The bank’s CSR activities chiefly involve part towards constructing up an enlightened and comfortable state. In position of it. it has taken patronization of instruction as its nucleus CSR activity. whereas catastrophe direction and relief of poorness is much emphasized. # EducationEqually many as 1000 pupils from around 150 reputed educational establishments across the state are being provided with scholarship in two levels-school degree and university degree.

They are taken under this plan to be taken attention of for the whole educational life topic to their fulfilment of the eligibility standards. Quard or involvement free loan is provided to hapless and meritable pupils to assist bear monthly educational outgo including nutrient. adjustment etc. The quard is distributed to the selected pupils in monthly installments till their achievement of the Masters Degree. 138 hapless and meritable pupils from a figure of reputed educational establishments are being provided with quard. # Disaster alleviationDuring cold enchantments.

the bank’s foundation squad goes to the northern country of the state and distributes covers and other necessities to assist them last cold. During flood 100s of 1000s of people are left out of economic activities. Since the origin of the bank it responded liberally to the call of the flood-affected people. Bangladesh lies in a natural calamity-prone country. EXIM Bank has ever been at the service of the people afflicted by those natural catastrophes. In 2005.

the bank distributed rikshaws among the twister victim households in Netrokona with a position to assisting them return to income generating activities through self-employment. # Social public assistanceA good trade of the bank’s charity is done for developing infra-structure of educational establishments. infirmaries etc. or supplying equipments for them. It besides donates equipments like computing machines.

furniture etc. to educational establishments. It donates ambulances for different infirmaries of the metropolis. EXIM Bank patrons different cultural plans and athleticss all the twelvemonth unit of ammunition. It besides helps set up different national and international seminars as a patron. EXIM Bank planted trees on the road-median from Bangla Motor Crossing to Hotel Sheraton Crossing. For plantation of the trees and proper care of them. it has spent about Tk.

1. 20 million. To do the capital a modern metropolis. the bank has join custodies with the authorities. For secured motion of the urban people. it has built a pes span over Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue at Paribagh at a cost of Tk.

150. 00 million. Construction of two other foot over-bridges.

one at Tejgon and the other at Karwan Bazar is being planned.

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