Describe the living conditions as they are presented in the first chapter. What does this tell you about society?The living conditions in Oceania are terrible. Oceania is in a state of constant war. The people of Oceania live in a cold, dark world and have to live with terror.

There rules a party which controls the lives of the people through telescreens, spies, and thought police. The peoples lives are filled with fear. The people are helpless because they can’t control anything that happens to them. Big Brother has the control. He is always watching them, so they don’t have freedom.

The government would punish anyone who went against it.The people who live in Oceania do not have basic human rights, like the freedom of speech, thought and the freedom of express themselves.Explain why you think that Winston’s diary is important.Winston writes in his diary his thoughts which are against the law. In the diary he is able to get his thoughts about the law and the regime out of his mind.

But in this time it wasn’t legal express your thought and feelings in a diary, so it was very risky for Winston expressing his thoughts in this diary.I think that the diary is important to Winston because he can express his feelings and thoughts against the law, the regime, the party and Big Brother. Maybe writing a diary raises his hope of a better future of the people who live in Oceania and a change in law an regime. Describe the “Two Minutes Hate”.

In which ways do people react to the “Hate” (give an example)? Does Winston appear to react differently to other people (example).The “Two Minute Hate” is a two-minute-act where members of the party have to watch a film about the enemies of the party which are Emanuel Goldstein and his supporters.At the end of every film the face of Big Brother is showed an all the people are shouting “Big Brother”.

Winston describes the “Two Minutes Hate” like a brain wash. He thinks that the bad thing about the “Two Minutes Hate” isn’t that the people are forced to take part. The bad thing is that you can’t flee from the effect of the “Two Minutes Hate”.

Winston says that people make grimaces and cry like a crackpot against their own will. They all have to show the same emotions about the same thing in the same time. They feel all the same: the feelings that the party tells them to have. During the “Two-Minutes Hate” Winston is worrying about the fact, that the party and Big Brother deceive the people, he looks at O’Brien which seems to have the same feelings about the regime and the party like Winston.

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