Dominic SullivanSSR assignmentMrs. Taylor Period 3a long way gone, Pages 1-74.      2)The main character, Ishmael, is traveling without any of his family, (he lost them and doesn’t know where they are) and he as been barely surviving situation after situation, and it has changed his mind already within the week. He decided to leave his big group, and try to change his mindset. “I became frustrated with living in fear. I felt as if I was always waiting for death to come to me, so I decided to go somewhere where at least there was some peace” (46). This quote is very important as it shows the way war changes people’s minds, and how horrific it can be. It has already been so devastating to him emotionally, that he cant take waiting for his inevitable death, and needed to change something, so there was hope his mental terros could be subsided.The group of boys once again get captured, but this time not by rebels, just by people from a town, who bring them to the chief, because they are suspicious of any passerby by this point. They quickly realize they are only kids, and offer hospitality, and they attended the town festival. “But gradually we stopped. It was as if we all knew that we could be happy for only a brief moment.” (73). The same exact thing has happened multiple times. They get captured, the chief of the various town figures out they are only normal kids, and treat them to hospitality, until they get kicked out. They had a nice night, but left without  being told too, because they knew that it was not possible for the happiness to en helped let them sleep at his fishing hut for around a week before they had to leave, and helped them recover from their injuries. The man starts with doing what every adult halast, which speaks to how much the war has changed them already.The group of  boys has been walking for hours on sand that is scorching hot, without shoes, and they went into a random hut they found to spend the night. Their feet are all incredibly injured. The owner of the hut comes in, and, “He stopped at the door, and was about to turn around, when he noticed our suffering” (61). He thd done when they first came into contact with the children, ran to get help, and captured them and brought them to the chief. But, the man sees quickly that he is in no danger, and no matter what happened with the war, they are just kids, and he feels remorse, and helps them.3)  Laden- to be filled with greatly. (9)     Coup- a sudden and decisive change of government  by force (5)4) I think that Ishmael will find out by the end of the book what happened to his family, and I think that he will never find out however, if they were dead or alive. One

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