Way back in the history of clip. a philosopher named Aristotle set up guidelines. six in all. for the perfect tragic hero.

Vincent Van Gogh was a tragic hero. He had the gift of being able to paint and perceive colourss different from others. but he was a rummy. and hated by most of the people around him.

In the terminal he committed suicide. Long after his decease people had come to love his work. Willy Lowman from “Death of a Salesman” is a fantastic theoretical account of the tragic hero Aristotle painted for us.Willy Lowman was a adult male seeking to populate out the American dream. Linda was his stay at place married woman and he had two point five boies. Biff and Happy. He worked as a salesman to back up his household. “I’m the New England adult male.

I’m vital in New England” ( pg. 163 ) . He worked difficult for 30 four old ages at the Wagner Company. His inspiration was Dave Singleman. a adult male who could travel into a town. pick up a phone. and be able to put many orders without of all time go forthing his hotel room.

When Singleman died. people from all over the state came to his funeral.Even though Willy was a difficult working adult male. he still had qualities or mistakes that made him human: “Other men- I don’t know- they do it easier. I don’t know why- I can’t stop myself- I talk excessively much” ( pg 180 ) .

Willy had simple and common human mistakes such as speaking excessively much. speech production of frequent weariness. and his changeless lubricious appetency.

Willy found himself easy non holding adequate money to do for his household. Each hebdomad he brought in less and less income.Willy’s ultimate ruin was he refused to come to world ; he was populating in an semblance. He continuously flashed back throughout the drama to when his boies were in high school. when his brother Ben visited.

and when he was holding an matter with a adult female in another town. Willy wasn’t well-liked by the people he worked with. and he was borrowing money from his neighbour Charley to pay his insurance measure. even though Willy was excessively proud to take a occupation from him. Soon Willy would hold more value dead.Willy had gone to negociate with his foreman. Howard Wagner.

to seek to acquire a place in New York so he wouldn’t have to go. He ended up acquiring fired. He had no income ; holding to borrow from Charley one time more “I’m strapped” he had no money to pay his mortgage or insurance “I don’t cognize what to make. ” Willy had let his pride get the better of him. “I was merely fired” ( pg 224 ) .

In Willy’s staying hours of life he comes to recognize that he was of more value dead than alive. With his insurance paid his household would have compensation. His household received adequate money to pay off the mortgage on the house he and Linda shared. After Willy committed suicide Linda paid off the mortgage on their house.The house was paid off. but it seemed that there was cipher to populate in it.

Willy’s whole life was an semblance. He eventually snapped back to world right before he killed himself. His loved 1s had commiseration for him: “ [ … ] the adult male didn’t know who he was” ( pg 256 ) . He had wasted his whole life. and ne’er achieved the American dream.Willy Lowman is a fantastic theoretical account of Aristotle’s tragic hero.

He meets all six of the standards to be a tragic hero. He is baronial. but still has human mistakes. His human mistakes make his ruin and his penalty exceeds his offense.

In the terminal he additions self cognition. but is pitied by his loved 1s.

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