Customer loyalty is the dependent variable in this study. There are several previous studies that are explain about the customer loyalty. Loyalty can be define as customers who are purchasing the preferred product or service again in the future (Emel Kursunluoglu, 2014). According Oliver, (1997) loyalty is repetitive buying of the similar product or service despite the marketing efforts or situational effects. Another researcher which is (Bowen and Chen, 2001) categorize loyalty as behavioural and attitudinal. Behavioural is actual action of customer such as actual word of mouth (Ramaseshan et al, 2013). Then attitudinal is personal attitude which is psychological and sensation oriented (Emel Kursunluoglu, 2014). Even the customers not buy the products and services as continuously from the retailers, but have a good feelings to the retailer and recommend the retailer to others customers show the attitudinal loyalty.Besides that, customer loyalty can be classify in different ways. Customer loyalty can be define as a customer attachment to a brand, store, manufacturer, service provider based on attitudes and behaviour respond such as repurchasing the merchandise and use again the services (Baran, Galka and Strunk, 2008). It also relate with the repeat purchase on the same brand. According Varela Neira et al, (2010) loyal customer exhibit higher repurchase intentions, a decrease in price sensitivity and positive word of mouth communication. In retail organization, customer loyalty is important in order to gain its current customers. There has a benefit to the retail store if the customers are loyal to them such as customers will recommend and spread a positive word of mouth to their close members such as family members and friends. In addition, the benefit is the cost will be less to serve the loyal customer. This is because they know the products and require less information (Bowen and Chen, 2001). Retail store need to provide a quality service to retain the customers and make the customers to be loyal. According Karjaluoto et al, (2015) suggest that RSQ enable make customers will be loyal to shopping at the particular retail store. Thus RSQ have a positive relationship between customer loyalty. Retail store need provide a quality and good services to the customers. According to Yuen and Chan (2010), service providers are increasingly developing loyalty, as they find that it helps to increase income and leads to grater market share.  

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