During a worker’s time at a factory, they give their all to their work, however, as soon as they show a sign of “wear and tear,” the factory discards them heartlessly. ┬áIn the novel, Fast Food Nation, Kenny, a factory worker, states: “They used me to the point where I had no body parts left to give . . .

Then they just tossed me into a trash can” (190). Schlosser uses the phrases “no body parts left to give”and “tossed me into a trash can” to emphasize the cruel cycle of use and replacement in the meat-packing industry. Today, Kenny is in poor health at the age of 46, and even though his heart is permanently damaged, his back and ankles hurt, and every so often he coughs up blood, Kenny did not get any pension from Monfort, the meat packing company he worked for. Kenny exemplifies all of the problems in the meatpacking system. He is one of the millions of workers who suffered the wrath of a large company like Monfort. Workers at companies like Monfort become part of the machine, and once they are worn down, they are thrown away and replaced just any other part of a real machine. Through these works of muckraking, it is clear to me that as technology advances, humans become more insensitive to the humanity of mass production.

We watch popular TV shows such as Criminal Minds and Law & Order that show how cruel people can really be. Even though we watch these shows all the time, we sometimes fail to comprehend that there are real people out there who are just that cruel. As said by Friedrich Nietzsche before, “man is the cruelest animal.” I strongly believe that it is evident through these works of muckraking that the leaders of these companies are the cruelest animals; they prioritize themselves in front of others safety and well-being and let others get injured or die without even batting an eye. Unlike animals, these men who are in charge hurt their own kind mentally and physically and do not care about anything other than their business which attributes to their title: “the cruelest animal.”

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