Did you know that
one million people die from Malaria in third world countries? Malaria is a “mosquito-borne infection disease” which is a
disease that is caused by being stung by a deadly
female mosquito called an Anopheles mosquito. Being stung by an Anopheles mosquito that has a
parasite called Plasmodium parasite in it growing is life threatening. Malaria
is made up of more than 100 types of
Plasmodium parasite which can infect numerous species. Five types of Plasmodium parasites can contaminate
humans.  They are discovered globally.
Some cause a nasty type Malaria than others. Here are three effects that I will
discuss in my essay of how humans getting Malaria and how to cure it or avoid

The first effect is the symptoms of getting infected by malaria have two categories, uncomplicated and severe.
When you get uncomplicated malaria, there are
no signs of terrible infection or flaws in the vital organs but, this can
become severe malaria if not treated or
the human will have a feeble immune
system. Symptoms of uncomplicated malaria
lasts six to ten hours and, also recur
every second day. Symptoms steps through body temperature changes and make
human sweat like rain. The progress might include shivering from coldness, fever, headaches, vomiting, etc. Secondly, the severe malaria medicine base
or laboratory evidence shows signs of vital organ failures. Severe malaria includes
fever, chills, impaired consciousness, heavy breathing and respiratory ache, etc. followed by
abnormal bleeding.

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                The second effect is the people
who have signs of malaria should be
tested quickly. The WHO (World Health Organization) look at confirmation of the
parasite or virus through a microscope and research it. In some places in
Africa are already immune to Malaria, and
as a result, these people don’t feel ill
when carrying the wormy parasites in their bloodstream. The people must be
tested because of the cycle of malaria.
The cycle might be an uninfected mosquito might bite an infected human than the
mosquito will be infected and increase the threats.

                The third effect is the
scientists are working on a cure for malaria also they have an Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) is
trying to reduce the number of parasites in the first three days of the
process. ACT makes drugs that prevent humans to get malaria by killing the
protozoa (A single organism).  Therefore,
if ACT help around the world with diseases, it will decrease the chances
getting malaria. Scientists already have vaccinations so that people have a
less chance of having it.

travelers must be careful of the risk of malaria in a certain region of town. To prevent getting bitten should get the vaccination and should stay off places that has
a high risk of getting bitten by mosquitos. Like, air-conditioned rooms help mosquito
away and keep away from motionless water ex. Puddles. People who are reading
this should be aware of mosquito which has malaria. The malaria is mostly
extinct in islands countries but as long that people get the vaccination humans
will be almost fine of Uncomplicated and severe malaria. Since scientists (WHO)
are already researching super hard to get rid of malaria, humans are going to
be not be affected by malaria anymore. Second, ACT should go all around the
countries as possible and save millions of lives. I Hopefully all the disease
will sometime be 100% gone.

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