A state is merely like an onion ; the innermost tegument is Culture. Culture is like the psyche of a state.

All states have their ain alone civilizations to populate by. which means that people who have grown up in different topographic points will hold different ways of acting. different ways of believing about things and different ways of showing themselves. Each state has its ain civilization. and there are many differences between different states in civilization. Those differences make our universe a more colourful and exciting topographic point to populate. We can hold a better apprehension of it if we compare the large cultural differences between America and China.

Harmonizing to my two old ages of survey in America and Intercultural Communication Stumbling Blocks by LaRay M. Barna. which talked about the difference between different civilizations. I find two large differences in friendly relationship and instruction. First difference is friendship.

Time is frequently the best manner to prove friendly relationship and friends.For the Chinese. to cognize each other for a long clip.

the communicating needs to be at a certain deepness. happening out each other’s wonts. disposition. similar involvements and the common experience of “suffering” . Then they will do the acknowledgment of each other as a friend in the bosom. and they will value this friendly relationship. Once friendly relationship is established.

it will be womb-to-tomb. and difficult to interrupt. Chinese can portion about everything with their friends. for illustration. when you are in China. at eating house. you can really see people contend for the measure. It’s non about demoing off to their friends or person else.

It’s merely because they want to demo their grasp for their friendly relationship. On the other manus. for most Chinese. we think Americans are “superficial. ” like what Barna said “They talk and smiling excessively much” ( 67 ) and “Their friendly relationship are. most of the clip.

so passing compared to the friendly relationship we have at place. Americans make friends really easy and go forth their friends about as quickly” ( 67 ) . For Americans. in general it seems to them that Chinese and some other people from different states are “not needfully prigs but are really unfriendly.

” ( 67 ) Because we don’t talk and smiling a batch.The ground why Chinese and Americans have a different sentiment on friendly relationship is because our civilizations are different. We can’t state which sort of friendly relationship is right or incorrect because there is no such a thing as incorrect civilization. There are all merely different civilizations. The 2nd difference is in instruction. ” What you make of your instruction will make up one’s mind nil less than the hereafter of this state. ” says a Chinese adage.

As we all know. American and Chinese instruction systems are different. which creates different civilization in bend. American instruction focuses on the students’ creativeness and practical ability. In their categories. the instructors merely play a function as leaders. Students do lab prep.

group work to happen out the reply by themselves. However in China. the school is more like a concert hall. This means that pupils are wholly hearers. Students all focus on the text edition. seek to memorise everything from the book.

and so acquire a good mark.They barely come up with their ain thoughts. That’s why Barna says.

“U. S. pupils frequently complain that the international members of a treatment or undertaking seem uncooperative or uninterested” . ( 66 ) But both of those two educations’ purposes are good.

In my position. we should larn the academic cognition good. but we should besides take portion in the school activities. better our interpersonal accomplishments. and originative thought.

so that. we can fix good for the hereafter challenges. In one word. each state has its ain civilization. Although there are many differences between different states. we should esteem them and larn from each other.

Particularly. in the modern century. each state has to pass on with other states more than of all time. So. we must understand the differences in different countries’ civilization well. merely in this manner.

we can acquire along with each other in peace.

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