting and competitory In masculine societies “ dominant values in society are material success and advancement ; work forces should rule in all scenes ; work forces should act assertively, ambitious and tough ; attention for money and material objects are of import ” ( Arrindell et. Al, 2003 ) . In feminine civilizations like host state ‘s, the quality of life affairs, people “ work to populate ” and “ non unrecorded to work. ” . They consider quality of life and assisting others to be really of import. In feminine civilizations dominant social values are attention and protection of others. Work force and adult females normally portion equal undertakings.

Harmonizing to Stets & A ; Burke ( 2000 ) “ In western civilization, stereotypically, work forces are aggressive, competitory and instrumentally oriented while adult females are inactive, concerted and expressive ” . ( p. 3 )

However for a success of a concern, a balance between these two dimensional are critical as neither the two extremes would assist organisational growing. For illustration: Employees are the most valued assets for any house, working excessively difficult may damage the work quality every bit good as their personal lives which will in bend once more affect work adversely. Furthermore the other extreme of women’s rightist would non be ‘so-productive ‘ and good for a company either. Therefore a balance between the two is extremely preferred in concern determination devising.

Short term/long term orientation

In this dimension, Hofstede ( 1997 ) discussed society ‘s “ clip skyline ” where he compared people ‘s values on orientations and importance of clip. In long term oriented civilizations, people have values which are oriented towards the hereafter, whereas in short term oriented societies, persons are oriented towards the yesteryear and nowadays.

For case, in long term oriented civilizations employees wish a long relationship with the company, they consider that clip is needed to accomplish concern consequences. The difference is that people from short term oriented civilizations need speedy consequences. It is of import for them to keep personal stableness and felicity in the present.

However, despite its popularity, Hofstede ‘s theoretical account of national cultural dimensions has been a topic to certain unfavorable judgment since the publication of Culture ‘s Consequences in 1980. It has been stated that civilization is difficult to mensurate, particularly by study methods ; that merely one company – IMB has been used in the research and that such complicated phenomenon as civilization can non de defined by merely several dimensions ( McSweeney, 2002 ) .

Hofstede replied to all the unfavorable judgment and justified his research by saying that within one organisation the civilization is the same, and any possible differences may be merely explained by cultural differences. However, as he subsequently admitted organisational and national civilizations are interconnected and frequently there are more than one organisational cultured within an organisation.

Hofstede defines cultural differences based on national boundary lines. However, some states have more than one national civilization within one boundary line, i.e. Australia which has figure if immigrants with different nationality, civilizations and believes. Therefore, a inquiry arises: how does one define national civilization in such instance?

It is would be non right to foretell person ‘s behaviour based entirely on those dimensions – in every peculiar instance other facets have to be taken into history: household background, personal character, specific state of affairs, etc. Hofstede ‘s theoretical account can be used as one of the many guidelines of looking upon civilization.

High context vs. low context communicating

It could be seen that during the communicating procedure of the representatives from high-context and low-context civilizations, the misinterpretations happening is common. In application to our Lankan house Harischandra, which operates in high-context civilization, the communicating barriers may originate during a communicating with international spouse from a low-context civilization. Indirect messages from people from high context civilization harmonizing to Hall and Hall ( 1990 ) , can be one of the grounds for major communicating barriers in international concern dealingss which can take to inauspicious concern determinations. It would be hard for low context directors of European nutrients whole Sellerss Pvt Ltd to understand high context civilization and to read “ between the lines ” place state does. Therefore Harischandra has to be direct in communicating and avoid indirect communicating.


Everyone in the company related to the foreign dealing has to cover with cross-cultural communicating issues on day-to-day bases. As linguistic communication can be a chief barrier during interaction procedure with European nutrients whole Sellerss Pvt Ltd. Harischandra needs to hold ‘big ears ‘ to seek to understand. However, it is non merely linguistic communication difference that causes a barrier ; it ‘s the cultural differences. The ways of showing something can intend rude to other. Largely to Harischandra as we do n’t utilize our female parent tought to discourse with the foreign spouse, taking to miscommunication which can take to many wrong concern being taken.

“ Nervous laughter ” is one of the non-verbal communicating ways ( Scollon and Scollon, 2001 ) . It has been observed that Asians tend to smile or laugh when they feel trouble or embarrassment in class of communicating. Such behaviour, as Scollon provinces, is “ frequently misinterpreted by westerners ( p.156 ) . Such differences in non-verbal communicating, where same gesture differs from state to state, may do misunderstanding. The interlingual renditions mistakes in Harischandra have minimal being since they are non utilizing translators and linguistic communication of communicating with international clients is English. Furthermore, the linguistic communication on packaging on the back side of bundle is besides English.


Miscommunication between spouses caused by engineering besides seemed to be one of the often looking deductions in Harischandra ‘s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours concern activities.

Partner is e-mailing a batch where Harischandra is seeking to chatch up with the engineering as they did non utilize this manner of communicating during the center of their hierarchy. As such foreign spouse may happen it difficult to acquire through with electronic mail.

While engineering provides the chance for easy and low-priced communicating for people across the universe, it besides creates jobs. “ Problems occur when the web goes down, the engineering does non work, or the squad member needs more preparation in how to utilize the electronic tools, ” Grosse said ( p.26 ) . Harischandra they had a job as they used facsimile all the clip and took clip to utilize electronic mail, but now we use email largely and communicating goes more rapidly for both of us.

Grosse ( 2002 ) argues that all employees need to be trained in how to utilize the engineerings and besides they should be offered proficient support anytime there is a necessity of it. However Customer Service Representatives complain that it is really frustrating when electronic mails bounce back or do n’t have clients e-mail on clip due to high dependence for this manner of communicating that can take to emphasize and troubles when it fails.

It is deserving observing that irrespective of possible technological jobs, for European nutrients ‘ , email communicating is still preferred to phone calls irrespective of affair urgency as they finds “ It goes quicker and you can jump excessively much niceness, non efficient little chatting ” . Even though we at place state prefer it the other manner unit of ammunition, it could be argued that even though the phone might be faster, it is more hard for people to talk than to compose and it avoids misinterpretations. “ The e-mail format and the clip it allows both transmitter and receiving system to build significance helps the non-native talker of English ( Harischandra in this instance ) to pass on more efficaciously ” ( Grosse, pg.35 ) .

Covering with and spouses and clients of a different civilization.

Sing the major difference in socio-cultural behaviours forms and concern determination devisings between place and host state, it suggests Harischandra to hold large ears and a little oral cavity. Harischandra should understand the differences in thought and behaviour forms and listen to clients and the spouse more frequently ; to cognize what they are stating. Trying to set to the manner concern opposite numbers trades makes everything much easier, where each party feels themselves conformed and confident where common apprehension among spouses besides plays a large function.

Keeping information influx under control and covering with electronic mails in timely mode, Harischandra can avoid any possible miscommunications or jobs that may originate if non given attending and precedence as needed.

Guaranting effectual communicating

When pass oning to distributers and retail merchants, Harischandra ‘s scheme should be to do it personal, to do them experience valued: Send newssheets retail merchants and the distributers can do them near Harischandra personally is necessary. They should acquire email information, straight sent by the Chairman Mr. Bastiyan in Harischandra as it entreaties more personal ; So that they feel that they are of import and it ‘s non automatic electronic mails. This type of electronic mails normally starts with: “ Dear distributer or beloved client. ” Straight frontward and expressed statements are made in order to avoid misinterpretations which is typical manner of communicating in Australia.

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