The progressive epoch in it’s whole was reasonably successful. Through the federal authorities and reformists corruptness was broken up. life and working conditions were made better. and the authorities became an bureau of human public assistance. The progressive epoch was encouraged by populism and even the Greenback’s party of the 1870’s. The growing of metropoliss and concern caused much of the in-between category in America to seek and assist the hapless and convey down corruptness in political relations and concern. The progressive epoch was effectual. because it increased authorities control. life and working conditions were made better. and more power was given to the people.

Most of the increased authorities control was chiefly due to Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt became known as the “trust buster” . because he would travel and interrupt up bad trusts. The Washington Post in 1907 portrays him absolutely. he hunted down bad trusts and through governmental control regulated good trusts. He embraced what came to be known as the “3 c’s” : Regulation of corporations. consumer protection. and preservation. The ordinance of corporations started with the Anthracite Coal Strike in 1902. Where 140. 000 mineworkers went on work stoppage demanding a 20 % wage addition. decrease of the work twenty-four hours. and better safety conditions.

The president of the company. George F. Baer assumed the authorities was on his side. because of the Pullman Strike. Well he was incorrect. Theodore offered him a square trade in which both sides were represented every bit. This is important. because it caused the Department of Capitol and Labor to be created in 1903 to settle differences between capital and labour. From this the Bureau of Corporations was created to supervise concerns in interstate commercialism. This paved the manner for an Era of “trust busting” .


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