A Good marketing differential advantage is simply creating a consumer preference for your product or service that has an edge over the competition. What happens is it provides greater market share and increases profitability for your company.

Differential advantage also provides protection against competition and new and old products that try to take over your part of the market. Market segmentation alone is not enough to have the differential advantage in your market. It’s a good tacit in give you the upper hand, which will give your product longevity in the market.

You have to find that niche in your market, which will help you have success in your differential advantage. A differential advantage can be obtained from almost any part of the marketing mix. We will explain how we use every part of the market mix as our differential advantage for our product. We will show how our product is different from the other competition in the market and show how the customer can profit from their investment. Our product is not a new technology, but it is integrated with new technology. We also have teamed up with the biggest company in the world, The Apple Company.

We have integrated some of the most state of the art concepts that science has introduced. Our concept is too have, the first smart car that is fully customizable to a consumers preference. With that been said, lets get into the advantages of the Effect. The new trend of hybrid vehicles out on the market today, what make your product any different from the other hybrid vehicles? Well besides the excellent gas mileage and the price marked below the competition. The technology is the biggest advantage when purchasing our vehicle. The company’s name, Ripple comes from the impact that the vehicle will make on you.Are slogan represent who we are: “A small drop make a big difference”, you can take that many different ways, but we try to succeed your expectations. Our little company is going to change the future of automobiles.

Well you ask what gives us the advantage over the big retailer in the automobile industry . We have a sustainable product that uses renewable energy and has an abundance of new technology that’s been reinvented for our vehicle. The bottom line is how it makes you feel. Saving money in the long run is a big incentive but helping make are planet cleaner is the biggest incentive.I talked earlier about how the customer can profit from their investment with rebates and Government incentives. I will go more into detail about the incentive options as we go on. The Government offers tax rebates when buying electric or hybrid vehicles. This is one of the incentives offered when buying, but it’s not the only incentive that the Government offers.

There are Government grants that are offered to US citizens for buying cars that use renewable energy sources. There are big incentives for going green, not only are we helping to save our planet but we also changing our future for he better.Going Green is a way of life.

It helps cut down the carbon dioxide that is release into the atmosphere. With regular gas burning automobiles the emissions of carbon dioxide is killing our planet by destroying our ozone layer, which is a direct detect tot global warming. Do you want to help reduce your carbon toppings and secure your child’s future? Well with these new innovations in science you are being given the opportunity to make the world a better place, and save money at the same time. Yes, saving money is a big factor when purchasing a new vehicle.With gas prices mutinously on the rise no one wants to spend all their hard earned money at the gas pump. With our vehicle, you will never have to spend all your money at the gas pump.

The vehicle offers a 60-MPEG which surpasses the Toyota Pries by over 10 MPEG. The vehicle has an unbeatable price around $20,000, which is the best price in the market for a hybrid vehicle. The technology that is inaugurated in the vehicle is top secret, so if I tell you I have to kill you. Not really, Just trying to light it up a little. The technology we have to offer, no one has yet inaugurated it in a vehicle before.

Let me explain a little more in detail of what I am talking about. We have engineered a new way to full change the vehicle by our newly innovated solar panel technology. The vehicle runs on both gas and electricity by a percentage bases. Which 75% of the vehicles power comes from the electric and solar component and the other 25% runs from gasoline. By Just the percentages you can see how cost efficient it really is. Just think how much money you will save each year with not having to put as much gasoline in your vehicle. On average Americans spend over $2,000 per year Just to fill up their vehicles.Well if the first few incentives didn’t change your mind hopefully this one will.

The price is marked lower than most hybrids that are on the market today. Our base model price is marked under $20,000, which is a great price and an even better investment. Also with zero percent financing you can’t go wrong. So let’s get you into our vehicle today. Lets break down our differential advantage into four categories. The categories are in italic.

I will clearly show the best way of achieving a differential advantage. So here are some key criteria: The customer must identify that your product or service delivers some kind of infinite to them.With all the incentives that we offer, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to buy our vehicle. The benefits out weigh the cost, which is a big factor in your purchase. The vehicle is a lifestyle change. Going Green is becoming more popular with society.

It’s a new way of life to feel that you’re helping to improve the air quality, and helping to decrease the pollution levels on our planet. You can be the first person on your block with a smart car from Ripple. The Effect is priced to benefit you and with the technology that is inaugurated you can’t go wrong.The benefit must be perceived as unique to your product or service and cannot easily be replicated or replaced by an alternative. The vehicle is integrated Witt state tot the art technology that can’t be easily be duplicated.

There has been years of dedicated research that has been implemented into the development of this vehicle. The marketing research alone is very detailed and complex. The technology used in the vehicle is one of a kind. The vehicle is fully automated with voice-activated controls and a state-of-the-art Apple computer system. We have a definitive edge in the vehicle manufacturing industry with our genealogy.The advantage must be difficult to copy; there must be some kind of barrier, stopping competitors from achieving the same benefit. These can include skills, economies of scale, branding or patents.

We have over hundred patents that are involved in the developing and manufacturing of our vehicle. We have the number one company in the world to back us that also has stake in our company. The Apple Company integrated their computer system technology into our vehicle. The keyboarding of our vehicle gives us a differential advantage or should I say competitive advantage over the competition.With petroleum companies being major contributors in the car industry today it’s hard not to have a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Now with new Government regulation for new vehicles to improved MPEG, we inspirer automakers to achieve high level of productivity. We set the benchmark of MPEG at a new high so we can move away from the competition. This will give us a hope for our company, a breath of fresh air for our CEO friendly vehicle. The provider must be able to offer the service, or product at a price, cost, and volume structure that is profitable to them. The price of the vehicle is marked very reasonable.There is also a buy incentive program that’s offered by the US Government. We also offer rebates on the vehicle when buying. There are so many upgrades that are offered and come standard it’s crazy not to take advantage of this deal.

This is a product that you will never have a “cognitive dissonance”. You will be happy that you made the right decision on your vehicle purchase. The last stage to a good differential advantage is to always invest time into your product. Many company do not review their products or services to ensure they have differential advantage.So we spent countless hours making sure our customers are able to see and appreciate the benefits of purchasing our vehicle. Further more, it is important that our vehicle meet all our customer expectations.

It’s also important that our products quality is far superior, above and beyond the competition. Which meaner our product cannot be easily replicated. The demand for our product will be at a level that will put the competitor out of business.

Which will make us a very nice return on our investment. We will make a considerable profit from marketing mix.

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