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ECT, Shock, Electroconvulsive Therapy, ElectroShock, EST, Shock Treatment and Electric Shock Treatment are all the same thing. They all refer to a intervention where head-shrinkers send big electric currents through the encephalons of their unfortunate victims. ECT is one of the front-line interventions used by head-shrinkers to handle depression and other psychiatric jobs.

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I believe ECT to be a really modern horror narrative. Psychiatrists who use ECT attempt to play down its usage by stating that it is a last-resort intervention ; that it is merely used when other interventions have failed. In the UK, it is now really frequently the first intervention used and its usage is non limited to severe depression. It is now used to handle post-natal depression, post-traumatic emphasis syndrome, eating upsets, mourning and a assortment of other symptoms.

Psychiatrists would hold you believe that ECT consists of directing a little electric current through the encephalon of the patient in order to snarl him/her out of depression. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They send a big sum of electricity through the encephalon. The electromotive forces can be every bit high as 450 Vs ; the currents are between 0.7 and 0.9 As ( more than plenty to kill if applied across the thorax ) ; and the daze can last for more than five seconds. One of the most normally used ECT machines can drive adequate current through the encephalon as would maintain an 80-watt light bulb brilliantly lit for more than five seconds. That is non a little sum of electricity.

ECT causes brain-damage, memory loss, epilepsy and sometimes decease. ECT is an highly unsafe intervention practiced by head-shrinkers for economic grounds at the disbursal of the patient. Psychiatrists who use ECT attempt to hide the high mortality rates ; the brain-damage ; and all the other small prob

lunar excursion modules that are side-effects of this intervention. They try to warrant their ain actions by stating that it is a safe and effectual intervention for depression and seek to mask it as a therapy, therefore the term “Electroconvulsive Therapy” .

Electroconvulsive therapy is being banned, or badly restricted, in some states but its usage in Britain, America and Canada, the Countries that put economic sciences first appears to be on the addition. ECT is performed on at least 20,000 patients yearly in the UK, and estimations for the USA vary from 170,000 to 300,000 annually. ( Barton ) . It is forced on at least 10 % of these patients. Male head-shrinkers are more likely than females to order ECT, and they are more likely to order it to female patients. It is besides perceived to be used more on the aged.

The purpose of ECT is to bring forth a monolithic paroxysm in the encephalon ( a monolithic epileptic ictus ) . For some ground, psychiatrists seem to believe that doing an epileptic tantrum will alleviate depression even though cipher has of all time demonstrated a nexus between the two jobs. If you could bring around depression by holding epileptic tantrums so people enduring from epilepsy would ne’er endure from depression ; but they do.

I believe the process causes encephalon harm every bit good as terrible memory loss in 1000s of patients. A study from the President & # 8217 ; s Council on Disability provinces: & # 8220 ; public policy should travel toward the riddance of Electro-convulsive therapy as unproved and inhumane. & # 8221 ; I feel the same manner towards this so called & # 8220 ; therapy & # 8221 ; . At the really least, patients should be warned of the side effects before holding to the intervention. Peoples need to cognize that there is a really definite possibility that you can lose your memory. You can lose yourself. You can lose the ability to make your occupation that you & # 8217 ; ve been making all your life. Is the hazard worth it? & # 8221 ;

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