Recent surveies show that there is an increasing rate of illiteracy all over the universe. A survey conducted by WSI ( World Statistics Institute ) shows that over 27 % of people are illiterate globally. Another survey by the same institute shows that the velocity at which the illiteracy rate ascends is 32 % [ 32 % of what? ] . These rates are rather of import. as illiteracy has awful effects on society. The most of import consequence of illiteracy on society is that it works as an inhibitor. That is to state. the more illiterate people there are in a state. the harder it will be for the state to develop. This fact could be clarified with an illustration: America ( whose illiteracy rate is below 5 % ) and Canada ( illiteracy rate: around 8 % ) are developed states. whereas states like Turkey and Iran ( illiteracy rates: 61 % and 43 % in order [ severally ] ) are undeveloped states. Illiteracy has got a sort of “genetic” consequence.

The kids of nonreader people are more likely to be illiterate than those who aren’t [ aren’t what? – revision this sentence to do it clear ] . Even if the parents don’t want their kids to be illiterate. their kids. detecting the parents. see that they somehow pull off to populate and follow the thought that illiteracy isn’t really a bad thing [ non really clearly expressed – seek a rewrite ] . And since people develop most of their character during childhood. they choose to travel with illiteracy. Another major consequence of illiteracy is that illiterate people believe in the said things easy. They do non look into what was said or told to them. When looked [ looking ] at the pages of history. it can be seen that while most… [ continues ]

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