* Boding – through the usage of devices ( see below ) or narrative ; Friel frequently hints at what comes subsequently in the drama.

sometimes underhand – in the first duologue for illustration. Chris says “When are we traveling to acquire a nice mirror to see ourselves in? ” – this could be interpreted as Friel demoing that the adult females are blind to the universe around them. to their ain inner problem. and merely how close their household is to the wink of prostration. It is a good line for Friel to foreground that at this minute in clip. everything is as it should be and nil has crumbled yet. but it will. and the sisters can non announce it.

* Use of symbolic devices such as the wireless ( the music foreshadows events in the drama. intimations at backstory. normally provides a sense of what the adult females experience inside but can non show on the exterior. used to cite context and finally link the adult females from their microcosm in Ballybeg to the wider universe ) or the kites ( stand foring flight as a brace. perchance Jack and Gerry.

or. when one considers the anguished faces. a prefiguration of Rose and Agnes’s doomed leave. )* Stage Directions – Friel’s phase waies are extremely elaborate and this shows that to Friel. every small character and phase item is of import. ( takes the gap tableau for example. ) Each aunt has their ain.

really peculiar on phase personality. but these are surely non 2D characters when Friel still leaves some inquiries unanswered to the audience – e. g ; What is traveling on between Gerry and Agnes?Why is it that Friel wants Agnes to wing up in a passion. ‘on the point of tears’ when Kate is maligning Gerry. but the state of affairs between them is ne’er explored in more item? It makes the false memory construct all the more interesting. as the audience can bury that this is what Michael is supposed to retrieve as ‘more existent than incident’ and ‘both existent and illusory’ .

* The Unseen Boy – In ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ . the storyteller is the grownup Michael. and Friel chooses besides to hold the grownup Michael reading the ‘boy’s lines.

and the aunts must ne’er turn to the male child.This is a phantasmagoric construct. but both helps the audience remember that the whole drama is Michael’s memory ; “When I cast my head back”… and besides foreshadows Michael’s absence and flight subsequently on in the drama. or as a male child. his deficiency of apprehension of the state of affairs.

Alternatively. it once more highlights the phantasmagoric construct that Michael can retrieve things that may or may non hold happened as he is non present in those scenes.* The False Memory – “But there is one memory of that Lughnasa clip that visits me most frequently ; and what fascinates me about that memory is that it owes nil to fact…” The drama is mostly focused on Michael’s relationship with the memories of his yesteryear. as his interspersed blocks of narrative illustrate. but there is the inquiry raised that.

in fact. did most of the drama. where Michael isn’t nowadays.

even go on?It is all supposed to be from his memory. so how can he retrieve something which isn’t true? The stoping sets this inquiry further in the audience’s minds when Michael talks about a memory that genuinely does hold no factual land at all. and you can see elements of this seeping in throughout the drama itself. ( such as blasts of mid-thirtiess music or citing to historical context ) and you can see it played out as if peppered with spots of memory that didn’t needfully go on at those times or in that order.

It does hold a dream-like quality for these grounds. and merely when we wake up do we gain something was unusual – I believe this is the consequence Friel intended to make for the audience. With memory. we frequently remember what stands out to us.

non needfully in the right order. but what Michael makes field at the terminal is that his version of events is both existent and imagined at the same clip. and his memories become more true to feelings as they go farther from the existent order of events.

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