“Culture is
the accumulation of shared meanings, rituals, norms and traditions among the
members of an organization or society. It is what defines a human community,
its individuals, its social organizations, as well as its economic and
political systems” (Solomon,
Bamossy, Askegaard and Hogg, 2016)

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Culture has two components which are
material culture and nonmaterial culture. Material culture is a physical
objects that people created to be a part of human culture namely clothing,
home, food, transportation vehicles and architecture.

Nonmaterial culture means an abstract ideas or
intangible products that people have about their culture such as norms, values,
rituals, customs, myths, laws and arts. (Harry C. Triandis)


terms of Thai’s culture, people tend to live with family because it feels like a home
environment. Especially older people, they like to live with their children in
a house. It can be said that living of Thailand is the same as Chinese because
they like to live in a big family. When they would like to travel, the
significant thing is booking a room. In the past, hotel was very popular in
terms of convenience and full services but the cost is too high for poor and
medium people who would like to save a budget. Therefore, it can be seen that
in the past travellers who want to save their budget for accommodation will
choose budget hotel or tent in order to stay. They view that they prefer to
spend money for activities and travel than spend money for luxury hotel.

Therefore, full service hotel will not suitable for this group of customer.


In recently, it can be seen that
sharing economy become popular in the world. In terms of lodging industry,
Airbnb is a good option for customer who want to save budget so when it is
launch in Thailand, it also popular as well because it is match with culture of
Thai people. People can save budget because Airbnb is a website for renting
others’ house for a short stay. In addition, customer can stay in a group with
friends or family because it is a style of house. Hence, the environment of
renting room from Airbnb and from hotel is totally different. When Airbnb is
occurred, it can attract lower and medium budget customer. Apart from that, it
also attract foreigner as well because the service provider or the host will
take care them as a relatives. The environment feel like a home and they will
learn culture of Thai local people as well. Some of host and guest will have
long term relationship and become a friend resulted from renting a room.

Therefore, Airbnb does not provide only accommodation but also a good
relationship for the host and the guest as well.


There are some review of people who
book a room with Airbnb and feel impress with the kindness of host and
environment. “A few years ago
when I was staying at an Airbnb in Koh Samui, Thailand I arrived late at night
after a delayed flight and was greeted by a smiling host who had a beer waiting
for me. We sat down and had a drink together while he told me the best ways to
enjoy his island. I’ve found most Airbnb hosts,
especially in laid-back countries like Thailand, offer extra amenities that are
not only convenient but will save you a few bucks.” Zaino (2017) Besides, some customer intended to
create a blog in order to show their impression and this is some review from a
blog “It was the perfect base for exploring the
area, and we felt very much “at home” during our stay. The hostess and her
family went just above and beyond in helping us plan our time in Kanchanaburi,
Thailand and even went so far as to help us find a driver at the very last
minute. I cannot say enough positive things about the hospitality here.” (Tiffany)


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