It was one of those yearss in the month of April when I started using for college. I was looking through the admittance paper I was managing and was troubled when I saw the word “course” . I had been unsettled with my class pick since so.

I sat on a chair. still keeping the paper I was approximately to reply and started to remember all I had dreamed going of. At the age of five. I wanted to be a instructor. At eight. I wanted to be an spaceman. At 12 I dreamed of going a chemist. At 15.

I was confused of what I truly wanted to be in the hereafter. As I grow old. I realized that dreaming is acquiring harder because things are going more existent.

When I was a child and asked what I wanted to go. I’ve ever answered. “I want to be a instructor. ” Then I saw the adversities my instructors were sing because of their naughty and hard-headed pupils so I changed my head. At eight. I had an involvement in one of our Science subject which is the existence.

I had phantasies of myself acquiring in the galaxy. going in the existence and analyzing the celestial organic structures have oning that oh-so-thick-and-heavy outfit of the spacemans with the O at their dorsum.Then I realized that this dream was impossible because I hadn’t known any Filipina who became an spaceman. Besides. that was so impractical and surely my parents would gross out out one time they knew this phantasy of mine. So I dropped that aspiration and found myself inside a research lab have oning lab gown. baseball mitts.

and spectacless while keeping trial tubings filled with chemicals. I was 12 when I started to keep on to this dream. I was a fresher back so and we normally went to research labs to make some experiments. Possibly that was one factor that made me believe that I could be one of those successful chemists in the Philippines. I became a sophomore and still hadn’t changed my head.

It was until I became a junior pupil that my dream easy faded off because of my Chemistry topic. I had a difficult clip analyzing unseeable affairs like the atoms. molecules and all those hard nomenclatures.

I ever got a concern one time my instructor entered the room and started speaking about those unseeable affairs.So I started to accept the fact that being a chemist is non God’s will for me. When I reached 15. I was in the phase of confusion. I was confused between dream and world. I was so rich in dreams to the point that I lose path of the world. People around me were get downing to speak about their college universities and their classs while I was mutely seated at the dorsum in deep idea. I was measuring myself – what am I capable of making.

in what capable do I stand out most. what makes me happy. I focused more on what capable do I stand out most and found out that I had the highest class in my Basic Accounting topic. I thought to myself that possibly that was merely the rudimentss that’s why I excelled in the topic. But my friends were reding me to take up Accountancy because they believed that I can. I was in hesitant non because I ne’er dreamed of going an comptroller but because I didn’t have adequate assurance and religion in myself that I can last all odds. But I do hold faith in God and that’s what I am keeping on for infinity. I leave everything to God and allow His holy spirit steer me as I decide for my hereafter.

I snapped back to world. I did a mark of the cross. held my pen in a writing place and started to make full out the application signifier. Once once more.

I stopped to where the class portion was. took a deep breath and dauntlessly wrote. “BS Accoutancy” . My bosom was full of joy because for one time.

I made the smartest determination in my life. Currently I am enrolled in 2nd semester in the first twelvemonth of my college life. Undeniably. the class is disputing but as Henry Ford said. “Whether you think you can or believe you can’t. you’re right.

” I know I can and that’s what will traveling to go on.

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