Dear Sir/Miss

My passion for studying Allergies stems from my
especial interest in food allergies. I spent my final year of BSc honors working
in the Immunology department, supporting patients and families suffering from
various allergies and immunological disorders. This experience highlighted to me
the importance of allergies management, which increased my desire to contribute
to this field.

I am applying for a place at Southampton University
as I truly believe this curriculum is the best of its kind, blend of a unique
learning, research projects with an amazing hands-on training opportunity in all core areas of allergy. It will broaden my
knowledge of allergies and understanding of the topic as a whole. This will
serve a solid foundation for my future research degree. I have found
Immunology, as an incredibly exciting field.
Investigating the underlying details of allergies is essential to successfully
cure it. While studying immunology as a major subject I have been introduced
and practically trained in Basic and Clinical Immunology. I have sufficient
skills to plan and carry out experiments. Whilst at University I was
fortunate enough to do my clinical rotation at Armed Forces Institute of
Pathology. This three year role was invaluable in showing me the importance of
teamwork and patient care. This has helped me to understand other aspects of
laboratory medicine, as well as giving me the chance to utilize some of the
scientific knowledge that I learnt from my degree. I have also been fortunate
enough to observe consultant Immunologists during clinics. As part of my final year dissertation I worked on Anti – Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies
diagnostic role in Wheat Allergy patients. tTg antibodies detection have a
major therapeutic benefit. My research work motivates me to further study

I am expecting to
attain a high 2.1 or first class BSc honors degree
and I believe the knowledge and skills gained during this time will prove my academic ability to study at this level

I am inspired by the groundbreaking research work at
Southampton hospital in asthma and allergy

Getting a chance to collaborate with highly
motivated people under the guidance of leading experts will help me to challenge
my traditional thinking. I would be enthusiastic to interact with internationally renowned
specialists. Studying in a different country, surrounded by people with
diverse cultures will push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to learn new
things. I believe that the knowledge gained from this school will meet my professional
needs and also make me a better, well rounded person. I wanted to dedicate my life to studying allergic disorders, asthma,
and immune defects

It will be my pleasure to get selected for a
scholarship as I am not capable to finance my participation on my own. I hope
you will find consider my application favorably.

If given the scholarship, I would genuinely make the
best use of the facilities the university has put together for this program. Moreover,
I am confident that after acquiring an effective learning I will be able to
serve scientific community in future by generating novel ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Iqra Nadeem




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