“ Lust over Love ” – those three words comes out in my head after reading this short narrative. Do adult female ever be the one to fault for man’s enticement for their organic structure? People says that Man. could non be tempted when no one’s alluring them. so it is a woman’s mistake when every individual work forces shows some desire? Does love can be measured by the physical visual aspect of a woman’s face or her beautiful organic structure? Love? What truly is it? In this short narrative entitled “DESIRE” by Paz Latorena was a touching one. specially to adult females who feels the same manner of being disgusted by adult male who do non hold a beautiful face that every adult male would of all time desire. This narrative was all about a woman’s hope. believe and patience. Honestly talking. I myself could associate to this sort of narrative good. everyone atleast dream of a adult male that could love them for who they are for what they have and non for holding such beauty. a pretty face. a perfect organic structure. The adult female in the narrative was hankering for love. to be loved by everyone for what she is.

Bing homely. is rather a fuss to every adult female. it feels like they are some rubbish that everyone should avoid and laugh at. all she of all time wanted was a adult male that could accept her imperfectness. she believes that there this person who could accept it. presuming that non every adult male that she meet was like him. his hero. her true love. And so. she needs to conceal herself. her organic structure that every adult male she meet expression at it with their eyes full of desires. Now. she succeeds. no one even wanted to take a glance at her. As a adult female I was on her side for be aftering to conceal her organic structure. why. it is because she’s trusting that person could love her for non holding such organic structure. And so. she felt lonelier that no 1 could truly accept her and so on she turned into writting. Well. ofcourse no 1 of all time wanted to be with her and I must state that no 1 tried to near her even befriends with her that’s why she merely exppress her feelings in writting love letters. verse forms novels. etc. And so. there this foriegn adult male who shows some visible radiation to her dark life. now. she truly was trusting that this adult male could alter her hurting into felicity.

It is non bad to trust. merely like what she did. she believes that non every adult male sees a adult female as a sexual thing ( whatever you call that ) . isn’t? Nowadays as I observe adult male in our coevalss. they sees adult female as their plaything. as their passed clip for their boredome. As clip base on ballss by she felt felicity I guess. she now assumed that that adult male accompaning her is so different to those she knows. and so she shows the true beauty she has. When I was reading the portion or scene that they was holding a serious conversation. I was a liitle spot happy for her and so that smiling all of a sudden turn into a bitterly smile merely like her when the adult male squeal his true feelings that he merely love her organic structure. that was a heartbreaker to every adult female trusting that this adult male standing right following to her was trapped to her body’s enchantment.

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To her. the adult male merely be hiself. stating the truth but behind those smiling was a tear. waiting to fall. Every one of us can experience that solitariness. the hurting she felt right? It’s like. she ne’er given a opportunity to go happy and all she of all time do was to wait. They says that “ Patience is a virtue ” . so all she make was merely delay because no affair how much trouble one feels. ne’er halt loving possibly that clip was non the right clip for her. This narrative is truly full of lessons to us readers. We all have to make is to wait for the right individual who will be our spouse in our life. that can accept every portion of who we are the bad or good. our imperfectnesss. that was love truly intend.

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