Hi. my name is ______ and I help heal people! I’m a LPN at a rehabilitation installation where I enjoy supplying attention to people who have suffered from an unfortunate bad luck stultifying their normal maps.

I work with each patient toward the common end of recovering his or her independency. My dream since childhood has been to be a nurse and after working as an LPN I’ve perfectly fallen in love with my calling pick. So. I continued my instruction and will be graduating in May from _____ with an associate’s grade in nursing. I volunteer at _____ medical clinic as good. My eventual calling end is to obtain a unmarried man grade in nursing and set down a occupation in instance direction or as a charge nurse but I’m open to other assignments and facets of wellness attention as good.I have been privileged to happen my life’s naming. I am self-driven.

goal-oriented. a fast scholar and I adapt good. I respond good under force per unit area. I believe a occupation is something that an employee should be love to make mundane and in demoing regard and compassion for the self-respect. singularity and value of every person. My old employers consider me as airy. originative and strategic.

I am an honest and sincere and construct swearing relationships with my patients. more than 10 times patients have request for me to their nurse after caring for them merely one time. During my psychiatric rotary motion of ADN school I was able to therapeutically pass on with eleven dying patients extinguishing the demand for an anti-anxiety medicine.

My magnetic personality and strong work ethic make an effectual nursing professional who is dedicated to supplying the highest degree of patient attention. I look frontward to fall ining a well-established squad that portions my values and beliefs. There are so many facets to nursing and calling chances in this field. I will work hard to be and efficient and productive squad member stand foring the company I work for.

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