Despite the fact that no one can tell just what it seems like when an internet site is odd and ugly, a web designer really e mailed 23 year old artist Burny Madden with an offer to Beautify his web site technically. At the Internet where the word Techie is just interchangeable to god ling, and the word Newbie is just nearly an abuse a Technically cool web site appears unavoidable.

Whether a Flash eye candy web site with animated buttons, titles, pictures, streaming video, cinematic sound results, pop ups, and techie trendy what have yous is successfully distracting is beside the point. Burny and his closest friend Nona have constructed a site to tell his life narrative to the world. Burny is affected with a mysterious chronic burning illness that causes parts of his body to ignite at random. Now Burny and Nona feel when an internet site is called odd and ugly, it probably seems much like their web site. It definitely feels this way when people say the site may have great potential if they show a brief animated feature about the history. Burny and Nona meant to tell the Burny’s narrative because site. Their first web site became some sort of an incomplete visual treat that individuals would visit once or twice at the most, and after that never again.

 It unveiled to them the extent to which individuals responded to the site history greater than its looks. When a concept results in a compelling content with which audiences may relate, it causes them to hookup psychologically to the website. When it can make a psychological bond by showing people a concept or expertise they have had, a concept or encounter they’d like to have, or the info they have been searching for, real cool content stuff happens.

In this instance, the premise of Burny’s history connected to the audience. Burny’s original web site was an attractive doorway that opened up to nothing. So Burny and Nona said goodbye to the techie beauty and constructed an easy HTML site. In this new web site, they continue telling the history, exposing that while Burny mother insists that his burning situation is a sign of demonic possession, his stepfather is just forcing him to burn and heal others to get a big fee. Due to this revolting development, Nona has decided to start an online campaign to save Burny from burning to death. The web site generated 5 times more hits in only 30 days than what the old Flash web site made for a whole year. This time, individuals are coming back to the web site several times a week.

The whole situation became like an extraordinary experience that gets individuals hooked on the website.

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