The true story of the Emmett Till Case” is written in 2003 by the author Chris Crow in hope of providing a better understanding of the Emmett Till case and keeping alive Emmett Till’s memory.

The nonfiction book is narrated by a 3rd person narrator and takes place in Mississippi, more specific in Tallahatchie County and the small town Money where oppression and segregation between blacks and whites takes place.The book casts light upon a very dark side of American history, its intimidating and brazen treatment of the Black people in the Southern states. This essay will discuss the Emmett Till case and how it influences the Civil Rights Movement afterwards.

As mentioned above, “Getting away with murder” takes place in Money, Mississippi where Emmett Till, a fourteen-year-old black boy, is visiting his uncle and aunt in the Southern state the summer of 1955.He is soon to discover that he is a long way from his home in Chicago and among racists and right-wing extremists, which in Meet’s case as well as thousands other blacks have fatal consequences. As a result of youthfully provocative behavior, Emmett Till is kidnapped in front of his family’s eyes, ordered too and then shot by two white Second World War veterans Mr.. Joy Bryant and Mr.. ].

W. Mila.As a consequence of boredom, Emmett Till and his cousins leave uncle Moose ‘Preacher’ Wrist’s church meeting and drive to Money where Breast’s Grocery ; Meat Market lies, which assemble black people playing checkers, listening to each others stories and music on the front porch. The Chicago boy, Emmett, quickly becomes the centerpiece because of his astonishing stories from his hometown, Chicago, and his stories about white women overexcite the local blacks. Emmett Till is dared to ask the local beauty contest winner, Carolyn Bryant, on a date, which he immediately does.Emmett goes in and directly grabs her hand and says: “You needn’t be afraid of my, baby.

I’ve been with white women before. ” One of the other black boys comes in and grabs Emmett, Carolyn runs to the back of the store to grab a firearm, and then Emmett is, according to his cousin Curtis Jones, leaving the store saying “bye bye” and performs a wolf whistle. Emmett and his cousins drive away full of excitement, but soon realizes what Emmett has done in consideration to the Jim Crow laws.The Jim Crow laws that separates white and black people in the South, are violated by Emmett who hits on a white woman, which is strictly taboo, no black man is allowed to be with a white woman, and even worse, lay a hand on a white woman, as Emmett does. The Southern mentality is that all blacks shall be segregated from whites. The Jim Crow laws result in separated sections in public places, in the restaurants, schools, public transportation system and the list continues.The Jim Crow laws produce a massive oppression of the black people in the South, who have nothing to state against the white supremacy.

On Sunday August 25, a couple of days after the “wolf whistle” incident, Mr.. Joy Bryant and Mr..

J. W. Mila pulls up at Moose’s cabin in the middle of the night feeling resent about the whole situation, knocking and shouting at the cabin door looking for, as Mila puts it: the one who done the talking’ in Money. ” Emmett is awakened and Milan interrogates Emmett “Are you the one who did the talking? For which Emmett replies “Yeah” Mila and Bryant bring him to their car, simultaneously threatening uncle Moose on his life if he testifies against them, saying that he wont live to be sixty five. Emmett Till did not live to be Just fifteen years old. He is brutally beaten by Mila and Bryant, who then drag him to the Tallahatchie River bank where Mila shoots him in the head.

Emmett is then tied with barbed wire to a heavy cotton machine and thrown in the river. When Emmett is found, he is only identifiably by his father’s ring with the initials L.T. The shape of the fourteen-year-old killed black boy shocks and horrifies the Northern States and thousands of people by seeing Meet’s open casket in Chicago. The trial has, mainly because of the brutally murder, got the Northern states’ interest ND the world press, but also because it is the first time white men are indicted for the murder of a black person. It is also unheard that black people testify against whites and by doing that Moose Wrist put his own life in danger.

Although the evidence seems explicit, the court refuses to acknowledge the fact that the body is Emmett Till, although both Mr.. Wrist and Meet’s mother, Miami Till Bradley, identifies him. Mila and Bryant confess to have kidnapped the young boy, but claim that he was not the right one and he was therefore set free immediately. Although it did not happen to Emmett, it happens to Mila and Bryant, who are acquitted of all their charges by the Jury, consisting of white men, even the kidnapping, which they have admitted.The decision was made in 67 minutes, which tells it all. Four months later Mr..

Joy Bryant and Mr.. J. W. Mila admit killing Emmett Till to a journalist telling their version of the story. However they could not be indicted because of the double Jeopardy clause, which says that you cannot be indicted of the same crime twice. “The segregationists and racists claimed victory for the South.

” It is clear that the Southern people have won the battle, but not the war.The war is Just getting started and the Emmett Till case is an important piece in the puzzle for the American Civil Rights Movement, which gains massive support during the Emmett Till case, that may have been the decisive factor in the fight to gain equal rights Shortly tater the Emmett Till case a young black woman, Rosa Parks, does not give up her seat to a white on an Alabama bus, which results in the public transportation boycott under the leadership of Martin Luther King in 1955. The march towards freedom and equality has begun. The Emmett Till case shows that although a century has already past since theEmancipation Proclamation in 1863, signed by Abraham Lincoln, equality and freedom has not become reality to black people. In 1962 the first black student is allowed to enter the University of Mississippi, which results in riots and terrorist groups in the South getting more associates. In 1963, a hundred years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, Martin Luther King addresses the national with his famous speech “l have a dream” and the year after, President Lyndon Johnson succeeds in passing Civil Rights Act, which prohibited discrimination in public places and employment.

The Emmett Till case surely has its impact on the oral.The last memory of Emmett Till, the boy who triggered the Civil Rights Movement, must be the words of the mother who fought for her unfortunate son, Miami Till- Bradley. “It was something that was unprecedented, and people really didn’t know that things this horrible could take place, and the fact that it happened to a child that make all the difference in the world.

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