increasing cyber attacks, we can find that not all hackers are terrible people.
Some of them are helping to find the truth, which is hidden and we cannot see.
However, opinion is true that others want to steal all your personal
information and money, which they sell to interested in it humans. A small part
of users can understand that the biggest percentage of hacking is because of
their own mistakes as they press unknown link or they go to unofficial site
with viruses. The problems with stealing bank details named as credit or debit
cards are so popular in our days, because every third man or woman has a
situation, where has been stolen their bank details. This information we can
read from official site of FBI in USA. Other users and hackers are afraid of
government special forces of hacking, when “Big Brother” always see and look
for you, that told to us Edward Snowden. This essay will identify the versatile
and an expanded opinion about hackers and cyber attacks and different types of
hackers. The issues presented include “black hat” and “white hat” hackers,
government conspiracy and methods how we can prevent future threat of hacking
in virtual reality. Counting these problems, all actions of ethical hackers,
reasons government monitors us and intents of cyber attacks will be evaluated.


Body paragraphs.


            Some people believe that all hackers
and users, who wants to hack something, are prisoners. Nevertheless, they do
not want to find out the trueness of their theory. As we can view from news and
other media sources, several groups of hackers show politicians corruption and arbitrariness
of authorities, who has huge accounts in banks. If were interested in this
topic, you should know more about “white hat” hackers named as ethical hackers.
They craft new types of protection, they preclude cyber criminals, who wants to
make an ugly business in Internet. This class of IT specialists often works in
a huge corporations and in government security. For example, in United
Kingdom’s newspaper named as “The Telegraph’ I found that top hackers earn around
100 000 pounds a year. Notwithstanding,
if you want to get the same price for your job like “hacker”, first, you need
to graduate University’s program, secondly, you must have your own professional
skills, which you can keep with years of practise. When you walk on a street,
in your daily life you can see different physical objects like tables on train
platforms, traffic lights, cars and house appliances. With growing population
internet of things the growing of hacker’s population is in geometric

            Nevertheless, the most part of these masters makes harmful
and ugly 

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