I could experience a soft warm zephyr that was blowing in from the West. conveying with it a savory odor of strawberry ice pick. Besides with the air current came the enrapturing odor of fresh salty air assorted with another odor that I didn’t recognise. The active bustling metropolitan was surrounded by turn overing emerald green hills. giants watching over me. In the Centre of the metropolis sat a colossal 30 floor skyscraper made strictly out of glass and reinforced steel.The metropolis faced the ne’er stoping topaz sea: it stretched all the manner up to a composure and pleasant lake which glittered over a mile off in the distance.

The north subdivision of the metropolis was taken up by enforcing skyscrapers and a humming metropolitan of visible radiations and music ; a immense edifice encrusted wholly with motley treasures that bathed the metropolis in the brooding brightness. Nestled at the underside of the skyscrapers were tonss of magnificent and wholly alone cafe’s and bars.The first coffeehouse at the top was a marble edifice that looked like a mausoleum. with heavy columns. The 2nd saloon was wholly different- a million visible radiations flashed from every surface.

The 3rd coffeehouse was a long. low edifice with the forepart made wholly of glass that was patterned with 100s of different forms. and it had beanbags indoors and low java tabular arraies. Another cabin was covered in flowers that had grown on the walls and room access and another dramatic cabin was made of solid gold that seemed to glow in the sunshine.

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