Dauren Kereibayev Identification of life goals is one of themain conditions for achieving success. And it is important not only to setgoals, but also be confident that you are able to achieve them and have a timeboundary to make them happen. Concentrate on the fact that achieving each goalcan dramatically improve your life. The more you think about how your goalswill change the life for the better, the stronger will be the desire to realizethem. The natural desire for concrete actions will awaken in you. If the goalinspires you, then you will in any case begin to act in the direction ofachieving it.

It does not matter how much time you have to implement it,because you like the process itself and the fact that you feel more and moresatisfied with yourself. Such a state encourages staying active, so your levelof productivity will only grow. How to plan correctly? First of all, lifeplanning begins with the construction of plans for today and stretches fordecades.

This is a multi-step process. The whole pyramid is based on ones truevalues. Basic principles: Much more good will bring the goalachieved during the month with pleasure, rather than through coercion andrestrictions, but the result for 2 weeks. Slow pace is more reliable thansprints.

It’s a good idea to step up a little andfulfill this year’s goals, which in the next will open up new prospects. Tomiss opportunities because of laziness, to be afraid of experiencing stress – isnot an option. If at first everything is based on adream, then after a while, during which you committed actions to implement it,results appear.

New people, ideas, perspectives, will start to presentthemselves.In all things, limit is important. Forcingyourself is good, but the approach should be reasonable. It’s easier and moreefficient to run every day for several kilometers than once a week – a wholesemi marathon.There is nothing better than starting withhow to make a plan for the year. This will help keep your life under control,even in times of change.So, where to start to make a plan for ayear or more:Understand what role you are in. There areimportant and minor aspects of your personality.

Everyone plays a certainsocial role. You can be a student, husband and father, and at the same time youcan be an artist, poet, CEO, mentor, athlete. All this is what fills your days.It is worth choosing those roles, the implementation of which is most importantfor you.Decide on what you want to be in thefuture. Choose those roles that you want to maximize, so that they areassociated with your personality. At the same time, you should see whatnegative aspects you have, where your energy is being spent.

Perhaps, if youswitch attention from them to achieve your goals, the progress will be more rapid.Disassemble your motives. There is areason why you want to realize certain goals, how your life priorities wereformed. Try to understand what will happen when you embody them, what emotionswill arise.

How important they are, will you want to work on realizing themwhole life. Personally for yourself, for society or specific people. Honesty isa guarantee of success.

Record your findings. After analyzing themotives, to make up your life goals and objectives in planning the future iseasy. Once realizing true values, make a plan on their basis.Distribution of goals by category. This isan important stage of planning.

It will help not to lose sight of any of theimportant aspects of life. Write down everything you want to achieve incategories such as career, family, society, vocation, knowledge, intelligence,health, and spirituality.Set a time frame.

After setting a specificgoal, determine the exact date when you want to achieve it.Building small steps. To move in the rightdirection, you need to understand how to plan for achieving the goals. Thesteps required to adopt depend on the level at which you are in the present.Will you have to start from scratch or already have some work done.

Develop aclear strategy for achieving each goal in chronological order andprioritization. Continually check the relevance of thelife plan. Life does not stand still and the human too. It is normal thatsomething can change. Periodically reviewing your life planning you canunderstand: whether you follow it or not, whether you are happy, whether thereare prerequisites for something to change for your own purposes. Do not bescared if life priorities have changed the vector, and you want to changesomething. The plan is important for tracking your successes and achievements,actualizing the causes of failure.

Each goal must be carried out according tothe criteria of the SMART model. This will help you to concentrate on the mostimportant points and cut off unnecessary actions already at the very beginningof the path. Specific. Describe what you want toachieve in details.

Clear out the picture first for yourself and then you willbe able to draw up a plan of action without any help or consultations. Writedown all possible parameters of the goal: size, color, model, etc.Measurable.

The goal is different from thedesire that it can be measured. Think about how the result of achieving yourgoal will be measured. These can be points, percentages, financial ratios, orcorrelation to past results. Achievable. This item shows whether enoughresources are available to achieve the goals.

You need to find confirmationthat the desired result is possible. Relevant. Think, how much does this goalcorrelate with goals from other spheres of life. And is it consistent withglobal life priorities. Will the achievement of this goal lead to undesirableconsequences in other areas.Timed. A prerequisite for any purpose isto determine the time interval for the start, the end point of theimplementation or the date of the first step.

Thus, the goal will beresult-oriented.The most important quality necessary for aperson to reach any heights is self-discipline. This concept implies theability to do what is needed, and just when it should be done. At the same time,no such duties almost never bring any pleasure. If, in spite of this, a personis able to force himself to live by this principle, practically every of hisundertakings will be accompanied by success.To earn wealth, you need to focus on along-term goal, as well as not to be distracted by momentary petty affairs,even if they bring benefits. It is necessary to act on that clearly worked outplan, which in the future will give independence and prosperity.

All actionsshould be aimed only at achieving the set bar, including any expenses.The components of self-discipline areself-control, independence, responsibility to oneself, self-control and strongmotivation to achieve the goal. It is these qualities that have helpedsuccessful people to develop the ability to do things that for the losers seemunpleasant, tedious, boring. This does not mean that routine or complex, hardwork is to the liking of those who are engaged in it.

They simply understandthat this is their payment for well-being and the coveted success.A problem that almost everyone hasexperienced is a lack of motivation; person might have short or long termgoals, but has no willpower to achieve them. Role model. Finding a decent person, apeculiar model of behavior can become a starting point to begin the process ofself-development. It can be either a famous person or a person from yourenvironment. Do not despair because of small failures.Do not think that your way to success will be easy and accompanied by strictlysuccesses.

Any professional in his field has failures. The main thing is not tolet them throw you back significantly. If you blame yourself too much for everylittle mistake, you will not be successful. The one who does not make mistakesis the one who does nothing. Start now. The first step is the mostdifficult. Many people do not achieve success simply because their plans do notgo beyond their heads. Find like-minded people.

Among them, itwill be easier for you to find the motivation to achieve the goal. Their successeswill be your incentive. You can share ideas and support each other.Do not let the emotions take over you.

Incase of luck, the triumph of victory can swirl your head, and in case of defeat- bitterness and resentment are able to make you give up. Do not let emotionsdull your will power, be guided by reason, not feelings.Do not be afraid to take risks. After all,if you sit idly, then more enterprising people will bypass you, and your dreamwill remain a dream, unfulfilled.Be far-sighted; do not live one daywithout thinking about the next, because you often need to calculate ten stepsahead when you persist in achieving success. Always imagine, analyze andcalculate what will happen in ten to fifteen years.

If you go this way, youwould be able to achieve this particular goal. A person should be confident ofhis future, so be judicious and do not let feelings take over you.   

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