Dealing with medicine, was something that had engaged me for quite some time, making sure I reminded my family members when their next dose was supposed to be taken filled me with satisfaction. Reading the prescription and trying to learn and memorize all the names of the medicines fascinated me. After a long day’s work of offering patients my expertise, at the end of the day I know I will feel fulfilled that I have made my patients feel comfortable and relieved them of their pain. I was fascinated after completing Unit 4 in the Applied science course which consists of making medicines such as aspirin.

My intention to study pharmacy is to pursue  a career in healthcare which can lead me into different career paths later on in the years. The pharmaceutical field that amuses me is the pharmacy itself working in a pharmacy environment is what I desire being able to dispense medicines to patients and give them advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle is my passion. I am more intent on working in a hospital this is because not only will I be dispensing medicine I will also get an opportunity to purchase and test medicines. The time that I have spent at Westminster Academy doing the IB has enabled me to gain many skills that I would be able to apply later on in the years. We were instructed to create aspirin and complete a written laboratory report based on what what we created.

This has a massive link to pharmacy as it also consists of creating medicines. Being able to use my initiative while completing my laboratory work, creating and presenting presentations as part of my Applied Science course that consists of  mainly vocational work that prepares me for University projects. As an individual, I have grown and been able to enhance my skills. Being a pharmacist requires a diligent character who will be dedicated to work.

I believe after doing the IB I am able to apply all these skills in this course.After informing myself about the course I was curious in regards as to what working in a pharmaceutical environment felt like.  Doing work experience at a local Superdrug enlightened me more about the course as I was required to work closely with the pharmacy team at superdrug.

Being able to communicate with members of the public has enabled me to build up my confidence skills and communication skills that I was able to apply on a regular basis and I am sure that this plays a vital role as a pharmacist. I was well aware that I was interested in science in particular I was attracted to biology and chemistry along with Human biology. While maintaining professionalism, I have been able to gain skills while completing my work experience that will lead me to having a successful career.

In my early academic years chemistry and biology were the most subjects that I enjoyed, after doing the IBCP course I have realised that I appreciate the practical application of the course In particular I was interested in carrying out the titration experiment and writing up a report. The Applied Science course that I am currently taking has led me into this path. One of the aspects of studying pharmacy that I look forward to the most is the clinical placements and the opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills when dealing with patients and other healthcare professionals. I am looking forward to becoming educated about drug development and this was after completing unit 4 in the Applied Science course where we were instructed to create medicines. Making medicines in order to help make people feel better is what I desire, by doing this course I will be able to understand more about the background that comes behind pharmacy and the science behind creating medicines.After seeing many situations at my work experience I was dedicated to become a successful pharmacist  I have finally made a decision that studying this course will make me fulfill my dream.

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