Death is the end of all, over and out. Thus also the end
of all suffering. For some reasons, some people choose to end their life earlier.

Death was part of life for many of the people who often
said they were taking each day as it comes and not worrying too much about tomorrow.
Most felt ready to die and some even welcomed it. Others were more looking
forward in their wish to reach the end of the road. Others begged not to be
left to live until they reach a hundred. Most were concerned about the impact
on those left behind.

The dying process itself was the cause of most fear. An effortless
and painless death, preferably during our dream while we are having deep sleep,
was a common perfect method everyone wants. We as humans majority preferred to
be made easy rather than going through all the treatments or even hoping to
avoid going to hospital.

There are also small group of families understanding of
their relative’s preferences occasionally incorrect. For example, one person
said they wanted to have treatment for as long as they could live, while their
family member understand that they would prefer relieving pain without dealing
with the cause of the condition. This tells us the importance of trying to talk
options through with the patients rather than assuming their family knows their

Most commonly discussed end-of-life preferences willingly and many mentioned about
death was uncommon, often only indirect or couched in humor. A minority weren’t
interested in these discussions.

Euthanasia is a very complicated matter, which is why many
people have tried to unfold and see what exactly it is. Many have argued that
if euthanasia is right, suicide is right while some of them think that life is
like an ice skating ring with one entry but loads of exits.

Many people think that life is the most precious and
valuable is a gift, given by God, human have no right to kill themselves. Even
with circumstances that are convincing enough to end their life. Based on them,
this can bring certain situations and issues, whereby one feels that it would
have been better, if he had never been to this world or were just dead. These people
will be the victims of time and matter which either they themselves have gave
life to or someone else has created it for them. But people fail to get across
the fact that terminating their lives is not a solution or an answer to their

Some say our human body there is a present of God, How
can human have the thoughts of ending their life? Bible also written that intentionally
ending one’s life, upset god and people who are around the deceased person.

According to Indian mythology and other mythologies,
death is the final journey of every human being final destination. In order to
get there, the final journey has to be in a natural nature and not other

But the irony in context of suicide is that the law
cannot punish the person who has committed suicide as he is no longer in the
world but the law can definitely punish the person for the act of attempt to
commit suicide or abetting to the same.

As life is incomplete without death, the question now is
does right to live also include the right to die? The law of right to die in
Article 21 is contradictory to section 309 of the Indian Penal Code, as under
this section attempt to suicide is made punishable.

Euthanasia, this is the magic word. It is a Greek word
and means mercy killing. By the gentle act of mercy killing the death is caused
to a person who is terminally ill and whose continued existence might cause
untold sufferings to the ill person, family and the society.

However, it is feared that mercy killing will leads to abuses.
Can health care professional such as doctors be relied upon to be just and to
honor their profession? How many of them abide by the Hippocratic Oath in
normal circumstances? They may misuse their powers and knowledge in collusion
with the relatives of the patient outsiders. Because, we all know that every
law is subject to misuse.

If euthanasia is to be made legal, there have to be safety
net to safeguards and prevent the misuse. Those against mercy killing say that
a doctor should not be invested with the power of providence. He should not
play God.

With all these considerations, it is the wish of many to
die a painless death. Dying by inches lowers the moral of a patient. The basic
concept of good death means that a man should be able to make decision on his
free will to choose alternatives to die if life becomes unbearable, torturous
or have reach a final stage of illness with no cure or treatment can be helped.

Right to die is a broader spectrum of topic which covers
both euthanasia and suicide. People should understand and realize the
difference between the two words.

Most countries courts have not yet given open discussion
or access to the people for exercise of such right. Official trends show that
it is only in the rarest of rare cases when the person is allowed to access
euthanasia, as one believes that it is better to die than to suffer and rightly
so. It is Because, euthanasia is an act which not only relieves the sufferer
from extreme physical or mental suffering, but also provides relief to those
around him from the pain that they have to experience by seeing his condition
on a daily basis.

Suicide on the other hand is traumatizing and depressed
for the family. Evening though euthanasia should be allowed under right to die,
suicide should be hold up from its ambit.

So, what are your
thoughts on euthanasia? Should it be legalize or it is against the god?

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