During my GCSE studies in 2016-2017, I studied engineering.
I both enjoyed and found interest in the subject at hand and found myself
pondering statements and questions such as the one above. It is well know that
fossil fuels are running out and it is only a matter of time until then, and
then the problems will deteriorate. Already as a nation and civilization
worldwide, we have been able to identify the issue, but still are not doing
considerate amounts of research and ground breaking developments for
alternatives or solutions to the issue at hand. As I have already stated I did
engineering in my previous studies but also had a unit of work based on the
future views of Royce and had to produce a study on where I believed they would
be in 60 years’ time. The project also included the issue of reducing fossil
fuels and linked very well to the fact that Rolls Royce business runs around
the use and reliability on a source of fossil fuels. This made me understand
the huge impacts of the issue of wasted energy and the issue of depleting

For my first bit of research on this topic, I felt it was
necessary to understand all the forms of energy and establish which ones were
relevant to the project.

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Potential Energy- any type of stored energy with the ability
to cause an action

Kinetic Energy- Is the energy found in movement in objects
or any material or topic

Forms of potential energy

Gravitational Energy- the energy a body possesses due to its
place in a gravitational field.

Chemical Energy- chemical energy is the energy present in
compounds and chemicals which can be harnessed in processes, and is transformed
in cases where bonds are broken or formed.

Nuclear Energy-Nuclear is the
process where nuclear material such as plutonium and uranium. In a short
analogy of the process, the uranium or plutonium is adapted and causes for the
material to release huge amounts of heat, which is then harnessed into
electrical energy.

Elastic Energy- Elastic energy is
the temporary strain atoms receive during a form of compression or stretching. There
is no permanent effect or damage to the material in this case and the bonds
absorb energy when they are stressed and are found to release the energy when
they relax back to their previous orientation.

Forms of kinetic energy

Kinetic Energy (Motion) – kinetic energy is visibly seen as
motion in moving objects. This form of kinetic energy as motion can be present
in to forms, Transitional which is the longitudinal movement of an object and
rotational which is the circular movement and can be seen as a spinning force
on certain objects.

Thermal Energy- Thermal energy is commonly known as the form
of heat energy and is true but is more known as the movement of heat, which can
be seen in scenarios.

Sound Energy-

Electromagnetic Radiation Energy-

Electric Energy- Is the energy produced by moving electrons

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