Driving Is Not For Everyone Essay, Research PaperMost people who have a driver s licence have seen a big auto in forepart of them that is holding problem remaining between the lane markers. There are many factors that can do the individual to hold this job. Some of those would be that the auto is excessively big, so their ability to drive is hindered. The individual could besides be excessively short or non be able to see really good. There are many other grounds, but do you truly desire these people driving decease waggons, trying to voyage down roads at high velocities? I surely do non.

I would believe that they would be restricted to non drive. At the age of 65 insurance rates begin to lift. This makes me believe, if these people are all around the same age, there should be some sort of warning given to the populace or a physical trial that is required for these people to drive at this age.The lone trial given to regenerate a licence is a written trial, similar to the trial taken for a license.

It is known by insurance companies that as you pass the age of 65 your driving becomes worse. Some people say that new drivers are merely as unsafe drivers as older drivers. When you foremost acquire your licence you are required to take a written and physical trial of your driving cognition and driving accomplishments. When you are immature you run a high hazard of acquiring into a accident because you are inexperienced. When you are older you run a high hazard of acquiring into a accident because you merely can t respond fast plenty, or you can t see or hear what is traveling on around your vehicle. Most older people know all the Torahs of driving because they have been driving for many old ages. Because of this they can go through a written trial easy.

If they had a physical drive trial, I am certain that the route would be am much safer topographic point for the remainder of us drivers, the unsafe drivers would be weeded out by the trial.Another ground why we might worry about older people driving is that they are more prone to illness. It is non every bit simple to drive while you are sick, so while you are good.

When you are sick at an old age, the symptoms of unwellness are much more worse. Some diseases that consequence people in their old age are arthritis and Alzheimer s disease. “Ninety-seven per centum of people over 60 have some sort of arthritis.” ( Arthritis: ) .

The effects of arthritis are from a light tenderness to intense hurting that can do terrible harm and entire loss of organic structure control. If person is holding problem with their arthritis, I hope they don t thrust. Alzheimer s disease normally is outstanding in older people.

The large job with Alzheimer s is that its consequence are gradual, so the individual might be incognizant that they have it. “Alzheimer s is a degenerative encephalon disease.” ( Alzheimer s Association ) . First, you start to bury recent events or familiar undertakings, such as driving. “It finally causes confusion, personality and behaviour alterations and besides a impaired judgement.

It is difficult to complete complete ideas or even follow simple waies. Most people with Alzheimer s become unable to care for themselves.” ( Alzheimer s Association ) . One out of 10 people between the ages 65 and 85 have Alzheimer s. Half of the population over 85 has Alzheimer s.

The lone manner to corroborate that person has Alzheimer s is through an necropsy. If so many people over the age of 65 have physical wellness jobs, there should be a physical drive trial to happen out if these people can really drive. The clip spent on a physical trial is comparable to a written trial, so it wouldn T merely be wasted clip if you are a good driver. Some older people don Ts have any physical or mental jobs, they would be able to go through the trial with winging colourss.I believe that if there are more trials when you reach the age of 65 and go on to retest every three to five old ages, the roads will be a more pleasant topographic point to go for everyone old and immature.

It will be safer and I think their will be less accidents and possibly even lower insurance rates for seniors. I am certain that the seniors would be happy to salvage money on their insurance rates. There could besides be categories to inform the populace of the jeopardies when it is hard or disputing to drive. All these things together would assist to do everyone a better driver, a more understanding individual of how difficult it is to be old, and still hold to work like you were immature.33e

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