The intent of this experiment is to find the weight ( denseness ) of certain liquids and solids in chemical science.

These liquids include ; Water. Hexane. Carbon Tetrachloride. and solids include ; Copper. Zinc. Lead and. Aluminum.

It’s of import to cognize the weight of these merchandises so you can properly behavior experiments and do clear observations. Different techniques will be used to find these densenesss and one in peculiar is blending the liquids in different proportions to compare the truth and preciseness of your deliberate densenesss to the initial in text values. The reactions being used in this experiment are the liquids and solids.The followers is a brief chronological listing of the processs to follow while carry oning the experiment.

Roll up your assorted liquids and solids and have them separate and labeled. Look up textually the initial sum of how much liquid and gas to hold when carry oning your tests. Have an experiment sheet ready to enter information. Determine the denseness of Carbon Tetrachloride ( CCl4 ) and Hexane ( C6H14 ) in a mixture together and so divide the mixture into two proportions. Compare the truth and preciseness of your deliberate densenesss to recognized initial values. When finding truth use absolute mistake and per centum mistake.

and for preciseness usage absolute divergence and per centum divergence. After you’ve done on test do at least three more tests in order to detect preciseness in each test. Before traveling on do certain all computations are in order and that you’ve right stated the figure and its important figures. Arrange your informations on a tabular array and speak amongst your group members any findings that you see fit or relevant to reference.

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