The FAO Intergovernmental Group ( IGG ) on Meat and Dairy Products represents a forum for intergovernmental audience and exchange on tendencies in production. ingestion. trade and monetary values of meat and dairy merchandises. including regular assessment of the planetary market state of affairs and short term mentality. The Group considers alterations in national policies and examines their international effects mentioning to the current and prospective market state of affairs. The group meets one time in each two old ages. The IGG on Meat was established by the Committee on Commodity Problems ( CCP ) at its Forty-fifth Session in 1970. Dairy merchandises were included under the authorization of the Group in 2002. Membership in the Group is unfastened to all Member Nations and Associate Members of FAO. including Perceivers from international organisations and establishments. About all importation and exporting states of meat and dairy merchandises are Members of the IGG.

Monetary values rise in the face of limited handiness on the international market. International monetary values of dairy merchandises began to beef up in mid-2012. change by reversaling the steady diminution that had characterized the old 12 months. The alteration in tendency resulted from a tightening of supplies to the universe market. Handinesss are anticipated to be finely balanced until at least the terminal of the twelvemonth. The FAO international dairy merchandises monetary value index ( 2002–2004=100 ) stabilized at 173 during June and July but had risen to 194 by October. Monetary values strengthened for all the merchandises that constitute the index. particularly skimmed milk pulverization ( SMP ) which registered an addition of $ 562 per ton. or 20 per centum. after its mid-year low. In the same period. whole milk pulverization ( WMP ) monetary values besides rose. by $ 425 per ton or 15 per centum. as did citations for butter. which were up $ 400 per ton or 14 per centum. and cheddar cheese. which increased by $ 175 per ton or 5 per centum. Over the past three old ages. the dairy index has been around a value of 200. significance monetary values for dairy merchandises overall are nearing the mean degree for this period. With publically financed stock lists at minimum degrees in the EU and the United States. the market remains sensitive to sudden alterations in milk production and handiness of milk merchandises. The absence of significant growing in milk end product in the chief exportation states is likely to intend a farther upwards motion in monetary values.

World milk production in 2012 is forecast to turn by 3. 0 per centum to 760 million ton – a higher rate than the norm for recent old ages. Asia is expected to account for most of the addition. with end product in India. the world’s largest milk bring forthing state. prognosis to lift by 5 million ton to 132 million ton. Dynamic domestic demand provides the chief ground for growing. as India is mostly absent from the international market for dairy merchandises. Increased end product is besides anticipated in China. Pakistan and Turkey. In Africa. a little addition in milk end product is anticipated for 2012. even though a figure of states in the part have suffered inauspicious conditions. which has limited growing. South American milk production expanded by over 5 per centum in 2011 and a similar rate of addition is foreseen for 2012. when its end product is expected to make 71 million ton. The strongest additions this twelvemonth are forecast for Argentina. Ecuador rand Uruguay. with end product in Brazil and Chile besides turning. In North America. milk production in the United States is forecast to lift to 90. 3 million ton. an addition of about 2 per centum. reflecting dairy herd enlargement in response to positive national and international demand. In Europe. EU milk production is forecast to lift by merely 1. 5 per centum to 157. 9 million ton in 2012. as improved milk outputs continue to more than compensate for decreased cow Numberss.

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International Whole Milk Powder monetary values began increasing in mid-2012. following several months of diminution. In June. they had dropped to USD 2 800 per metric ton. while by October they stood at USD 3 300 – an addition of 18 per centum. World exports of WMP are projected to demo continued growing in 2012. rise by 126 000 metric tons to make 2. 4 million metric tons. Sustained demand is forecast for Asia. the chief market. every bit good as for several importers in North Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean. China. Algeria and Venezuela. the major importation states ( in order of volume ) make up over 30 per centum of universe WMP trade.

As for the exporters. New Zealand. Argentina. Belarus and Uruguay will provide most of the addition in trade. as limited milk supplies and more profitable alternate utilizations are expected to control export handiness from the EU and Australia. Altogether. the six exporters supply 85 per centum of the international WMP market. Trade in Skim Milk Powder is anticipated to lift by 1 per centum in 2012. to 1. 7 million dozenss. In the face of limited export handiness. SMP monetary values rose from a depression of USD 2 838 per ton in mid-2012. to make USD 3 400 in October. The principal markets are ( in order of volume ) Mexico. China. Indonesia. Algeria. Malaysia and the Philippines. followed by Singapore. Egypt. Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Over 85 per centum of universe exports are supplied by ( in order of volume ) the EU. the United States. New Zealand and Australia Butter monetary values reached a depression of USD 2 850 per ton in July. Since so. monetary values have risen slightly. to stand at USD 3 250 in October. Trade in butter is forecast to turn by 6 per centum in 2012. to 878 000 dozenss.

This is anticipated to be a effect of increased bringings by New Zealand. Belarus. Australia. Uruguay and Switzerland counterbalancing for a autumn in gross revenues from the EU. the United States and Argentina. New Zealand is the prevailing provider of butter to the universe. accounting for over half of trade. Demand for butter imports comes chiefly from Southeast Asia. the Middle East and the Russian Federation. Additionally. as a consequence of trading understandings. the EU is both an of import butter importer ( superior tierce ) and exporter ( superior second ) . After staying at a depression of USD 3 600 per ton from May to August. the monetary value had risen to USD 3 925 by October. Trade in cheese is forecast to turn by 5. 3 per centum in 2012. to 2. 5 million dozenss. sustained by robust import demand. Four importers. the Russian Federation. Japan. the United States and Saudi Arabia. history for about 45 per centum of purchases. The EU remains the major cheese exporter. providing 30 per centum of universe trade. Other of import exporters are Saudi Arabia. New Zealand. the United States. Australia. Egypt. Belarus. Argentina. Switzerland. the Ukraine. Uruguay and Turkey.

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