Electric cars are cars
which run primarily with the use of electricity which are stored in its
rechargeable batteries. Examples are Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric. They
were first produced in the 1880s but started to lose popularity due to the
growth of cheaper gasoline powered vehicles. However, due to the increase in
oil prices and the intent to reduce greenhouse gases, several nations have
decided to promote the introduction of electric cars. Greenhouse gases are
groups of compounds that can trap heat in the atmosphere and keep the earth’s
surface warmer than it should be. Unlike their gasoline or diesel-powered cars,
Electric cars are known be more environmental friendly. But this depends on the
certain vehicle and how it’s electricity is produced.

Electric Cars are not
perfect and have their flaws. They are mostly small and carry about 2 people.
It takes about 4-6 hours to charge the battery of an electric car. They range
from about 50-100 miles before needing to be recharged. The batteries need to
be replaced every 3-10 years.

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Electric cars have no
direct impact on the pollution of the environment however, the production of
the electricity used by the electric cars amounts to a lot of the greenhouse
gases. The major source for the electricity produced is the use of coal. There
have been other methods like wind turbines, but they cause a lot of noise and
kill thousands of birds. Solar plants are expensive, and it takes in more
energy than it would generate.

The rechargeable
batteries used by the cars are not 100% recyclable. In Europe, only about 5% of
the lithium batteries are recycled. This proves to dangerous to the environment
because the batteries give off toxic gases if damaged. Lithium and Cobalt which
are found in the batteries can lead to water pollution if they are extracted.
Umicore, a Belgian battery and recycling company, has invested about €25m to recycle lithium
batteries. However, they cannot recover the vital lithium which ends up being
mixed in the byproduct and it is very expensive to recover.

Although, Electric
cars are not as green as they say they are. There is still ongoing research to
try and improve them. The French and British government have committed to the
removal of petrol and diesel-powered car by 2040.









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