Whilst reading assorted beginnings on the importance of reflecting after an experience I came across some wise words.

that of Aitchison and Graham cited in Stoobants et Al ( 2007:30 ) that say. “We do non larn from experience. Experience has to be arrested.

examined. analysed. considered and negotiated in order to switch it to knowledge” . With these words in head I began to see why it is of import to reflect on my first MBA assignment.I see the MBA class as a acquisition journey. it is through reflecting on my past experiences that I will easy place my strengths and failings and therefore easy place countries that I should concentrate on developing during my MBA journey.

In this assignment you will read about an experience that happened during the early phases of my calling as a director. I will analyze and discourse how this experience has led to where I am today and how it has affected my programs traveling frontward in both my personal and working life.This was in twelvemonth 2010. I was asked to move in the function of Management Accountant as my director at that clip resigned. I was so already hungry for more challenges and so I lief accepted without vacillation as I was determined to turn out that I am ready for it. Later that twenty-four hours it all of a sudden dawned on me that it was traveling to be disputing with the many vacancies in the squad ( Refer to Appendix 1 for the squad construction ) . With this challenge in head. I rearranged the squad in order for it to work better.

We embarked n the one-year budget procedure subsequently that twelvemonth which did non travel good as we did non finish the budget presentation within the stipulated timelines. did non acquire to analyze the critic all the Numberss exhaustively and as a consequence the part was non ready for showing the one-year budget on clip to Head Office.Post the experience below are the cardinal things that I took out of that experience that I thought would enable me to pull off squads better traveling frontward: * Ensure that equal preparation on the system is provided and bespeaking the concern to supply more IT support people even outside of concern hours during the budget procedure. Learn to take and depute and cognize that I can non beguile my function and others as I can merely accomplish so such myself as I was making most of the work that needed to be done by the Financial Planner: Benrose.

* Seek advice from director and non be afraid to inquire for training. * Plan better around the timelines to take into history rawness of some of my squad members e. g. Plan a test tally presentation * Be more self-asserting as I realised that as a director I could hold negociating extra resources since our head count was thin so as non to compromise our deliverables.After holding been through my first workshop at Henley. I liked Belbin ( 1981 ) ’s squad function theoretical account that was presented and in his book where he goes on to look at why direction squads win or neglect which I ironically discovered lying in my parents survey and boulder clay now ne’er bothered to even look at. He identifies 9 squad functions in 3 classs.

The action orientated people ( Shapers. Implementers and Complete closers ) . The idea orientated people ( Co-ordinators. Teamworkers and Resource research workers ) .The last group are the people orientated ( Specialists. Monitor judges ( MEs ) and workss ) . Had I applied his theoretical account to understand my squad kineticss prior to get downing the budget procedure.

I would hold seen that I had spreads in cardinal functions that prevented us from finishing the undertaking on clip. Please note the below functions assigned to my squad members are merely based on my ain perceptual experience based on how I know them non based on the questionnaire that is usually completed. AFP – Implementer and Resource Investigator ( She was the organizer for the squad and was good at supplying new cognition or something new discovered whilst working on the new system and she would portion it with the remainder of the squad ) * FP Midrand – Plant and Resource Investigator ( He was originative and by and large looked at issues. he was cheerful and enthusiastic person but was easy distracted and would desire to get down looking at new things without finishing a undertaking ) * Me – Specialist and Monitor Evaluator.

These were my top 2 functions from the consequences of the questionnaire I completed for my first workshop at Henley. I was a specializer in the squad because I had more cognition of the concern and finance than my squad. In retrospect. I would hold been able to easy fit the right people with the rights undertakings. I besides could hold put programs in topographic point to guarantee the followers:* I had no maker in the squad. Belbin describes a maker as by and large person able to drive a squad and give way – non holding this I think contributed to us losing the deadline.

So in bespeaking extra resources ( e. . a temp individual the concern would hold allowed ) I could hold ensured that I selected person who is a maker or developed more of maker qualities in myself. * As we did non acquire to critically analyze the Numberss prior our entry. if we had person strong on being a completer closer in the group opportunities of us subjecting quality information would hold been high as this function is efficaciously used at the terminal of a undertaking.

to “polish” and size up the work for mistakes. I would decidedly utilize this to my advantage traveling frontward in my squad undertakings traveling frontward.

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