Over the past century America has continuously used its ain dodo fuel resources and paid handsomely for extra supplies. in the race to remain current with modern engineering and life. The ownership of this resource has made the United States a really comfortable and powerful state. The same dodo fuels that’s has made America such a human dynamo are the same that are damaging the environment and economic system they have enabled. It is imperative that we decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. or it is inevitable that our economic system and environment will endure enormously.

With these fuels being such a important and indispensable portion of Americas support and position. it brings us to the inquiry. What are fossil fuels? Harmonizing to the Gale Encyclopedia of Science: Fossil fuels are buried sedimentations of crude oil. coal. peat. natural gas. and other carbon-rich organic compounds derived from the dead organic structures of workss and animate beings that lived 1000000s of old ages ago. Over long periods of clip. force per unit area generated by covering deposits and from within the Earth has concentrated and modified these stuffs into valuable energy beginnings for it human intent. Fossil fuels presently provide about 90 % of all technological energy used in the universe. They provide the power to travel vehicles. heat life infinites. supply visible radiation. cook our nutrient. transmit and procedure information and carry out a broad assortment of industrial procedures ( Thomson ) . There are infinite wonders and miracles that we can name that came from the morning of industrialisation in the twenty-first century that the copiousness of fossil fuels has provided.

If the flow of fossil fuels to the United States were of all time cut off. the economic system would come to a arrest. There would be no manner to transport the merchandises that mills produce. There would be no manner for people to drive to work. The whole economic system. and in fact the whole of western society. presently depends on fossil fuels ( Graetz 198 ) . Fossil fuels are the taking beginning of our economic promotion and can finally be the ruin. With the great dependence that our economic system has on these fuels it is of import that we talk about the economic issues and menaces that this unhealthy dependence causes. Each twenty-four hours the United States spends about $ 2 billion purchasing oil and loses another $ 4 billion indirectly to the macroeconomic cost of oil dependance. the microeconomic cost of oil monetary value volatility. and the cost of maintaining military forces ready for intercession ( Lovins ) . This dependence to foreign oil supplies is doing unstable security menaces for the state.

We are viing with other importing counties that are spread outing their economic systems which put us at a great hazard for struggle in the Persian Gulf and terrorist act. If the oil rich states that we depend on wanted to raise their monetary values we would hold no pick but to follow or it could but a arrest to our economic system. This sort of dependence is highly unhealthy for our state and our economic system. This creates economic hazard because we do non hold control over the supply and we depend on it about entirely for our productiveness. Making concern with politically unstable states like Saudi Arabia and Iraq. can do us vulnerable to terrorist act and menaces from other states. This go oning dependence on fossil fuels has the possible to set a arrest to our economic system. This unhealthy dependence can besides do security menaces like terrorist act from politically unstable states. With these black effects of fuel dependence it is clear that something must be done. It is imperative that we decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. or it is inevitable that our economic system will endure enormously.

The economic menaces are non the lone factors that warrant for immediate decrease of the fuel use environmental factors play an overpowering risky proportion. It has been recognized worldwide that the use of an tremendous sum of fossil fuels has created assorted inauspicious effects on the environment. Every twenty-four hours in America we take for granted the fresh imbibing H2O. fresh air to take a breath and the beauty of nature. We will lose these natural approvals with the go oning usage of fossil fuels. These fuels are holding jeopardous effects on our ecosystem. The extraction of these fuels on land degrades the land. It destroys the home ground. The procedure of boring. pull outing and treating fossil fuels is non wholly efficient and creates waste. This sometimes consequences in harmful byproducts come ining the land. ( Rabl and Spadaro ) . It can do it unsustainable. It destroys the home ground of animate beings that live on the sites.

Land extraction is non worse of two immoralities. Extraction in Marine or wetland environments has had severe impacts ( Cleveland. Hall and Kaufmann 357 ) . Oil spilled on H2O spreads out and is carried out by H2O currents. This contaminated H2O can be ingested by animate beings or worse possibly even worlds. It has the leaning to choke off extremities. organic structure coverings and membranes of Marine animate beings. Transporting fossil fuels can do harm every bit good. Grapevines transporting oil. for illustration. can tear and distribute pollutants over a big country of land. In countries of chemical spills. flora can be killed and unable to be grown for many old ages. Toxins polluting the land may straight impact harvests and the home grounds of animate beings ( 358 ) . Another consequence of the fuel use is air pollution.

Harmonizing to Ayhan Demirbas air pollution can do wellness jobs and it can besides damage the environment and belongings. One of the chief air pollutants that helps transcend the air choice criterion or AQS is Carbon monoxide or ( CO ) . Co is produced by the uncomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels including gasoline and Diesel which are produced by fossil fuels. Nitrogen oxide or ( NOx ) can do fume and acid rain. Nitrogen oxide can besides do kids susceptible to respiratory diseases. The acid rain occurs when the S dioxide and N from the firing fuels combine with H2O vapour in the ambiance and autumn every bit rain. snow or fog ( Lovins ) . The acid rain causes extended harm to H2O. woods. dirt resources. human wellness and it can besides eat edifices. The international range of the job has led to the sign language of international understanding s on the restriction of N dioxide emanations ( Kunstler ) .

The combustion of coal from human activities have led to increased atmospheric concentrations of a figure of nursery gases. including C dioxide. methane. azotic oxide. CFC’s. and ozone in the lower portion of the ambiance ( Demirbas ) . These gases have opened the door for all sorts of wellness jobs like respiratory diseases. harm to kidneys. cardiovascular and nervous system. “Most scientists consider it probably that if the atmospheric concentrations of C02 and other alleged nursery gases continue to lift. the earth’s clime will go warmer” ( Cline ) . These gases add to the of course already happening atmospheric gases increasing the overall temperature of Earth. An increasing temperature on the planet can hold black effects in the long term. Widespread alterations to earth’s clime would be expected to do utmost conditions and storms. monolithic ecological alterations. and the extinction of many species. Reducing the sum of fossil fuels would well cut down the sum of C dioxide produced. every bit good as the degree of pollutants which causes acerb rain.

The extended usage of fossil fuels has caused such ruinous amendss to our environment. With all of these overpowering risky effects they create it is imperative that we decrease out dependence on fossil fuels. or it is inevitable that our environment will endure enormously. The current laterality of fossil fuels as an energy beginning reflects their convenience of usage and comparative easiness of production in comparing with other energy beginnings ( Lincoln ) . No other energy beginnings. lucifer fuels for power. versatility. transportability or easiness of storage. James Howard Kunstler describes our continual usage of these fuels best in his book The Long Emergency when he said: Oil is an astonishing substance. It shops a enormous sum of energy per weight and volume. It is easy to transport. It shops easy at regular air temperature in unpressurized metal armored combat vehicles. and it can sit there indefinitely without degrading … . .

It is flammable but has proven to be safe to manage with a modest sum of attention by people with dual digit IQs. It can be refined by straightforward distillment into many classs of fuel. There are many grounds why we continue to utilize fossil fuel. It is more low-cost and cheaper to utilize. they pack more energy. it is easy to transport. it is easy to utilize and has many utilizations and it is readily available. Even with all of these more efficient grounds to utilize these fuels it is still does non outweigh the injury that they cause to the environment or menaces to the economic system. The cause a broad scope of jobs like acid rain. planetary heating and security threats the list goes on. We must cut down on the enormous volumes of usage. Fossil fuels are natural substances made deep within the Earth from remains of animate beings and workss over clip. heat and force per unit area turned these decomposing remains into fuels which release energy when burned.

These fuels have taken 100s and 1000000s of old ages to do this are non a slow procedure. We are utilizing such a big sum of this energy as if the supply is ne’er stoping. One twenty-four hours these supplies are traveling to be exhausted. and there will be a demand for an alternate beginning if our economic system and environment are traveling to last. One possible solution to diminish the dodo fuel harm is to look into renewable resource like H energy is one possible pick. Hydrogen is harvested by a procedure called electrolysis. which separates the H atoms and O atoms in H2O. Hydrogen energy could be an eternal resource one time a more economical manner of bring forthing the H gas is discovered. When utilizing H fuel cell energy the lone by-product would be H2O. Hydrogen clearly provides the potency for immense energy and environmental betterments. Engineer Harry T. Roman provinces:

If fuel cells could be used in our places with H.
Imagine the possibility of being able to bring forth both your
Electricity and warming demands right in your cellar. with
Little or no pollution. And are at that place some fillips. like no
More electric power outages when storms come blowing
Through. no fuel bringing breaks. and no possible terrorist
Menaces to our public-service corporation systems?

While other alternate energies provide short-run solutions. merely hydrogen nowadayss long-run benefits that will cut down pollution and U. S. dependance on foreign oil. With the possibility of cleaner air. fewer security menaces because they would be produced in the U. S. and the supply would be eternal and readily available it seems that this could be a possible option. It is imperative that we decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. or it is inevitable that our economic system and environment will endure enormously. The utilizations of these fuels have caused security menaces from covering with politically unstable states. It besides puts our economic system under the control of these foreign states.

If they would take to increase their monetary values it could set a arrest to our economic system and manner of life. Large usage of these fuels has besides had annihilating effects on the environment. The combustion of these fuels has created acid rain. planetary heating. taint of H2O supplies and assorted human unwellnesss. If this new modern life styles of engineering mobility. and industrial efficiency is to be sustained at that place will hold to be alterations in our energy ingestion and beginning. One proposed option is hydrogen energy. This energy beginning is made from a procedure called electrolysis. It emits virtually no pollution and is renewable so the supply is limitless. It will be produced locally so the terrorist menaces would be diminished.

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