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The Crusades were Europe & # 8217 ; s version for & # 8220 ; holy wars & # 8221 ; during the Middle Ages. The official First Crusade began in 1096-1099. The First Crusade conquered a strip of land along the eastern

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seashore of the Mediteranean about 500 stat mis long and averaging 40 stat mis broad. This European bridgehead in the Middle East was divided into four small lands ; the county of edessa, the

Principality of Antioch, the County of Tripoli and the land of Jerusalem this lands were ruled by the Muslims shortly recognized and began to reconquer this district.

The Second Crusade started in 1147-1149. The Christian forces in the Holy Land grew weak. In 1144, the Turks conquered the county of Edessa. The menace to the other

Christian provinces brought about the Second Crusade. The spirited sermons of the Gallic spiritual leader Bernard of Ccclairvaux inspired Western Europeans to support the Latin States

agains the Muslims.

King Louis VII of France and King Conrad III of Germany led the ground forcess of the Second Crusade into Asia Minor, but their ground forcess did non coperate, and the Muslims forces

defeated them before they reached Edessa.

The Third Crusade sterted in 1189-1192. The Muslims continued to assail the Christians in the Holy Land. By 1183, Saladin, the maestro of Egypt and Syria, had united

the Muslims countries around the Latin States. In 1887, Saladin


easy defeated a Christian ground forces at the Batlle of the Horns of Hattin, and entered Jerusalem. Merely the coastal metropoliss of Tyre, Tripoli, and Antioch

remained in Christian custodies.

The loss of Jerusalem led to the Third Crusade. The of import European leaders of the Third Crusade included the German emperor Fre*censored* I ( called Barbara ) , King Richard I

( the Lion-Hearted ) of England, and King Phillip II ( Augustus ) of France.

Richard the Lionheart the English King known for his love of Crusades to the Holy land. Richard & # 8217 ; s action earned him the name Lion-Hearted. Richard really spent merely six

months in England out of his 10 old ages as a King. In this absence the Lords grew in power, but thanks to the stable goverment that Henry II ( his male parent ) , had established, England fared

good even without her fighting King. Some of the fables of Robin Hood, the ill-famed criminal of Sherwwod Forest, are set in the control of Richard I and his brother John.

The Third Crusade holding failed in its importance aim of retrieving Jerusalem, the Catholic Popes about began prophesying a new campaign. This turned out to take longer than

anyone wanted, for a assortment of grounds. By the clip a new campaign was truly under manner, shortly after the bend of the century, events were readying in Constantinople that would do the

Fourth Crusade to take a dramatic bend off from Palestine. The Fourth Crusade did non retrieve Jerusalem in


fact, it ne’er even made it to Outremer: instead, the Crusdes ended by assailing Constantiple, driving out the Byzantine Emperor, and put ining one of their ain in the ancient capital of


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