This presentation I focused on what course I would move on
to study after my foundation. I began by remembering what course I wanted to
study before starting the foundation year-Business management with a placement
year-and then focus research on that subject area. After I had collected my
research I then began to plan the presentation.

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Evaluation and Feelings

There were successes and challenges that presented
themselves when it came to complete the presentation. I completed lots of research
before applying for the subject, so I thought I already complied enough research
to create a presentation, while making the presentation I realised it wasn’t enough,
this mistake was resolved by furthering the research. This error was self-inflicted,
I started the presentation enough in advance that it didn’t affect the

During the presentation I felt nervous, although I was confident
enough to pull through and communicate clearly. The audience and tutor, gave me
feedback after the presentation which showed I was well paced and clear,
however there was a moment where by I lost composure and laughed this is an
area that needs improvement.

They noted that although my presentation was in-depth, and the
information was relevant, I did forget to source the research and I did put too
much information on the slides, making it difficult to read the information. Next
time I do a presentation I will ensure that I limit the text on slides, thus
making it easier to process the information, also next time I present I will
need to keep concentration and keep composure.


There are key points that should be considered while delivering
and creating presentation, e.g. Body language, delivery, structure, and time
management. Considering these will ensure the correct preparation has been
conducted and should limit anxiety and lead to a better presentation.

Dolan (2017)1  puts forward tips to become less anxious during
a presentation, it covers 5 points that help the anxiety, this includes Being
organised, Visualise, Practice, Movement, Eye-contact. All these will allow presenters
(like me) to be less anxious and more confident overall, which will lead to
them delivering a better presentation and in my case keeping composure when
delivering the presentation.

Conclusion and Action Plan

After reflecting on the presentation on a whole
from research to delivery, although the overall response to my presentation was
positive there are areas that need to be improved. Knowing that although my
research was relevant including every bit of information on the slides limits
the understanding of this information, additionally loss of composure in my
case laughing also inhibits how well the information is delivered, knowing this
will help and know how to calm the nerves that led to the second issue will
help when delivering my next presentation

1 Dolan, R. (2017). Effective presentation
skills. FEMS Microbiology Letters,364(24), FEMS microbiology letters, 29 December 2017, Vol.364(24)

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