My current organization that I work for is Active Family Fitness. I am the Fitness Manager of the Kansas City location, there are 9 other locations in Texas. As the Fitness Manager I am responsible for all new members with a personal trainer. I am head of 15 personal trainers, making sure their Job at hand is correctly done. Also make sure sales are up and clients keep coming to their trainers for a long term client relationship. I only have 2 people above my position, the Area Director of Fitness and The Area Director of Operations.

These people I report to on a daily basis. With our organization on how it works, it is a prime example of a formal structure, but also involves informal structure, with their being other branching companies. Formal Organization is a good concept to involve with Active Family Fitness.

Formal organization shows the up and down movement through an organization. This shows how we operate, from the Director of Operations, to the Area Director of Fitness, To fitness managers, to General Managers. Each of these positions, have a group of employees they are in charge of keeping up with.Managing their employees at a structured level to keep them in line and make sure their priority of their Job is being upheld on a daily basis. “Because of the complex nature of organizations and constantly shifting performance demands, informal structures can be very helpful in accomplishing large and small tasks. Through the emergent and spontaneous relationships of informal structures, people gain access to interpersonal networks of emotional support and friendship that satisfy important social needs.They also infinite from contact with others who can help them better perform their Jobs and tasks. Valuable learning and knowledge sharing takes place as people interact informally throughout the workday and in a variety of unstructured situations (Kramer).

” With Kramer stating the informal structure above, my organization is based on this as well for my sales membership counselors and personal training staff. As a sales counselor, first impression is everything with a new member, getting to know that person on a loon basis is key to making the sale of the gym.Of course he gym is a big seller in the first place, but buying from the right person is the biggest thing that will get the sale and that membership counselor can also sell the personal training, by getting to know them personally and knowing their goals that they would like to achieve. As a personal trainer informal structure is the key to your success. Not only being a good trainer is good in our business, but knowing the person on a emotional and friendship level is key to keeping a client for a long term client relationship basis.Interpersonal communication between trainer and client is eye to a good trainer success.

This is how I became successful and why I am in my position today, I have kept clients over a 2 year span easily, and never had them drop off. I have even went to gatherings, weddings, bars, etc with my clients. I am in their daily life somehow. If we took interpersonal communication within a healthcare workplace, this would be effective with a doctor/patient relationship. A Doctor is not just educated in medicine, but needs to be educated on their patients daily elite habits and trends, to help identify their problems.Interpersonal communication will alp the Doctor realize his/her patient troubles, the difference is the doctor should stay very professional and not go out of a limb and have a drink or other functions with their patient.

A Doctor is taught not to go out of their way and socialize with their patients to keep it professional.

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