Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Background

Wedding is once-a-life event in people ‘s life. For most of households, they are willing to pass a considerable sum of money to guarantee the nuptials is organized every bit perfect as possible. Harmonizing to Howard ( 2006 ) , marrying today is a $ 70 billion concern in U.S. , and the mean cost of nuptials is $ 26,000 per twosomes. As a spinoff the larger subject of event direction, the concern of marrying planning will supply concern to a wide array of back uping industries, such as hotels, retails, and providing service.

Comparing with the other personal events, such as birthday, day of remembrances, nuptials is more complicated, because it involves friends and households and a scope of related service activities covering from providing to amusements ( Shone & A ; Parry, 2004 ) . In order to do certain everything goes swimmingly in the nuptials twenty-four hours, most of the prospective twosomes would wish to be after the nuptials in sometimes twelvemonth in progress. Both brides and grooms put much attempt into the nuptials readying including the locale choice, honeymoon engagement and frock design etc. However, non all of them have adequate clip and energy and cognition in marrying planning to set up everything themselves. They need person to help them in marrying planning, budget readying, be aftering item checklists, locale agreement every bit good as onsite supervising and coordination on the nuptials twenty-four hours. Marrying contrivers, the professional dealing with all the inside informations of nuptials, supply a one-stop service to possible twosomes by bear downing some considerable adviser fee ( Wikipedia org, 2009 ) . The function of the nuptials contrivers is to salvage clip, look after inside informations, make twosomes ‘ dream semen true, remain on the budget and salvage money. Marrying contrivers have become one of the outsourced labor in modern society ( Blakely, 2007 ) .

With the rapid development of the society in the last decennary, more and more twosomes prefer to travel to college and get down their ain callings after graduation. Marriage is go oning later in brides and grooms ‘ life ( Mayling, 2002 ) . This means twosomes have more disposable income to afford the nuptials disbursals ; and they are more likely to look for some particular alone nuptials manners, such as subject nuptials, green marrying etc. , which likely involves different elements, such as ethic, spiritual usage, household tradition, category individuality, regional pattern and single gustatory sensations and penchant ( Howard, 2006 ) . As a consequence, marrying contrivers, who are supplying professional advices and aid to the twosomes from the minute of administering the invitations, set uping the manner of bar ceremonial, table scene, and puting for feast, are needfully needed and developed dramatically ( Markby, 2006 ) .

1.2 Wedding in China

In traditional Chinese civilization, matrimony was making confederations between households. Therefore, it was purely arranged by parents or elder people in households. Wedding should be planned purely harmonizing to the imposts. For illustration, people should take a good twelvemonth, a good month, a good twenty-four hours every bit good as a good clip for marrying ceremonial ; and utilize “ ruddy ” in the declaration for everything with the intent of auspicious. Wedding is besides one of the ways for Chinese households to show their societal categories therefore the households are willing to pass a big saddle horse of money on nuptials, and much of which were supported by parents or relatives.A

Because of the reform and opening-up policy in the late seventiess, presents, the life criterions in China have been dramatically increased. Harmonizing to the China Statistic Yearbook – 2008 ( 2009 ) , the GDP per capita in Mainland China is increasing steadily and has reached 18,934 RMB in 2007. At the average clip, the societal civilization is going diversified. More and more Chinese people, particularly the younger coevals who have better instruction, began to accept the western civilization. Most of the prospective twosomes would wish to see different types of nuptialss that can do their particular twenty-four hours more mensurable. For illustration, some people choose “ white ” marrying alternatively of traditional Chinese “ ruddy ” nuptials ; some may prefer finish marrying alternatively of holding marrying at place, which may necessitate more clip and professional planning and forming throughout the nuptials readying. Therefore, marrying contrivers, as a new concern in China, has developed quickly during the last decennary. Harmonizing to the ministry of commercialism of the PRC ( 2008 ) , marrying service today has become a large concern in China covering approximately 76 industries, such as matchmaking concern, marrying planning every bit good as feasts, touristry industries etc. where the lensman has the highest net income that is above 30 % while the nuptials contriver is 15 % . The mean outgo for more than 3.7 million new Chinese twosomes in 2006 was about 126,600 RMB. Based on the statistics of Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC ( 2009 ) , approximately 11 million twosomes got married in 2008 with the growing of 10.8 % than 2007. All the statistics above show that marrying concern in China has a immense market and potency.

This research will concentrate on Pearl River Delta, the most economically dynamic part in southern portion of China. PRD covers nine prefectures of Guangdong state including Guangzhou, Shenzhe, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Foshan, Huizhou, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing ; and has become one of the taking economic parts and a major fabrication centre of China, which accounted for 10.2 % of China ‘s GDP. Peoples in PRD have more purchasing power than the other part. The per capita GDP in PRD scopes from 35,700 to 79,600 RMB which is much higher than the national per capita GDP ( HKTDC, 2008 ) . Because of the advantages of its location and open-door policy, PRD became the first part in China which allowed the foreign investings. Therefore, apart from the economic strength, people in PRD were influenced by the western civilizations earlier than the other topographic points of China.A

1.3 Research job statements

Due to the low entry cost in the nuptials planning concern, the figure of marrying contrivers has increased quickly in China in the last decennary. By and large, two to three individuals holding relevant be aftering experience can set up a nuptials planning company with around 100,000 RMB investings in China. They merely need an office for run intoing with clients and an official web log or web site for publicity. Despite of the rapid development of the nuptials concern, the service/product offered by the nuptials contrivers is similar. Comparing with the marrying exposure service concern, there is a deficiency of taking trade name in the nuptials planning concern. With the growing of income degree and instruction degree, the twosomes in China are going more and more demanding towards the nuptials service/products and face a job that how to take a suited nuptials contrivers who can supply first-class service/product. Therefore, from the supply side, placing and fulfilling the of import and unrealized demands of prospective twosomes is one of the ways for marrying contrivers to distinguish their merchandises from the rivals, and do success in the competition.

However, there is few surveies indentifying prospective twosomes ‘ demands or attitudes toward merchandises or service of marrying contriver in Pearl River Delta even though in Chinese mainland, nor research about how good the nuptials contrivers in China is run intoing the demands of prospective twosomes.

Therefore, this survey will concentrate on the undermentioned inquiries to happen out the demands of prospective twosomes ( demand side ) towards the nuptials contrivers in PRD

  1. What ‘s the ground for twosomes engaging marrying contrivers?
  2. What ‘s the factors impacting the choice of marrying contrivers? Reputation? Price? Or other?
  3. Make the demands of prospective twosomes toward marrying contrivers in Pearl River Delta vary harmonizing to the different demographical features?

1.4 Research aims:

  • To happen out the demands of prospective twosomes ‘ when engaging the nuptials contrivers in the Pearl River Delta ;
  • To look into the relationship between the demands for prospective twosomes and the pick of product/service offered by marrying contrivers in Pearl River Delta Region ;
  • To look into how the demands of possible twosomes are influenced by their demographic profiles ;
  • To do recommendations to the nuptials contrivers in Pearl River Delta.

    In this chapter, the old surveies related to nuptials, marrying contrivers every bit good as the consumer purchase behaviour will be reviewed.

    2.1 Nature of nuptials

    From the position of sociology, Edward ( 1987 ) defined that nuptialss are rites of transition, which belong to the category of rites that everyplace mark the passage of a individual or individuals from one position to another. Marrying hence becomes a private and highly-personalized event in people ‘s life. Event is held for a intent that brings people together to portion an experience and bring forth a mensurable result no affair populace or private, commercial or charitable, celebratory or commemorative ( Silvers, 2003 ) . Shone and Parry ( 2004 ) defined the nuptials, together with the other personal events ( e.g. birthday or day of remembrances ) , as a type of particular events. Their phenomenon arise from leisure, cultural, personal or organisational aims which are set apart from the normal activity of day-to-day life and their intent is to edify, observe, entertain or dispute the experience of a group of people. The features of particular events include personal interactions, ritual or ceremonial, intangible, fixed timescale, labour intensive, atmosphere and service, perishableness every bit good as singularity. Getz ( 2007 ) besides defined nuptials as a signifier of planned events because it is held in locales that cater to single and small-group clients which may necessitate professionals or be wholly arranged by the participants. From this point of position, Getz ( 2007 ) believed that the nuptials is a multi-meaning experience in both personal and societal facets, and it is can be considered as jubilations in which a subject and emotional stimulation are indispensable.

    Although, marrying is normally defined as a type of little or personal events, it is still an country deficiency of survey and research compared with meeting, exhibition, inducements or other events. There is rather a few academic book or diary devoted to the planning and design of nuptialss, parties or other private maps.

    2.2 Marrying contrivers

    2.21 The nature of nuptials contriver

    Arranging an event is complicated as it involves different elements such as the specializer sets, props, clients for participants or invitees, and all the scope of support demands from particular effects and illuming to music and amusement. Event direction companies are progressively common in the events concern in the last decennaries, which have specialized in providing of the complete event by careful planning and direction. Peoples can bask a figure of benefits of holding an EMC including the expertness, thoughts and experience they can pull on ( Shone & A ; Parry, 2004 ) . Shone and Parry ( 2004 ) found that although there are some major companies in the event concern, there are a broad scope of smaller organisations and persons that are willing to supply events-related service specific for the personal event market, which include the organisation of parties, jubilations, nuptialss, day of remembrances and many of similar events. Professional party contrivers or event organisers are those professional who deal with the nitty-gritty inside informations of planning, forming, runing and pull offing an event to guarantee everything goes swimmingly.

    Harmonizing to Wikipedia ( 2009 ) , marrying contrivers are the professionals who deal with all the inside informations of the nuptials, which includes planning, forming, runing and direction, to guarantee everything goes swimmingly and right. Ellis-Christensen ( 2008 ) defined that marrying contriver as an event professional whose duty is non merely to be after a memorable nuptials, but besides to give some professional advices to the twosomes including the locale choice, equipments readying etc. They normally act as a nuptials adviser, coordinator, supervisor, fiscal contriver and go-between during the nuptials ( Brush Creek Weddings, 2008 ) . Peters ( 2007 ) besides stated that the scope of service offered by marrying contriver is widely. Some may prefer to offer confer withing service merely while some may prefer to supply comprehensive nuptials bundle. At the interim, Peters ( 2007 ) besides pointed out that the planetary tendency of the nuptials concern has been toward offering entire coordination of the full blest event from the beginning to the terminal, which includes placing the demands of new twosomes, budget readying, be aftering elaborate checklist, locale agreement, placing the professionals ( e.g. florists, lensmans etc. ) every bit good as on-site supervising and coordination on the nuptials twenty-four hours. The adviser fee varies widely depending on different locations or different bundles. The adviser fee may be higher in larger metropoliss where disposable income of twosomes is higher than the other topographic points.

    2.22 The demands ofanuptials contriver

    Having a strong organisational accomplishments every bit good as an oculus for inside informations are necessary and basic demands for a successful professional meeting contriver because meeting procedure is both comprehensive and punctilious. Furthermore, run intoing contrivers must hold the ability to work successful under force per unit area, to respond calmly to changeless alteration, and to do speedy determinations ( O’Brien & A ; Shaw, 2002 ) .

    Howard ( 2006 ) stressed that marrying planning is extremely client oriented as most of the twosomes are looking for particular, alone and memorable nuptials. Ethic and spiritual usage, household tradition, category individuality, regional pattern, and single gustatory sensations and penchants surely all played a function in determining nuptials ingestion. Peters ( 2007 ) suggested that good communicating accomplishments, good organisational accomplishments every bit good as good interpersonal accomplishments are really indispensable for being a successful nuptials contriver, because marrying contrivers act as a in-between individual who deals with both clients and providers.

    The visual aspect of the professional nuptials organisation was an of import benchmark in the rise of marrying contriver concern, bespeaking that marrying planning service today are more and more professional. These professional organisations help marrying contrivers naturalize peculiar imposts and patterns on a potentially national graduated table by sharing etiquette and imposts. They provide some preparation class for marrying contrivers. Geting a certification from professional organisation has became one of the groundss for professional and made the client confident with the service quality. Additionally, the organisation besides centralized and rationalized a advisers ‘ concern, supplying of import resources and information sing the markets every bit good as the tendency ( Howard, 2006 ) .

    2.23 Demand of marrying contrivers

    Wedding is an of import event in people ‘s life that many people are willing to form by themselves on the little and more intimate graduated table. However, non all of them have the clip and wish to use the attempt on making so and happier to pay a professional to come along and cover with all the inside informations of planning, forming, runing and pull offing to guarantee everything goes swimmingly ( Shone & A ; Parry, 2006 ) .

    Harmonizing to Blakely ( 2007 ) , the supply of commercial service additions dramatically along with the growing of demands for household occupations. Marrying contrivers are a signifier of outsourced labour in the modern society. These occupations which are transported from place to the public market place are reacting to the clip crunch produced by work-family struggle. From this point of position, Blakely defined marrying contrivers as commercial replacements.

    Besides, Edwards ( 1987 ) conducted a research to analyze the relationship between the nuptials ‘s commercial development and its nature as a rite of transition. He found that the ground of the success of the nuptials concern was the convenience offered by the nuptials contrivers and the demand from consumers for larger and more deluxe jubilations. Consumers were looking for a broad scope of wedding-related service ( one-stop service ) through a individual organisation.

    2.4The Trend

    First, the nuptials today tends to be more customized than earlier. Harmonizing to Hensdill ( 1996 ) , because of the cultural exchange among the planetary small town, traditional nuptials imposts are giving manner to the tendencies of Western societies. Some new manners of marrying exist, such as subject nuptials, finish nuptials and green nuptials, because more and more twosomes are looking for alone nuptials.

    Finish nuptials is a new nuptials manner that a twosome decides to keep their nuptials in a location where neither one of them resides ( Daniels & A ; Loveless, 2007 ) . There are several top finishs for marrying in the universe, such as Caribbean, Las Vegas, Hawaii every bit good as Maldives. Generally, some particular subject may be adopted into the finish nuptials. For illustration, hotel in Las Vegas has organized Italian-style nuptials for marrying twosomes ( Stratton, 2001 ) . Furthermore, the finish marrying frequently merges into the honeymoon ( Daniels & A ; Loveless, 2007 ) .

    Second, the cyberspace and e-commerce has shaped the modern nuptials ingestion and gave it a new immediateness and flexibleness. As a consequence, the nuptials contrivers can aim different sections of the espousal markets through developing website that advertised their goods and services and allowed consumers to do understanding or store straight through their on-line site ( Howard, 2006 ) .

    2.2 Consumer purchase behaviours toward marrying

    “ Consumer behaviour is defined as the behaviour that consumers display in seeking signifier, buying, utilizing, measuring, and disposing of merchandises and services that they expect will fulfill their demands. It focuses on how persons make determinations to pass their available resources“ (Schiffman& A ;Kanuk, 2007 ) .

    2.32 Factors impacting consumer purchases

    As people are willing to give clip and attempt to the ritual occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving, some researches sing the types of purchases associated with ritual occasions have been conducted by research workers in consumer behaviour ( Lowery, 1994 ) . Harmonizing to some market analysis, consumer purchase behaviour is strongly influenced by societal, cultural and single features.

    a )Social factors

    Harmonizing to Schiffman and Kanuk ( 2007 ) , consumer behaviour is influenced by two major groups, viz. the mention group and households.

    “ A mention group that is perceived as believable, attractive, or powerful can bring on consumer attitude and behaviour alteration ” (SchiffmanandKanuk, 2007 )

    Based on the traditional household life rhythm, the prospective twosomes belong to the phase II, newlyweds, who have available a combined income that frequently permits a lifestyle that provides them with the chances of more indulgent buying of professions, which means that the newlyweds are happy to accept the professional merchandises and service and willing to pay more money for them as they pursuit high quality of life. The ground hidden buttocks may be because they have more disposable income and more free clip for themselves before the Born of immature kids. Additionally, for the honeymooners, the advice and experience of other married twosomes ( e.g. parents or friends ) are likely to be of import when they start-up their disbursals to set up a new place ( Schiffman & A ; Kanuk, 2007 ) .

    “ For many consumers their household is their primary mention group for many attitudes and behaviours. The members of a household assume specific functions in their mundane operation ; such functions or undertakings extend to the kingdom of consumer purchase determinations. Key consumer-related functions of household members include influencers, gatekeepers, deciders, purchasers, preparers, users, upholders, and disposers. A household ‘s decision-making manner is influenced by its life style, functions, andcultural factors. ”(Schiffman& A ;Kanuk, 2007 ).

    Different societal categories have different penchants in vesture, place ornament and leisure activities every bit good as economy, disbursement and recognition wonts. Based on the market survey by Bride ‘s magazine, 20 % of the purchasers of the nuptials merchandises identified themselves as purchasers of Bride ‘s magazine who were chiefly in-between category adult females employed in white-collar, professional and proficient Fieldss and had higher medium one-year income, when combined with their hereafter hubby ‘s. This means that the bride had more control over future consumer determinations that the twosome would do ( Howard, 2006 ) .

    Another research about the division of marrying labour and its significance for twosomes by Sniezek ( 2005 ) indicated that adult females complete the a disproportional sum of marrying work merely as adult females do more of kin-work, housekeeping, child care and managerial household work. He besides pointed out that twosomes were non likely to label the unequal division of labour as unjust which may potentially set the relationship in a province of struggle. From this point of position, his statement extremely back up Blakely ‘s survey ( 2007 ) which stated that the nuptials planning concern ‘s targeted market is modern calling adult females. Blakely besides used the instance survey of marrying planning to corroborate Hochschild ‘s thesis ( 2003 ) that feminism dramas and of import ideological function in the enlargement of the trade good frontier.

    However, after comparing of the accents that brides and grooms place on artefacts selected for usage in their nuptialss and response, Lowery ( 1994 ) found out that the brides take parting in the focal point group had no trouble depicting artefacts that were of import to them ; while grooms had greater trouble. They besides suggest that the outgrowth of traditional or modern gender functions in marrying planning is partly determined by the attitudes of the bride and groom toward these functions. This is besides proved by Schiffman & A ; Kanuk ( 2007 ) that marrying purchase is a joint-decision in the household where the twosomes may play different functions in the determination devising process.

    B )Cultural factors

    “ Culture is the sum sumOdegree Fahrenheitlearned beliefs, values, and imposts that serve to modulate the consumer behaviour of member of a peculiar society. ” (Schiffman& A ;Kanuk, 2007)

    When explicating how civilization affects the consumer behaviour, Schiffman and Kanuk ( 2007 ) indicated that all stages of human job work outing are directed and guided by civilization, which includes assorted ritualized experiences and behaviours. For case, in pattern, rites accompany with people throughout the human life rhythm signifier birth to decease, including a host of intermediate events such as verification, graduations and matrimony. Besides the civilization, subculture besides plays an of import in consumer ‘s behaviour which includes nationality, faith, geographic, location, race, age and sex. For illustration, when comparing the husband-wife determination devising between United States and China, Schiffman and Kanuk ( 2007 ) found out that there were well fewer “ joint ” determinations and more “ husband-dominated ” determinations for many family purchases in China. Even in the same state, another research showed that in larger metropolis like Beijing, twosomes were more likely than rural twosomes to portion every bit in purchase determinations.

    degree Celsiuss )Individual factors

    Apart from the societal and cultural factors which impacting the consumer behaviour, single factors play an of import function when people make determination ( Dholakia, 1979 ) . Schiffman & A ; Kanuk ( 2005 ) explained the influences of the single factors through several classs: motive, personality, perceptual experience, larning every bit good as attitudes. As a drive force within persons that force them to take actions, motive is produced by a province of uncomfortable tenseness – unsated demands. Wishing to our subject, engaging the nuptials contriver may be motivated by the demands of twosomes, such as deficiency of clip for readying, looking for professional service etc. Personality determines and reflects how a individual responds to his or her environment. By and large, people are looking for the balance between the perceived self-image and their behaviour including the buying merchandises or service. Some may prefer advanced nuptials manner ( e.g. finish nuptials, green nuptials ) while the other may take traditional nuptials. Furthermore, each person has its ain procedure when he or she selects, organizes and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and consistent image of the universe. This procedure is extremely subjective and is based on what the consumer expect to see. There are several factors that can act upon the perceptual experience including physical visual aspect, stereotypes, aura effects, irrelevant cues, first feelings, and the inclination to leap to decisions.

    2.3 Theoretical foundation- Consumer determination devising procedure

    This research is based on consumer determination doing procedure, which is one of the theories of consumer behaviour. Decisions are about the choice of an option from two or more alternate choices.A Harmonizing to Kotler, Bowen and Makens ( 2006 ) , consumer determination procedure consists of five indispensable phases:

    2.31 Need acknowledgment

    From the minute that the consumer recognizes a job or demand, the consumer purchasing procedure starts. The consumers ‘ demands can be stimulated by both internal and external factors. Ads, word-of-mouth, societal cues from households, friends and anyone within the households can act upon the clients ‘ demand acknowledgment. In the instance of marrying contriver, possible twosomes, their internal stimulation likely is missing of clip for readying, looking for some unique and particular nuptials while the external stimulation may be the advertizement in the cyberspace, the promotional events held by marrying contrivers, particularly by the friends or households who have old experience.

    2.32Information hunt

    Searching information about their demands or jobs is the 2nd measure of purchasing procedure. How much information a consumer looks for will depend on the strength of the thrust, and the sum of initial information, the value placed on extra information. Associating to the nuptials contrivers, twosomes will take some clip for information searching. This is a phase that twosomes can make up one’s mind if they would wish to engage a nuptials contrivers or if the products/service offered by marrying contriver can fulfill their demands.

    2.33Evaluation of options

    After seeking the relevant information, clients will utilize the information to get at a set of concluding trade name picks. At this phase, possible twosomes may put up a personal comparing system through different properties such as repute, monetary value, subject etc. , in order to place which would be the most ideal trade name.

    2.34Purchase determination

    Subsequently, consumer will purchase the most preferable trade name based on their rating in the old phase. This is the phase that possible twosomes choose which trade name, what sort of services and look into if the product/service is available. This is besides the phase that possible twosomes decide if they would wish to engage a nuptials contriver or non.

    2.35Post-purchase behaviour

    Based on the public presentation of the service/products, the concluding phase determines whether the consumer satisfy the service/products or non.

    2.4 Drumhead

    After reexamining the old surveies related to nuptials and nuptials contrivers, we can happen out that most of the surveies were conducted in the developed states such as U.S or United Kingdom, while there is a clean country sing this field in China. Furthermore, there is small survey sing the consumer purchase behaviour towards the nuptials contrivers conducted earlier. This research will based on the theories of consumer behaviour to carry on three in-depth interviews to happen out the grounds for possible twosomes engaging nuptials contrivers ; and the factors impacting their determination. Then, a quantitative research will be conducted to show the findings in statistical footings.

    Chapter 3 METHODOLOGY

    This research will be designed as an exploratory, quantitative, cross-sectional probe of prospective twosomes ‘ demands towards the service/products offered by marrying contrivers in Pearl River Delta.

    3.1 Research Design

    The advantage of semi-structure interviews is that it can let issues to be explored profoundly while questionnaire study is that it can roll up information from a big figure of people and show the findings in statistical footings ( Jennings, 2001 ) . As limited survey sing the demands of possible twosomes towards the nuptials service has been conduced in China so far, for this research, the of import variables are non clear and still necessitate to be defined. In order to develop a more dependable questionnaire to carry on quantitative research at the 2nd phase, the first phase is to research the of import variables through a qualitative research. In-depth interviews with three possible twosomes will be conducted, which will ease the placing the different demands made by possible twosomes when choosing the nuptials contrivers. These in-depth interviews are critical for the whole research because the determination of these interviews will be used to develop the questionnaire.A

    3.2 Questionnaire design

    There will be four chief parts in the questionnaire. The first portion will be the screening inquiries with the intent of testing the invalid sample through some inquiries. Then, the 2nd portion will include some inquiries sing the prospective twosome ‘s attitudes towards the service/products offered by marrying contrivers in Pearl River Delta. Respondents ‘ are required to bespeak their personal sentiments on each statement on a five-point Likert type graduated table: 1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree. In the 3rd portion, open-end inquiries will be included in order to analyze the personal experience and purpose of engaging a nuptials contriver. Finally, there will be a set of inquiries sing the demographic features of the respondents, which will include gender, age, income degree, matrimony position, and instruction degree.

    In order to explicate the intent of the research to the respondents, a covering missive will be attached to the questionnaire. The covering missive will include the information that how the sample was selected, the clip will take to finish the study, contact individual for inquiries and guaranting the response would be kept confidential and merely used for statistical intents.

    3.3 Sampling method

    The study will utilize a convenience trying method. Entire 200 questionnaires will be distributed in 5 major metropoliss in PRD, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan and Zhongshan. Both non-married and married twosomes will be the mark respondents in this study. In order to guarantee that the relevancy of information collected can reflect the population ‘s sentiment, females under 20-year-old ( Minimal age of legal matrimony for female in China ) or males under 22 ( Minimum age of legal matrimony for male in China ) will non be counted as a valid sample.

    3.4 Data Collection

    The information will be collected from 5 major metropoliss in Pear River Delta including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan and Zhongshan, through different ways including face-to-face interviews and self-completion questionnaires.

    3.41 Face-to-face interviews

    In order to hold higher response rate, in the first stage, the face-to-face interviews with possible twosomes will be conducted at the marrying service companies when they are waiting for the service or outside the Marriage Registries in those metropoliss.

    3.42 Self-completion questionnaires

    At the 2nd stage, self-completion questionnaires will be sent out through electronic mail or on-line study nexus, which allows the participants to finish the questionnaires at their ain infinite and at a clip convenient for them. In order to procure answering rate, 2 hebdomads subsequently, a follow-up missive will be sent out.

    3.5 Pilot trials

    Before the administering the questionnaires to the targeted respondents, a pilot trial carry oning 10 % of sample size would be held, which can observe any mistakes and look into the significance of questionnaires. Entire 20 questionnaires will be distributed to my friends, households and schoolmates to prove if the inquiries are valid and dependable, the footings are apprehensible or the steps for analysis are suited ( Jennings, 2001 ) .

    3.6 Data Analysis

    The determination of the in-depth interviews with 3 possible twosomes will be summarized and grouped into a conceptual chart which will demo the demands of possible twosomes, the choice procedure and factors impacting the purchase of service/products. This determination will be used to plan the questionnaires for the study.

    After having and analyzing the questionnaires, the statistical bundle for the societal scientific discipline ( SPSS 17.0 ) will be used to analyse the collected information. There will be some initial analysis including the mean mark, manner, frequence, standard divergence etc.A We can come up with the average mark of importance of each properties of engaging marrying contrivers. The standard divergence reveals a scattering of mark around average. On-way Analysis of Variance ( ANOVA ) will be sued to analyze the relationship between the demographic factors and the deliberation of each factor in nominal graduated table.

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