Dame Jane Morris Goodall is one of the most influential scientists and peace makers of the modern age. She has worked for over 40 years in Tanzania, working with chimpanzees and studying their behavior. Some of her discoveries have provided us with critical knowledge that will help people further the exploration of primates adaptations and lifestyles. She is also an advocate for peace and humanity across the globe. Her intelligence has contributed many ideas of love and respect to the world. Jane was born on April 3, 1934 in London, England. She was a very curious child, and frequently studied the chickens in her yard. Her first introduction to primates was at very young as well. Her mother would read Tarzan , a book about a man who was raised by apes, to her and her father had given her a stuffed chimp named Jubilee, which she still owns today. Jane grew up during a rough period of time, considering WWll was in full swing and Europe was caught up in a deadly war. Witnessing multiple wars and disputes has influenced Jane to be who she is today. Jane’s first visit to Africa would eventually change the rest of her life. While visiting a friend in Kenya, Jane, only 23 at the time, met the famed anthropologist Dr. Louis Leakey. She was then hired as his assistant and sent to study the apes in the area. Jane spent nearly 40 years in Africa after that day. She has made many important discoveries. Her research has given other scientists insight, such as the fact that chimps use tools to get food, can build relationships and emotional attachments, and are known to hunt smaller primates in groups. She started her career in Gombe Stream National Park, where she still continues to work and raise awareness at.Though Jane’s work is highly praised and regarded, other fellow primatologists and anthropologist disagree with her decisions and methods. They believe that her use of feeding stations rupture the chimps natural lifestyles. Many scientists also despise her way of naming her research subjects. Naming the chimpanzees real names, such as Freud, David, and Gremlin, are said to have given them a sense of attachment towards Jane and her peers. This would give them many psychological problems or emotion problems if she were to leave. Another controversy involving Jane has to do with her book, Seeds of Hope. Many people believe that she had plagiarized from multiple websites. Jane says that it was due to poor note taking and she heavily apologized. She has since revised the book.Jane is is currently working as an activist and peace messenger. She has helped raise awareness about primates, world peace, and protecting the environment for almost a lifetime. She is currently taking a break from research in Africa, and is traveling the world to give speeches on life and love. Her story is truly inspirational. With influential people like Jane, we ca hopefully make the world a much better place.

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