Digital libraries are considered one of the most trending electronic
information resources for providing free-accessible online authorized
information. Digital libraries are divided into two types, either specialized
digital libraries or general ones. As the title indicates, Kuwait Sports
Digital Library (KSDL) is a specialized digital library. It focuses on
providing digital or digitized information resources about sports in Kuwait to
all those who are interested in this field. The purpose of writing this paper
lies behind presenting a new way of organizing, preserving and presenting
specialized digital information resources for the Kuwaiti community. A
technology that enables both Kuwaitis and people with sports interests around
the world to freely access information restricted to sports in Kuwait. Several
aspects regarding the topic will be covered in this paper such as: rational,
goals, audience, scope, workflow, digitization, metadata, collection, evaluation,
staffing, preservation, and copyright issues.

RationalThe long
historical records of achievements and activities in the field of sports in
Kuwait, along with the current ones, consist the need to build a digital
library. KSDL enables the process of documenting Kuwaiti sports records in
multiple fields.In addition,
the increasing of people’s awareness and usage of the internet and smart
technologies shows the importance of creating a library that meets their
preferences in searching, browsing and retrieving the desired information. In
other words, a library that copes with the current awareness of technology. People,
in present time, prefer to lookup information via the most comfortable way to
retrieve it. These ways can be either their smart phones, tablets, personal
computer or even smart T.Vs. People are able to access the Kuwait Sports
Digital Library through using any of these smart technologies plus an internet
connection. The process for searching and retrieving the information in KSDL is
much easier than to find the information in the traditional ways.On the other
hand, presenting authorized reliable information along with the assistance of
professional information specialists are considered two of the greatest
strengths of having a digital library. Users will have no doubts of the
materials included in KSDL. Users will also have immediate response and
fulfilment of their requests from information specialists.  GoalsThere are
several important goals behind creating this digital library. One of the most
important goals is to provide a free accessible archive for Kuwaiti sports
materials such as: scientific papers, pictures, videos, audio files, and
magazines. Another important goal is to preserve ancient fragile materials
related to sports. For example: historical documents, old newspapers,
videotapes, film reels of sports games or news. The third goal is to adopt
international standards in order to facilitate the processes of information
access and retrieval on international basis. The last goal is to use KSDL as an
educational resource for teaching.AudienceThe three
top targeted audience for KSDL are: athletes, researchers, and educators. Regarding
to athletes the KSDL is very useful as it holds different kinds of information
related to their interests. For example, there are sports clubs collections
where an athlete is able to access different materials related to that club
such as laws and legislation lists, activities, latest news, professionalism,
historical records of achievements, etc. This may facilitate the process of choosing
which sports club to join for athletes. Researchers,
however, are more interested in scientific papers such as conference papers and
journals. They may also be interested the fragile collections that include old pictures,
newspapers and films in different forms. Educators from different levels may
use KSDL as an electronic source in their teaching lessons and lectures. They
may also encourage their students to access this DL and navigate its
collections and use its services. Other users that may benefit from KSDL are
trainers, instructors, sports medicine specialists, people with sports
interests, and bachelor and postgraduate students.ScopeIn order to
attract a huge number of users, a digital library must have a user-friendly
interface. This is considered the most important feature. On the other hand, virtual
reference services will also be provided such as: instant messaging, e-mails,
and videoconferencing. Social media will also be available, such as: Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Users may share materials via their social
media accounts. The digital library will be provided in two languages: Arabic
and English.Users will
be able to receive notifications on latest uploads regarding their personal
interests of specific area or collection. Users will also be able to add the
documents that they prefer to a favorite list to facilitate the way of
retrieval of preferred documents. There will also be a timeline for the latest
news on the home page. There will also be a forum so users are able to share
their thoughts and opinions about the collections and services.The search
will be either alphabetically or by simple and advanced search. Users can
filter the results of their search by the format of document (newspaper,
pictures), author (in case of journals and papers), title, contributor,
publisher, sports entity(clubs, federations, or committees), or date (recent,
last year, or specify periods e.g. 1990-2000).Users will have
the privilege of search visualizing features. They will be able to manipulate
the documents in the collections such as: download it in different formats
(PDF/JPEG), share, rotate, zoom in/out, pausing/forwarding/replaying videos,
and control volume sound level.Tutorials
and instructions are a must to provide help to users in how to use the library
services. KSDL will be integrated with other sports digital libraries in order
to enable interoperability.In addition,
the feedbacks of the users are very important in the process of assessing the
digital library’s website. Therefore there will be a user feedback survey to
collect users’ opinions and suggestions to improve the digital library
interface, services, collections, etc.Digitization and WorkflowBorn digital
materials will be directly included in KSDL. However, outsourcing will be the
right choice for digitizing materials in order to save the high cost of money
for digitization machines and to reduce the overloaded efforts on staff. As for
the workflow and the generated new digital objects (born digital), it will be
added to the collection electronically by the staff.MetadataDublin Core metadata
schema will be used because it is simple and flexible. It will also be used
because it is widely adopted by different information institutions which will
help in collection integration. Dublin Core includes 15 metadata elements. The
elements that will be provided for KSDL collections are: contributor, date,
creator, format, language, title, publisher, rights, and video/audio time
includes several collections. The first collection is for sports clubs, either
general such as Al-qadsiyah and Al- Arabi or specialized like shooting club,
Alfatat sport club and so on. In each club, users can search for pictures,
videos, magazines, or papers related to that club.Another
collection is the scientific papers collection which include research papers,
journals, dissertations, conference papers, and reports about associations,
federations, and committees. Users are able to filter out the undesired
results.There will
be also a collection for the international and local law and legislation. This
collection provide also legal cases related to sports in Kuwait. In addition, collections
for the Olympics, local championships (his highness annual football
championship), Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium, and Gulf Football Cup (Khaliji)
will also be included. ContributorsThe
collections can be selected from variable contributors in Kuwait. Public Authority
for Sports, for example, can provide KSDL with multiple documents such as
committee meeting records, annual financial reports, videos, pictures, T.V
interviews, radio interviews audio files and recordings, law and legislations
list, and conference papers. More documents in different fields of sports may
also be selected from Kuwait Olympic Committee, sports federations, sport clubs,
and athletes themselves. Some athletes keep their achievements records in
sports, therefore these records will be an excellent source for collection
development in KDSL. In addition, scientific papers such as dissertations and
research papers are selected from researchers, faculty members, bachelor and
postgraduate students.CopyrightA copyright form will be created by
specialized people in the law field to protect the original work creators’
rights. Creators may allow KSDL to digitize their work and include it in its
collection by signing on the copyright agreement papers. The copyright of how
to use the digital library collection will also be included under the “Terms
of Use” category.PreservationConsidering the fact that technology
changes constantly, KSDL digital materials must be accessible through all
times. In other words, digital preservation should be under consideration. The
original digitized objects will not be used in the KSDL but a copy of that
original document. The first strategy that will be followed in preservation is backing
up data through making several copies of it. This strategy called Bitstream
copying. The second strategy is the Refreshing strategy which indicates keeping
copies in different multiple storage devices.Management SystemThe system that will be used is CONTENTdm.
It is well known of its ease of installation and usage. Along with the good
documentation, technical support, and integrated functionality. It supports
compound objects, audio or video streaming, and PDFs (Xie & Matusiak,
2016).StaffingStaff will be variable regarding the
different functions in the digital library. There will be two official boards:
the administrative board and the executive board. The former board is
responsible for studying and making decisions and the latter is responsible for
acting upon these decisions. There will be also a managerial board which
consist of a general manager followed by heads of departments then direct
supervisors. Accountants are needed to help with the financial responsibilities
such as salaries. Reference librarians are essentials to help users through
references services. Catalogers are also needed to catalog the materials. IT
specialists are also needed in regard to maintenance issues and technical
problems. Law specialists with information studies background are needed in
order to create the copyright form and the digital library collection policy.
Data collectors are also essentials to collect data and contact with
contributors. Sports experts may also be of a good benefit as they can help in
reviewing and evaluating the collections. Professional interface designers are
also needed.EvaluationEvaluation will be based upon several
elements. First evaluating the interface design regarding visual appeal,
navigation, searching, and browsing. Second, evaluating the collection quality
regarding scope, authority, completeness, and audience. Third, evaluating the
services of the library such as services quality, user satisfaction and
usefulness. Last, evaluating system performance efficiency by checking its
flexibility, information retrieval, and integrated search. These evaluation
processes are conducted through the user feedback survey and also by the help
of specialists. On the other hand, in designing interface and its usability,
the process of evaluating the interface will be “cognitive walk through”.
It is the most effective evaluation technique to monitor the users’
understanding and interaction with the digital library collections, functions,
and services.ConclusionIn conclusion, KSDL is going to be a very
useful authorized electronic information resource. The user community will
benefit a lot from the collections that KSDL includes. Users will find it easy
to use the library services and to know more about the functions through the
instructions and tutorials provided in the library. Users will need nothing but
a smart technology, an internet connection, and a topic in mind to search for.

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