?  To protect public and environment
from hazards of biomedical wastes.

?  Tamilnadu  Pollution Control Board enforces the
biomedical waste (management/handling) rules,1998 as amended in 2000

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?  In Tamilnadu so far 11 sites have
been identified for biomedical waste disposal.

?  6 units under operation are


       Vellore (1)

       Thanjavur (1)

       Ramanathapuram (1)

       Nilagiri (1)

?  Five units  under establishment are

       Coimbatore (2)

       Salem (1)

       Viruthunagar (1)

       Thirunelveli (1)

?  Packaging and labelling of
biomedical wastes

?  Transport

?  Different types  of wastes(according to WHO) :

?     Infectious : 
materials containing pathogens in sufficient  concentration or quantities can cause

?     Pathological: tissues, organs, body parts, body fluids,
chemicals, etc.

?     Radioactive: radiactive isotopes used in research.

?  Chemical process:

      Use of chemicals that act as disinfectant

       Sodium hypochlorite, peracetic acid, dry
inorganic chemicals, ozone,etc.

?  Thermal process:

    low heat system(93-177*C) – autoclave and

    high heat system(540-8300*C) –

?  Mechanical process:

      compaction – reducing the volume of waste.

       Shredding – destroy plastic and paper
waste to prevent reuse after disinfection of wastes.

?  Irradiation :

      use of ionizing or ultraviolet radiation
in closed chamber.

      These system require post shredding to
recognize the waste unrecognizable.


?  Biological process:

        Use of biological enzymes for treating

       Decontamination of waste and
destructionof all organic constituents.

?  Deep burial:

       disposal of organic material after

?  Caustic tissue digestion:

         Decontamination with KoH.

         large stainless steel heated to 177*C
and pressurized to 55psi causes degradation of proteins into peptides, also
destroys any bacterial, viral, prion contaminant.

ü   even the bedding material has to be disinfected before

ü  Laboratory animal and animal tissue
disposal, University of Wincosin-Madison Safety Department(608) 262-8769.

ü  http://www.cpreec.org/pubbook-biomedical.html


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