The operation of Mumbai depends chiefly on the transit system for the motion of people and goods in, out and around Mumbai. It is apparent from the yesteryear that debut of railroads in Mumbai has resulted in the economic growing of the metropolis. The current public transit depends mostly on the trains and coachs. As per the information by Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport, 2003 and Indian Railways, 2002, Mumbai is the lone exceeding metropolis in India which has most extended rail web transporting more than 5 million riders a day- 58 % of entire public conveyance riders as compared to 42 % by coachs ( cited in Pucher & A ; Korattyswroopam, 2004 ) . Even after a decennary, the population of Mumbai is to a great extent dependent on the railroads as their primary manner of transit.

The metropolis ‘s suburban railroad was built to suit 1700 people, but today carries more than 3 times its existent capacity. Furthermore, it is said that a fleet of around 200 railroads make more than 2000 trips across the metropolis which is still turn outing to be deficient twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. “ The suburban trains manage a commuter population of 6 million every twenty-four hours, which is tantamount to the size of Sydney metropolis. The trains besides run at a really good frequence supplying the right sort of option for travel ” ( Nallathiga, 2008 p.

38 ) . Buss excessively are being exploited and the roads are non capable plenty to keep the load of of all time turning population. The roads, railroads and the coachs are acquiring more and more engorged due to urbanization. Furthermore, there is no range to widen this metropolis as it is geographically surrounded by H2O.

So the lone options which remain are either to switch the traffic under the land, over the land or on the H2O. Owing to this state of affairs, it becomes indispensable to look into the conveyance system and come up with solutions capable plenty to manage the load in the hereafter. It would non merely beef up the anchor of this fiscal capital of a quickly turning state but will besides let go of a batch of force per unit area on the current conveyance installations.Over the old ages, there have been many suggestions and recommendations which have been given for the development of Mumbai. Many of these undertakings are successfully completed or are either under building. This research will chiefly concentrate on the approaching Metro Rail undertaking which is being considered as a subsidiary to the overcrowded suburban railroads. The survey will go around around the troubles faced by the undertaking directors in implementing their determinations on such a immense graduated table and the schemes they need to get the better of these jobs. At this current phase the building of the Metro ‘s first line which is 11.

7 kilometer stretch is under building and is considered to be about ready for the testing. “ The original deadline for the undertaking was August 2012, but ‘due to holds in acquiring right of work ( ROW ) permits from the authorities and other clearances for the undertaking ‘ , the undertaking will finally see operations by the terminal of this twelvemonth ” ( Kumar, 2012 [ online ] ) . This can be treated as the first failure of the undertaking and its direction as it will be non be able to present the Metro Rail installation as per the committed agenda. At this point of clip, a comparing of the undertaking studies of Delhi and Kolkata Metro undertakings can turn out ready to hand in avoiding errors committed in past. Critical analysis of these studies can assist in anticipating the coming direction issues and take necessary stairss. Metro rail is a immense undertaking ( as seen in figure 1.1 ) with many outlooks to carry through.

Efficient and scheduled public presentation will non merely profit the economic system but will besides supply alleviation to the people of Mumbai, Government and the over stressed suburban railroad. The findings from the undertaking studies of the Metro Rail in Delhi and Kolkata can assist in acknowledging the menaces that might impact the development of the Metro Rail in Mumbai. It will besides happen out the chief failings due to which certain programs in those undertakings had troubles in successful execution. Similarly, it will besides profit to understand the strengths of this undertaking every bit good as the chances it has or will hold in the hereafter to capitalize and develop the undertaking in a manner that will go through on maximal benefits to its consumers and stakeholders. Developing a sustainable and robust conveyance system will lend a large trade by puting a strong foundation to the advancement of this metropolis. The success of this research is necessary as this may farther incite a motion for a better and an efficient theoretical account of transit system in urban metropoliss and convey out the importance of undertaking direction in authorities undertakings across the state.mumbai-map.gifFig 1.

1 Existing Suburban Rail Map with approaching Metro Rail routes [ Beginning: ]

Theoretical Underpinnings:

The chase for carry oning this research began after watching a twosome of docudramas on the metropolis of Mumbai.

The first 1 was a National Geographic production known as ‘Megacities ‘ which looked into assorted facets of working theoretical accounts of immense metropoliss around the universe. Mumbai was the metropolis in one of its episodes. The transit system portrayed in it fascinated me. This was followed by a spot of research and so I came across a docudrama on “ Bombay Railways ” presented by the BBC.

Being born and brought up in this metropolis, I have experienced the crowd in the trains and other public transit. But after watching the docudramas, it inspired me to carry on a research in this country to understand the manner in which undertakings are planned and managed at such a high degree where the force per unit area of public presentation and urgency to present is tremendous. My following point of mention was a study published by McKinsey and Company in the twelvemonth 2003 which laid a program for rehabilitation of the metropolis of Mumbai. These few intelligence beginnings form a background to my research. The focal point so shifted to one of the recommendations given out in the McKinsey study being constructed in Mumbai which is the Metro Rail.

This forms the chief subject and the research will be conducted to overview the undertaking direction troubles and complexnesss faced while transporting out such a large undertaking in the immense metropolis of Mumbai. Mentioned below are the theoretical academic beginnings that form a portion of obtaining cognition for the chosen subject.

Project Management: A systems attack to planning, scheduling and commanding ( 2009 ) :

To get down every research, one needs a solid foundation of understanding the capable country. For undertaking direction the above mentioned book bases to be a usher. After the PMBOK ( Project Management Body of Knowledge ) , the functionary undertaking direction usher by Project Management Institute, this is referred as a text edition for the certification scrutiny. The book is in its tenth edition written by Harold Kerzner, with more than 2500 commendations. This book explains undertakings in assorted phases and gives a systematic attack towards its direction. This book suits a beginner degree of apprehension of Project Management giving an easy apprehension of basic rules.

It accepts and inculcates alterations taking topographic point in the current concern scenario and moreover explains them by giving instance surveies. The chief intent of utilizing this book is its thorough account on organizational construction which would turn out good to understand the complex organizational construction of the populace sector administration in India. It besides includes chapters on Time and stress direction, hazard direction and quality direction which can turn out good for the comparing of the on-going tube undertakings and its assorted dimensions.

Successful Project Management ( 2005 ) :

This research deals more with the success and failure of undertakings.

For Government undertakings, many like the tube rail that is being analysed in this research, it is of import to keep the balance between demands of the populace, undertaking that has been undertaken and the concluding merchandise that is being offered. Successful Project Management is a book written by Trevor L Young. It starts by specifying success and what it means to assorted people mensurating it.

It even takes the reader through the proficient nomenclatures of undertaking direction and leads its manner through to the stairss of pull offing undertakings successfully. This book has no more than 30 commendations but will be really utile for this research because the Metro Rail undertaking needs to be measured for its success. Success means a really large trade for the undertakings like Metro as it is being constructed to better the present substructure of a metropolis.

Furthermore it even uses public financess for its building ; therefore the outlooks of return from the stakeholders will be higher than any other private undertakings.

Mass Urban Transportation in India ( 2008 ) :

This journal article helps in switching focal point from the undertaking direction literature to understanding the issues in mass urban transit system, particularly in Mumbai. The article is written by Ramakrishna Nallathiga who explains the growing and urbanisation of Indian metropoliss and its relation with the development of three manners of transit i.e. rail, route and H2O. It tests three different metropoliss for its development in mass transit systems and gives out recommendations for its growing. The writer takes Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad as samples, defines the background of each of these metropolis ‘s transit systems and attempts to turn out the importance of developing a robust conveyance system.

Though the paper is non really good written, it can turn out good for this research as a beginning for a batch of valuable informations compiled by the writer, which would salvage a batch of valuable clip and resources.

Evaluation of Public Transport Systems: Case Study of Delhi Metro ( 2005 ) :

As the research additions more deepnesss and focal point, the following measure will be traveling through the instance surveies. Since Mumbai Metro undertaking is yet to be functional it might be hard to garner all the required information. Besides comparing similar Metro Rail undertakings already constructed in other metropoliss of India can assist in acquiring an thought of the issues faced by the direction and analyze the factors which can impact Metro Rail ‘s success when it starts in Mumbai. This journal article helps making a literature base of the instance surveies.

There are similarities in the aims of this journal article and to what this research is seeking to happen out. The writers Mukti Advani and Geetam Tiwari attempt to prove the success of presenting Metro Rails in three different metropoliss in India. This will help me in developing a critical vision to inspect the intelligence informations and the paperss collected from the several administrations. This papers has covered Metro Rail undertakings in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, two of which shall organize to be a portion of this research excessively.

Hence, associating this journal article with the ‘Mass Urban Transportation in India ‘ article will assist in garnering a batch of informations and can make a platform to develop statements one time all the paperss and intelligence that will be gathered.The academic beginnings mentioned above can put off this research with a strong base of cognition and supply way to farther research and analysis of the secondary informations and intelligence beginnings. These four beginnings are connected to each other in order of which they have provided counsel and focal point for the subject of this research. The subject chosen will no doubt hold many complexnesss, which will be consistently dealt with the proper usage of research methodological analysis.

Research Methodology:

This research proposes to look into the complex issues of the transit system of one of the universe ‘s biggest metropoliss. It focuses chiefly upon the approaching undertaking of Metro Rail in Mumbai and the factors impacting its building and the jobs that might impact its operation in the hereafter. Gathering secondary informations and intelligence would turn out insufficient because of the nature of this research. Roll uping firsthand information and primary informations peculiarly concentrating on this research can really assist in understanding the troubles faced by the local governments in execution of the programs. Hence, most of this research will be conducted in Mumbai where I will as a research worker involve myself as a portion of it.

Having involvement in picture taking every bit good, I plan to even take some images for the research by myself.The research is related to societal scientific discipline determining into the way of interpretative paradigm. This attack proves to be good to the research because of assorted grounds.

“ Interpretivists effort to minimise the distance between the research worker and what is researched ” ( Collis & A ; Hussey, 2009 ) . This helps in accessing and analyzing the information and is a portion of the research worker himself. However as the participants are human existences, the world is subjective and multiple depending on their position points. On the other manus it besides provides a benefit to the research worker to maintain an unfastened head and think in different waies as per the information collected. It besides links to the methodological attack being used to carry on a research. Interpretivism uses an array of methodological analysiss to assist the research worker construct up on a strong research.

This research will be chiefly based upon the intelligence such as paperss provided by the local conveyance governments, newspaper articles, etc. supported by the grounds in academic diaries, research documents and books. Document research will be the methodological analysis applied in analysing Public paperss. Department of Personnel and Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions have setup an inaugural known every bit Right to Information Act, 2005 giving power to the citizens to avail the information published by the State and Cardinal Government Legislation. This would turn out good to derive entree to the paperss related to the undertaking.

Mumbai Metro Rail undertaking is the joint venture of Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority ( MMRDA ) which is a public organic structure, funded by the Reliance Infrastructure, a populace limited company. “ Familiarizing oneself with these sorts of research stuffs can be an highly clip devouring activity, chiefly because of the enormousness and item of paperss associated with official events and questions ” ( Bryman & A ; Bell, 2011 p.550 ) . It stands to be the chief drawback as it might turn out dearly-won in carry oning research with limited clip. This will necessitate a batch of clip direction which no uncertainty is disputing but if followed decently, will turn out to be the chief characteristic of this full research. The other drawback of papers research is the cogency and credibleness of the informations being used. “ The inquiry of credibleness raises the issue of whether or non the documental beginning is biased ” ( Bryman & A ; Bell, 2011 p.

550 ) . At this point of clip, intelligence beginnings like newspapers, web sites and magazines will assist in corroborating the cogency and the credibleness which might assist in acquiring a clear position of existent scenario. Critical analysis of the public paperss will be a precedence in carry oning this research. The public paperss provide a batch of information both qualitative and statistical which would assist a great trade in understanding the state of affairss in which strategic determinations are made.Kolkata was the first metropolis in India to follow the Metro rail system. Delhi is besides equipped with this system in the recent yesteryear.

Therefore a instance survey analysis will besides organize a portion of this research in which the undertaking direction of the Metro Rail systems in Kolkata and Delhi will be tested to supply informations that will assist in proposing recommendations to the Mumbai tube rail undertaking and construct up a strong base of literature for the research. Analyzing instances of Kolkata and Delhi will besides assist in understanding the alteration in the strategic determinations taken over the period of clip while set abouting the building of these undertakings. This information will be collected from the secondary beginnings like diary articles or periodicals written by the authorities governments to reexamine their determinations taken on a peculiar undertaking or by the direction research workers carry oning independent research. This attack will somewhat direct the research towards quantitative research methodological analysis. But this method will assist in geting a batch of utile quantitative every bit good as qualitative informations within a really short period of clip and within the available resources. “ Secondary analysis is the analysis of informations by research workers who will likely non hold been involved in the aggregation of those informations, for intents that in all likeliness were non envisaged by those responsible for informations aggregation ” ( Bryman & A ; Bell, 2011 ) . There are assorted advantages for utilizing this method of informations aggregation.

The most of import one is that the information collected will be dependable and of high quality as it will travel through strict scrutiny and examination being conducted by the administration itself to analyze their public presentation. At the same clip there will be some drawbacks of utilizing this methodological analysis excessively. Complexity and deficiency of acquaintance with the informations will necessitate some attending while utilizing this research technique ( Bryman & A ; Bell, 2011 ) . Analyzing and filtrating the information as per the demand of this research will be of import to guarantee the quality of work.This peculiar research is being carried out for a taught maestro ‘s thesis which puts a limitation on the clip bound. Taking this research to a farther degree it would hold been interesting to interview people who have worked for this undertaking and besides to interview commuters to inquire their experience by going in Metro. That would hold helped in understanding the attempt and planning applied by the undertaking directors and besides the true success of this undertaking.

Time Plan:

The chief research is planned to be undertaken after the proposal is marked and accepted.

As it is planned to be in Mumbai, I will wing back at that place on the 30th of May 2012. I shall be returning place after about 10 months, so I wish to take a interruption and travel on holiday with my household for 15 yearss. From 15th of June 2012, I shall get down with the informations aggregation procedure of my research.

I have divided the whole informations aggregation procedure in two different phases. The first phase will be traveling to the offices of MMRDA and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and roll uping every bit much informations in the signifier of public paperss relevant to the research. The procedure is rather drawn-out and clip consuming and shall necessitate a batch of formalities excessively. Therefore, I have allotted around a month ‘s clip for the same. I besides wish to take some exposure of the site where this undertaking is being constructed. In the interim I will get down with the phase two of the informations aggregation procedure i.

e. roll uping literature on the Project Management and Managing Transport related undertakings. After holding sufficient literature for the subject and assemblage informations, I plan to get down with analyzing the information. From 20th of July, I shall get down with the analysis of the information with the aid of intelligence beginnings like web sites and newspapers.

Simultaneously, I shall even get down fixing the bill of exchange of the thesis. Co-ordinating with my coach, I shall direct my first bill of exchange by the first hebdomad of August. Once I start composing the thesis I plan to direct bill of exchanges to my coach every 10 yearss for 3 or 4 times.

I have set a deadline of finishing the thesis by the first hebdomad of September i.e. before the 9th so that it allows me ample clip to acquire it proof read from my friends who work in administrations as directors themselves and besides from professionals/ directors in the Mumbai Metro undertaking if at all they are willing to assist me with it. After it is finalized and approved the concluding transcript will be printed and bound before subjecting it on the 25th of September 2012. I even plan to take up a occupation after traveling back place, which I look as a possible menace in my research procedure. But finishing my graduation stands as a precedence and every bit much as possible I shall lodge to the program that I have chalked for the full procedure.

Ethical Consideration:

By carry oning this research, I accept the duty of making it professionally. I assure that the research shall be within the framing of Basic Research Principles. I besides assure to make this research with honestness without mistreating or working the trust and cognition of the respondents. I shall non do any false or deceptive statements sing my ain information or my establishment of research. There would be no injury, physically or mentally to any of the participant or to those of whom the information is being used. Its findings are improbable to do any harm to others who are non involved in it and the engagement of the respondents shall exhaustively be voluntary. I guarantee that the research shall be designed, carried out, reported and documented accurately, transparently and objectively.

I take the duty of bring forthing this research in bounds and model designed for research pattern. The research will non utilize any sort of controversial interviews or questionnaires which could transgress the personal infinite or unity of the participant. The instance surveies and articles used to garner secondary informations and samples will non be misrepresented in anyways and will be strictly used to give out positive effects towards the research and society.

This research will non go against any community criterions by any agencies. ( Beginning: [ online ] ) .

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