My father’s parents were born in a little small town in the Peloponnese. They were sort and low people that finally made their manner to Athens. My mother’s parents were born in Kafkaso. a town in Minor Asia. which at that clip belonged to Greece. With the war of 1921. the Turks forced my mother’s parents to fly to Athens. They were affluent and proud. as were many Pontian Greeks at that clip. Both of my parents were born in Athens in the 1950ss. My female parent left Athens in 1969. America edge and my male parent followed shortly after.

Born to immigrant parents in the United States has had its challenges. I was raised in a Grecian family with Grecian ethical motives and ideals. which at frequently times clash with those of American civilization. The outside universe is perceived reciprocally when your inside universe is conducted in a wholly different mode. However. holding been born to immigrant parents I have the ability to sympathize with other civilizations. This is a gift. which in this field I have frequently times used.

One of the traditions that have been passed down in my household. thanks to our civilization. is go toing church every Sunday. Church. for Greek-Americans. is more than merely a topographic point of worship ; it is besides a communal assemblage. Through church attending we maintain our spiritual traditions. linguistic communication. Sunday school. even run into our hereafter mates. Even though some Greeks marry outside of the civilization most choose spouses with the same cultural background. Many may reason that this is a signifier of brainwash from our parents but those of us that have married outside our civilization tend to believe our parents were right.

In add-on to go toing church about every Sunday and trying to lodge to our ain. Greeks are really fond people. As a race. we publically and evidently like to demo our love for one another. At times. I have found my non-Greek friends taken aback by my fond demeanour. We kiss friends upon meeting. touch them frequently during conversation. brush a spot of nutrient off of their face. if need be. and inquire a batch of personal inquiries. We do all this and anticipate the same in return. If this fondness is non reciprocated we feel as if we are non loved in the same manner. This is a perfect illustration of a civilization clang. Greeks lay out their dirty wash for friends to assist happen solutions or to merely comfort them while Americans see discoursing personal affairs as tabu ( Cabral & A ; Smith. 2011 ) . Bing an American adult female raised by Grecian parents. this can go confounding at times.

Regardless of the differences between Greek and American civilization. I consider myself highly lucky to be a portion of both ethnicities. I am proud to be an American because this land is beautiful in more ways than one. America has given me chances to make things with my life of which citizens in other states have merely dreamt. However. my pride to be Grecian does. at times. run a small deeper. I suppose I could thank my parents for this intense love of Greece. but the truth is that I truly am proud of my heritage and its 2. 500-year-old history. As a household. we are proud of my parents’ achievements more than my or my brother’s. Although immigrants that to this twenty-four hours hardly speak English. my parents managed to raise one physician and a shortly to be clinical mental wellness healer in chase of her PhD.

Hellenics are non easy ashamed of many things. Equally long as they attend church and educate their kids everything else is merely a bump in the route. A common misconception amongst many is that the Greek Orthodox Church is rigorous. Our church has changed with the times. Situations like divorce. abortion. and homosexual partnerships are non celebrated but they are accepted. Since the Church in understanding and caring Greeks frequently times confess whatever it is they may be ashamed of and so travel on with their lives. It may sound unusual to others. but it is the kernel of the Grecian civilization.

This kernel of Grecian civilization does put a stigma on Greeks seeking to co-exist with Americans ( Hays. 2008 ) . Since I was a small. I recall standing up for my parents when they were being mocked. due to their speech pattern. I remember my brother stepping in infinite times when others were seeking to take advantage of my parents through the linguistic communication barrier. Even though reminiscing on these cases is upsetting. I realize that without holding experiences the other terminal of these conflicts I would non hold the compassion I do today for immigrants and their kids. However. I do acknowledge that other than the linguistic communication barrier. being White European in the United States does do things easier.

Bing White European has allowed my parents to get down their ain successful car organic structure store installation. Since we opened the store in an destitute vicinity we were given grants to assist us acquire started. In add-on. many clients that visited the other organic structure store. non owned by white people. have become our most loyal clients. At frequently times I hear clients say that our store is really clean and reliable like something you would anticipate to see on the north side. In Chicago. the south side. where our store located. is chiefly African American while the north side is predominately white.

Hearing African Americans prefer the north side to their ain vicinity explains to me why racism is still so prevailing. Greeks may prefer to get married their ain but one thing we are non is racist. In all my old ages of being raised in a place where non merely was English ne’er even spoken but the telecasting was ever tuned in to a Grecian station. I ne’er heard a word about racism or favoritism from my parents. This logical and pure world-view my parents hold given me has molded me into a immature adult female that can see things through the eyes of persons from assorted backgrounds. I am able to associate to a immature Mexican-American miss whose parents merely do non understand her. because I have been at that place.

Children of immigrant parents live two different lives ; one is the function they play at place and the other is the function they play in American society. At a younger age. it is difficult to cover with these unsteady life style alterations and can be negatively affected by the confusion as an grownup ( Hays. 2008 ) . As a clinical mental wellness counsellor I will be able to state my patient that. non merely do I cognize precisely how they feel. but I besides know how to assist them through their quandary. However. if a patient from a diverse background that. I am non familiar with seeks my aid. I will make my prep and fix myself to advocate this person in ways that will assist construct a concrete relationship between us. with common regard. Without a strong bond a healer will non acquire really far in their guidance Sessionss and interventions ( Hays. 2008 ) .

Bing Greek-American I will hold to be wary of certain cultural groups that I may overpower. For case. Indian civilization does non advance fondness or even the unfastened treatment of personal issues. Equally long as what you are making with your life is for the well being of the household. your felicity is secondary. My civilization hugs their household. calls with their household. hatreds and instantly after loves their household. unconditionally. As a healer. I must put any prejudice ideas about a certain civilizations household unit to the side and empathize with my patient. This will non be an easy effort but ne’er the less indispensable in my clinical calling.

These barriers and many more must be torn down before one can successfully handle a mentally overwrought person. Multicultural consciousness is cardinal. It teaches healers that each of us is born into a civilization with bing beliefs and traditions and that each of these effects the manner we perceive the universe ( Sue & A ; Sue. 35 ) . A good healer should be cognizant that societal and demographic factors strongly influence society’s positions on peculiar groups of people. In return. this besides affects how these persons interpret their function in society. be it good or bad.

A healer that works with patients of assorted backgrounds must be prepared to change their scheme to better carry through the demands of this peculiar patient. This is easier said than done. Even the DSM-IV has been strongly criticized for its deficiency of multiculturalism. Regardless. a healer should do it a precedence to understand the differentiation amongst civilizations and demo respect towards all patients. In add-on. as a healer I will seek out books and advice that will assist me better handle a patient from a different background. All people are capable of understanding civilizations and difference ; we must merely do the attempt.

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