Dylan Freeland Patricia Matchette Class #5681 1/24/2018 Chapter Two Essay The topic for my essay that I have chosen is a Chinese poet by the name of Li Bai. The poem of Mr. Bai I have chosen to review is “Staying the Night at a Mountain Temple.” (http://www.chinese-poems.com/lb10.

html) Mr. Bai was born in 701 Ad and pasted away in 761 Ad. Mr. Bai was very well known in his present day as a romantic figure through his poems and work and was held at high praise for taking poetry to a new exciting level. Mr.

Bai was a very prominent figure in the Chinese culture for his work in writing poems and alongside of him was his very close friend Mr. Du Fu, who both are now credited for having substantial influence in the culture and in the Tang dynasty, which many now refer to as the golden age of Chinese Poetry. Mr. Bai reflected a vast majority of his life throughout his poems whether it be journey’s he has been on or simply different people he has met along his path and may never be in contact with again.  Li Bai’s style of poetry he followed after was traditional Chinese poetry but Mr. Bail put his own spin on his writing to bring him to new and unheard-of heights making his poetry truly something special and unique.

While researching Mr. Bai’s works many of them sadly do not have an exact origin date. From my research it appears Mr.

Bail wrote “Staying the Night at a Mountain Temple” sometime around 740 –750 AD.  This poem and along with the majority of Mr. Bai’s work is distinctly Chinese and not related in any way to a more Western or European style of poetry. Mr.

Bai’s style of poetry and his thoughts written into his work were all influenced through his interactions with the culture in China and his deep connection to his fellow man, and experiences. Through his way of writing and deep impact with his poetry Mr. Bai was able to accomplish much and truly have a great impact with the culture of China and the way we know of poetry and what it has matured into.

While Mr. Bail was writing his poems and making them clearly of Chinese decent I’m sure he was unaware of what an impact and cultural difference they would make to all the different family’s in the art world including Western, American, Asian and many more.  In regards as to this poem being Apollonian or Dionysian I could see an argument that could take it both ways. I personally find the work to be more towards the Dionysian side of the matter. In the poem Mr. Bai is talking about not wanting to upset the gods with his loud voice and that is showing me that there is more of an emotional impact happening with Mr. Bai not wanting to upset and anger the gods in his travels.

My response to this poem personally is a Dionysian response because of the emotions felt through not wanting to upset the higher power, in which case being God/ The Gods. I have always been a believer in a higher power so to me personally that really struck more of an emotional connection for me to the poem. In terms of describing this work of art by whether or not it is a good example I am torn. I think that it is a very creative short poem that can really let the readers open their imagination to visualize what it is that they are reading allowing for a more in-depth connection and visualization to the poem. However, I don’t think I would by any means use this as a go to example for poems just due to the fact that it is indeed a shorter work of art by Mr. Bai. I do however believe that its point of value is to let the reader know that in some way there is somebody always watching over what you might be saying or the actions you are taking and to not anger what may be watching us from a far.

  I would confidently recommend this work of art to others. I believe that it is a very well wrote poem by Mr. Bai but again it would not be a go to for an example of this type of art. I do believe that Mr.

Bai did an amazing job writing this poem by allowing the reader to use their imagination to visualize what they are reading and to piece the image together themselves.  

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