E-portals can act as a powerful tool tohelp universities to improve their educational activities, such as downloadingof study curriculum, course materials, downloading of internship letter, deliveryof course, student’s registration, student’s enrollment, student’s personaldata management and access to examination results. Other activities that couldbe achieve through the use of e-portal are enhancement and features such as academiccalendar, memo, to do list, schedules, hours of operation, news and announcement,alerts, advertisement on scholarship programme, students discounts, forms,course registration, academic regulation handbook, student disciplinary book, reportsand documents, search, course schedules, grades, transcripts.

With theadvancement of web applications, portals are turning into an undeniablycritical piece of the data innovation system of university as they look tocoordinate the immense scholarly assets inside a virtual space that iseffectively available by means of a website. This is why UNISEL student portalcan be defined as a one-stop information centre because; a one-stop centre is aservice or providing selection of goods at a single location. Hence, theversatility of an e-portal or student portal. This research paper explores Bachelor of Corporate Communication (BOCC) student’sperception of UNISEL student portal as a one-stop information centre with thefactors of message content, visual content and timeliness. 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY An e-portal or student portal is an online website where studentscan get to the online timetable, enrollment framework, see their evaluations,ask for archives and refresh their contact data, adding and dropping courses.It additionally incorporates connections to the learning administration framework,library and other online administrations for the students.

  A classification by Rainer as mentioned in Shaltoni,Khraim, Abuhamad, and Amer, FactorsInfluencing Students’ Usage Satisfaction Toward University Web Portal: APls-Sem Analysis, 2015, portals was given inwhich portals were categorized into ·        Commercial portals whichoffer content for all kinds of communities·        Corporate portals thatprovide access to rich content within relatively narrow corporate and partners’communities. They also are known as enterprise portals.·        Publishing portals which areintended for communities with specific interests.A student portal is a site that personalizes service and data tothe needs of universities’ staff, students and guests. This can be consideredamong the corporate portals category tended to above.In simple terms student portal was created and introduced tostudents of the university as a means to organize and enable students to do theiraffairs and important activities like in which is personalized to there needslike, class timetable, class enrollment, examination result checking,examination slip printing, scholarship openings, academic handbook, examinationtimetable, examination location, notices of payment, academic calendar, studentdisciplinary book, memo and forms. Hence, minimizing the time spent on doingthe activities manually and eliminating the process of queuing up in line.

Bachelor of Corporate Communication (BOCC) students’ perceptiontowards UNISEL student portal as a one-stop information centre will be the mainfocus chosen by the researcher for this study. The study will be based on themessage content, visual content and timeliness on the portal. The targetrespondents for this research would be BOCC students from UNISEL Shah Alamcampus. 1.2 PROBLEM STATEMENT Asthe student portals becomes a gateway to information and services on the web,the student portals must provides detail information and links to a wide rangeof data required by the prospective students, alumni, undergraduate, staffmembers or worldwide bodies and most university in Malaysia have put colossalassets in the making of student portal to exploit the conceivable outcomes thatstudent portal has to offers.

This has made numerous universities in Malaysiato have their own corporate presence on the web. Studentservices are the “administrative backbone of higher education” and areoftentimes the first and last contact points of the students (Voorhis andFalkner, 2004). Furthermore, an adequate support services plays an essentialrole in creating a feeling of belonging to students who do not have access totraditional services (Usun, 2004) Online enrollment programs is quicklyexpanding yet managing the students has been a gigantic test for institutionnot sufficiently enough to offer appropriate administrative help to thestudents in this dynamic populace (Bruso as mentioned in Floyd and Powell,2004).Variousinvestigations have given confirmations that there is obviously a high drop-outrate in internet learning programs in spite of their expanding request (Whiteand Weight (2000), as cited in Steinbrown and Merideth (2003), announced thatstudents leave on account of confinement, quickened pace, contending duties andspecialized issues. An investigation made by the Blackboard Institute (2010)between higher education foundations underscored the importance of a effectiveuniversity support service in maintaining a successful web based learningencounters. In a comparative way, it portrayed the students’ benefits as a “diverseset of offerings that institutions develop and deliver to enhance the studentexperience and improve learning outcomes”. These administrations extendfrom admission and enrollment to students’ money related record and specializedhelp.

Atthe point support services are made on the web, they are available to be accessby the students at any given time and place (Kenworthy, 2003), and,accordingly, guarantee immediacy. The online student portal was frame insidethis idea. University student portal is a web based application that offers anassortment of service.

It gives the students an all day, every day “centralizedpoint of access to information and services” and it is composed as a one-stopinformation focus in giving customized service to students, faculty and staff(Presley and Presley, 2009). (Liao, 2011) emphasized the significance of alwaysenhancing the convenience of portals to meet the requests of users and keepingin mind the end goal to advance portal loyalty, user must be furnished with “increasingand pleasurable experience”.Despitethe fact that student portals offers an awesome potential in decreasing timefor student to do their personal business, it ought to be produced in a waythat obliges each students needs. As per Hara and Kling (1999), poorlydeveloped and structured web-based applications cause students to bedisappointed. Their disappointments will hinder the student’ educationopportunities (Hara and Kling, 1999).Latelymany undergraduates in Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) have voice out theirdissatisfaction with the service; many of them believe that their currentstudent portal performance is not up to their expectation like frequent serverdown, confusion of the content and late posting of information. The hindranceusually occurs during exam slip printing, exam result week and the start of anew semester.

Additionally, there are some complains about UNISEL studentportal services which has been shared on a number of social media outlets, in aposting in 2015 at Comm Dept Fcvac Unisel Facebook page the students isperplexed by the sudden change of lecturers from what they registered for towhat is in the timetable, also as recently as 2017 July semester, numerousamount of complains was made by the students at the Majlis Perwakilan PelajarUnisel 2017 – MPP – Aduan Mahasiswa, Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar Unisel 2017/2018(Rasmi) and UNiSEL ICLS 2017/2018 Facebook group page that they could notaccess the student portal to print out their examination slip and that theycould not access the examination result page when it is available. In Twitter,a student tweeted about UNISEL student portal server being down for a week.Themost prominent problem with student portal is the late posting of classtimetable, this problem occurs during the start of the semester which studentsare required to know the timetable of classes for adding and dropping subjectsfor the semester. Sometimes it will take them until the start of classes duringthat semester. With the late posting it will halt the student’s progress to addand drop subjects, they need to know the timetable to avoid classes fromclashing with each other time, thus making them miss out on classes during thefirst week in order to fix the problem of class clashing with each other. Notonly students are affected by this, lecturers and staffs are also implicatedwith this problem. Prominently, lecturers are affected rather than the lattersince they need to use the same online timetable to know the classes they willbe teaching these are most UNISEL students, faculty members and staff willface.

Thisresearch will focus on the perception of students. It is to analyze student’sperception of the existing online student portal as a tool that provides immediateinformation to students as a form of a one-stop information centre in UNISEL.Three variables of the UNISEL student portal will be evaluate: message content,visual content and timeliness. 1.3 RESEARCH QUESTIONS?i)                   Are the message contentprovided in the UNISEL student portal supply sufficient information?ii)                 Are the visual contentprovided in the UNISEL student portal supply sufficient information?iii)               Are the requiredinformation on the UNISEL student portal provided on time? 1.4 RESEARCH OBJECTIVESi)                   To study the messagecontent of UNISEL student portal towards Unisel Shah Alam students.ii)                 To study the visualcontent of UNISEL student portal towards Unisel Shah Alam students.iii)               To study the timelinessof UNISEL student portal in posting of information.

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