During my early childhood, I appeared to be a weapon of mass destruction in the eyes of others around me. Nearly every time that an item within my home was found broken apart or tampered with, all eyes inevitable turned towards my direction even when there was no evidence to directly implicate me.  I always contested the accusations, but I admit that a large majority of the time the accusations were correct. Over time my mother became very reluctant to purchase expensive toys for me. Our financial situation did contribute to her reluctance, but it was mostly her fear that I would eventually destroy the toys and let her money to go to waste. Destruction seemed to be my specialization, but it was never what I truly sought to accomplish.

Although my hands committed these acts destruction, I believe that the true culprit was curiosity. I just always wondered where the sound from my miniature electric piano originated from or why my remote control truck moved the way it did.What I truly sought were the answers to these mysteries and the only viable method for a child to find the answers was too look inside and explore. Destruction was ultimately the byproduct of my explorations since I didn’t have the knowledge required to disassemble things without breaking. The desire that I harbored as child to explore and search for answers has evolved into a desire to search for innovative solutions to problems restricting the capabilities of humanity in order for humanity to conquer what was thought to be impossible. I am just one of the 7.

4 billion human beings on Earth that will eventually be replaced by many future generations. Although my existence may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of time, I believe that I can still have a significant impact on the world and help humanity flourish. As time progresses, the advances in technology will multiply at a rapid rate. My goal is to bring these advances to space exploration technology and help give humanity the ability to acquire knowledge about and reach places that are believed to be to distant to explore. Admission to the School of Engineering and Applied Science will undoubtedly bring me much closer towards my goal. I plan to enroll in the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Undergraduate program and attain the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree. Among the countless number of schools and programs in the United States, I believe that this is the best program to give me the skill set and knowledge needed to fulfill my goal.

 The MEAM program at UPenn provides a hands on learning environment where I can consistently perform at the highest level. Instead of dedicating the beginning of our college careers to courses solely focusing on math, physics, and chemistry, the practice integrated curriculum used in the MEAM program allows students to actually apply the concepts and theories that they learn in real life products since they are freshmen. This curriculum will allow me to thrive because I function best in learning environments where I can immediately utilize my newly gained knowledge to solve real world problems.

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